Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Because You Chose To Do So.

Hey you! :)
Awesome news, school holidays have UNOFFICIALLY started for my school! :D (Pretty much a metaphor for "Oh, we aren't studying much these days, with the teacher's day celebrations and all, so most of us decided to take an unofficial leave from school!" Yeap, ponteng. Hey, don't look at me, I'm not the only one). Today was great. No studies at all, mostly just discussing the exam papers and chatting with friends :) Best.after.exams.day.ever. I managed to flunk Add Maths (and possibly Physics..have I mentioned how much I despise calculations?) with grace and dignity (Pfft, yeah sure). Surprisingly, I didn't flunk anything else...so far. BM, Sejarah, Maths, Moral: Passed. No further comment. Still anticipating my English marks though. Guess I have to wait for 2 and 3/4 weeks for it :( Spent most of Moral class, doing corrections and discussing answers with Pn. Mariani. Same thing happened in BM class, but with a different teacher (duh).

After recess, I sat with Jihah, Nab and Fad (no table for me though) and chatted about random stuff. We played a brief game of "word charades" where Jihah would suggest a word from my book and I had to describe it. When she chose "Wind", I immediately thought of "Fart". HAHA. They don't call it passing gas/ a strong breeze of wind for nothing. My mind has been tainted -__-. Laughed so much when we played it, possibly because I was drunk and extremely happy for no reason or I was on an oxygen high again. Mm. Pretty much the same thing then. Whoops. We talked about random stuff too. Most notably: THE HOLIDAYS. That's the word every student, worker, person in the world loves the most. Okay, maybe not so much for the people who adore school and studying (the horror) with a passion. But most thankfully, I am not one of them (although I wish to be sometimes) Hey, we all need to catch a break sometime, don't we?

Walked back to my rest stop with Jihah and Nab. Opened a book and read it after they waved goodbye and went on their way home. Was so absorbed in the book, I didn't notice some fatheads (you know who you are :P) calling my name from the mamak. They asked me to join them, but I protested, making excuses like "Oh sorry, I'm too busy sitting here and reading this awesome book. Sides, I'm way too lazy to walk all the way there!" It was only a few short meters, but hey, kicking up a fuss is always fun, don't you agree? They were stubbornly persistent though. Sheesh BOYS. Reluctantly dragged myself there and plonked on a chair (plonking. The new trend?). Shawn said he'd belanja, but I didn't want to eat, so I declined. Haven't been around them for so long, I'd quite forgotten their rather...umm.. mind-boggling conversations. I thought it was best to just keep silent and say "Whoops. NO COMMENT." To quote Joanne: Don't know, don't wanna know and don't know why I should know (add on right there!) or maybe hid my laughter from the ridiculousness of their statements. Really. Why would you want to do all that umm..teenage nonsense at such a immature age? When you don't even know what you want in life. Sorry bros, but that ain't for me. I have goals to chase after and I won't indulge in such unfathomable decisions. Still it's your life, it ain't mine :P And psh, you did ask me why, after all.

Anyway, on a different matter I'd like to discuss. Online shopping :3 Em yum yum. Who doesn't love to shop and buy stuff? :D But this ain't about the good stuff. Something you must always remember about shopping online is to be careful. There's a lot of online scams going on and one must never be blinded to it. Sometimes when you see something you really want, maybe a panda jacket that-is-oh-so-incredibly-hard-to-find, you might tend to get too excited and you don't think twice before saying "How much?!" Remember: You should always check on the authenticity of the seller/site. Don't lose your head and rush headlong into the deal without thinking it over first. If there's a "Feedback" or "Customer Satisfaction Rating" on the site, don't be lazy (!) and check it out. You never know, it might save you a ton of cash if the seller is a con artist. Don't give out personal information if you're buying stuff. They certainly do not need it. The basics are only: Address, Name and Contact Number. If they ask for any more, say no or at least, ask why. Best advice is to thoroughly check out the website. If you sense something wrong, or if you get a nagging feeling in the back of your mind saying "Don't do it." DON'T. Always, and I repeat ALWAYS. Trust Your Instincts. The seller's offer might be persuasive, but stay firm in your decisions.

So far, I've never gotten scammed before. I don't know if it's good luck or instinct that saved me, but thank you to whatever it is :Please note though, don't let scams and cons stop you from shopping online. You can still shop but remember to be alert and keep your eyes wide open for any deceiving, cunning schemes. Don't let the bad things in life stop you from living. 

Well, that's enough blubbering for today :)


  1. I prefer to do my shopping in person instead of online because of this purpose- scams. Plus, if something doesn't fit or looks right, it's more of a hassle returning it.

    1. Yeah, it's always something to worry about. I agree :) but I think there can be benefits to shopping online as well.


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