Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LessThanThree: Combat Boots :)

Hey guys!  :) *Edited*


But I can't wear them for the next four days :( Whoops. I mean wearing them right now ;)

Despite my previous misgivings, I was pretty much guilt-tripped into going to NTC. Was tortured for DAYS by some people who I don't wanna mention till I finally broke down and gave in :( When did I ever become such a pushover? Curse you, soft heart. My body hates you for this. So yeap, I'm going to camp and facing it with a little anticipation and a lot of dread. Maine is NOT happy right now. I'll miss my cats, kitten, toilet, family and soft, warm bed for the next four days. Leaving tomorrow, so yeah, enough about camp. LOL. If I come back and say "OMG I LOVED NTC." Cmdr Kwang Yew has the right to say "I told you so" HAHAHA. I'm pretty doubtful I will. Oh well, at least I'll have Joanna.

Going out with me homies today! :) FINALLY. Too bad Esther and Cheryl can't make it though. :(

Didn't go to church service last Sunday. I went to church, but ended up eating an early lunch with Daniel, Megan, Pris and Esther. Oh, and Sam J. Also might have skipped Rangers to chill at Meg's house. Ooops. Still getting ragged on for that.

Went to church yesterday for some Meta Aftershock photobooth meeting. It was kinda awkward at first. Samuel and Nicholas are WEIRD. Sorry guys, but you are. A funny weird though. Sam said "Even the pondans at my school doesn't like Justin Bieber." I said "Oh, how do you know the pondans?" HAHA. SORRY.

Kittens :) Aww.

 Bought this from Agape Boutique! :)

Boots arrive pretty fast! 

Banked in the money for it last Saturday night, and got it this morning! :) 
(Sunday is an off-day for deliveries, btw)

I'd say the service is pretty good :) The boots arrived in good condition. 
Panicked for a moment when I thought my feet were too small. Thank God it does though. My size is 39. I wasn't sure if it was accurate but it was. *Phew* Bought the boots for RM79 :) Which is QUITE CHEAP compared to other shops. It fits well, has nice studs and although I find the lace quite weird because it's kinda plastic, I like it because it's way more easier to tie. HAHA. Some of you probably know how I suck at tying shoelaces. 

Finally have my own pair of combat boots! :D
Sniff sniff :') 
Happy banana <3

And look at the time! gotta go now.

Bye! :)

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