Friday, May 17, 2013

Oh! Happy Day :)

Hey there!

Good news: Exams are finally over! :D YAY. *jumps for joy*
Bad news: I probably failed most of the subjects. 
Better news: Everyone I know will probably fail it too, so yay! Not forever alone :D 

Yup, my class teacher ain't very happy with my class. But then again  
 Well, at least I don't. HAHA. Very few people's opinions matter to me. 

No one studied for Sivik, most of us were sitting with our friends and reading up on Sejarah notes. Some questions were weird, but since Sivik is not really important, I didn't really care. HAHA.

Sejarah (History) was..not as bad as I had expected it to be, but it wasn't very easy either. Section C, we're allowed to answer one question from three. So I picked the one about Tamadun Mesir Purba (Ancient Egypt Civilization) because it was the easiest option: My class studied it in detail and I love Egyptian history/mythology so no brainer besides the fact I forgot some stuff. Second question was about religion, Hindu and Buddhist. Yeah, no idea how to do that one. HAHA. I forgot what the last one was though. Lol. I think this year's Sejarah class is far more interesting than last year. Sej. teacher is really energetic in her teaching, and World History (sort of) is way better than Malaysian history. Just my opinion. I've always thought that learning History in English would be so much more fascinating, reading in BM makes me go cross-eyed. 

And we get to learn about Roman empire, Greece, Egypt, India and China :D I like. 
It rained this morning. Felt like free air-cond breezing through the classroom. HAHA. I sat by the back door (as always, tried to change but the teacher apparently memorized the fact I sat there since she walks by all the time, so she chased me back. -_-) , felt the wonderful breeze and droplets of rain on my face. Almost got my exam paper blown away and soaked in water too. D: NO. Another downside is, some wonderful people from other classes kept pulling my hair when they passed by and thought it would be helpful to wake me up by yelling my name -__- I thought we were friends! *sobs*

Booksie is having a writing competition now. The prizes sound pretty swell (money mon-eh! $.$) but I'm not sure if it's international or within America and Canada. I would have joined, but I have writer's block now, no inspiration and lots of misery because of it :( 

I was reading Throne Of Fire by Rick Riordan in class the other day. (Yes, again) And I kept blubbering and laughing for no reason, till the guys sitting in front of me asked me if I was okay. Rick Riordan is just HILARIOUS, his style of writing and plots..oh my gosh. I love humor :) 
I used to think I enjoyed reading chicklit, but over the years, I've realized that chicklit stories can really piss me off to death. Why all the betrayal, references to expensive brands/restaurants, materialistic comments and drama? It's just bloody awful. It's just not my cup of tea, no offense to chicklit fans. There are very few authors who can write a chicklit story that I actually enjoy (or at least, not make me puke from the ridiculous plot) like Sophie Kinsella, Jill Mansell, Melissa Hill and Cecelia Ahern. These are the authors who can come up with a decent plot, throw in some pretty wicked characters, add in some humor and make a pretty nice read out of it. 

Still, I tend to steer clear of chicklit when I can. I'm a diehard romance fan (very little drama for me, please. Thank you very much) who likes humor, mystery, thriller, crime fiction, fantasy and just about everything else that doesn't have D&B (drama and betrayal) or at least only a teeny-weeny dose of it. 

Moving on, I just found some old sets of chalk I had hidden around. Whatever happened to my hair chalking plan? O_o. I been putting it off for months, if not years. HAHA.
Chalked hair looks like this:


Nice, isn't it? And pastel chalk is pretty easy to find, I got mine from a stationery shop and Daiso. I guess I've been hesitant to use it because of the drying out effects. It dries out your hair, so after using it, you have to wash it out with water and apply conditioner. But it looks so freaking awesome :9 and I can't dye my hair for another 2 years (which I'm reluctant to do, since I abhor chemicals) 

Never mind. SOON :D Maybe during the holidays..or tomorrow for my dad's friend's wedding ;D 

Dad just told me I'm eligible to attend NTC (National Training Camp) but I don't feel like going. Everyone's going to be older than me, and I'll only know about a handful of people going -_- There's national camps for you, sigh.  Next time, I'd say :)

Online shopping: 
Been searching for secondhand/preloved stuff online (because it's cheaper) and I found a couple of nice blogshops based in M'sia. One website that really stood out was Friendly Fashion. The stuff there looked pretty wicked and everything's organized. You can even make an account (which I did) and sell your own secondhand stuff! :D Based in Malaysia, mind you. I found a website for selling/swapping secondhand books too, but I forgot the link and I'm too lazy to dig it up again. HAHA. 

I'm buying a craft set from Sugar In Cookies. It is just YUM. But I haven't had the chance to pay for it yet. Looking forward to the holidays! Oh, sweet lazying around times.

And that's it for now! :)

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