Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Here's To Never Growing Up :)

Hey there!

And yes, the title IS based on Avril Lavigne's song. It's a great song btw :) Long time no post.

Life has been crazy busy these days. Swotting, tuition classes and other activities are draining my life force out of me :( Why can't we have exams where we study only things we like? I'll bet our results would be so much better than studying all sorts of ridiculous things that we probably, scratch that, definitely won't apply to real life. If they taught us how life's going to be when we're adults and how to prepare ourselves to face the world, that would be so MUCH MORE helpful.

Malaysia's General Election 2013 is over. I'm pretty surprised by the results though. Like, what the heck? I won't voice my opinion on that, because I think it'd be pretty dangerous. I wonder, is slander really allowed in campaigning? I'm seeing a lot of it going around. As far as I know, a statement that is malicious and false is immoral and a really dirty way to make others look bad. There's a lot of rumors going around, some even saying that Chinese people are anti-government. WHAT. WHAT? How dare they say such a thing? -___- It's an offense to my race! Just because we want justice and fairness, it does NOT make us anti-government. I'm just sayin'.Argh, politics. NOT my favorite topic.

Anyway, moving on..

Jun Sung Ahn! Haha, I used to have a weird aversion to violins when I was younger (probably because when beginners play, they almost destroyed my eardrums) but talented violinists like Jun CurryAhn and Lindsey Stirling had me doing a 360 degree rotation, and I've come to like and admire the music. Now, dancing and play a violin without missing a beat? THAT is talent.

I've gotten a lot of new clothes. What can I say? I'm getting fatter. HAHA. (Okay, no more fat jokes) Managed to snag THREE checkered/plaid shirts! :D Rayole (Ryan) got a whole new wardrobe (No Narnia, not this time) consisting of stuff guys in college wear, he now owns a ton of checkered shirts. I am excruciatingly jealous. I mean, I was. But I still am. If I can, I'll steal one and wear it, see if he notices :D *Bad sister, mad sister, that's just what I am*

How can you NOT like checkered shirts? They're so so ..YUM :3 and yes, not the best way to describe articles of clothing.

Just look at that pattern! Nyum. My latest obsession at the moment. Besides cats of course. Photos? Maybe someday :)

That's all for now! :)

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