Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pretty Meowsome!

Hey there :)

So it's finally a weekend again! I was practically hopping out of school yesterday, with a ridiculous smile on my face. YAYS WEEKEND :D I love you so much *sobs* Anyway, I sat for the Physics exam yesterday, along with all my suffering classmates/form mates. There was a lot of grammatical error in the paper, and on the first page, the English words were so muddled up, I had to read the Malay words instead, which didn't help much either -__- Another question had two different objects named in Malay and English. One said marble (I think) and the other said coin. What O_o. Thank God for diagrams. For the most part of the paper, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Die die die. HAHA. The most awkward part is, I was sitting next to the back door, then along came the teacher who made the Physics paper and Way Jie. My class teacher suddenly took my paper, said "Pinjam sekejap ah?" without waiting for a reply, showed it to the teacher who MADE the paper and Way Jie, and started talking and looking for the printing errors. Way Jie looked at my paper, then leaned over and said "Don't know how to do?" I said "I have no idea how to do it!" *panic panic* He said "Same!" Then we front of the teachers. HAHA. Thank God they didn't notice, but everyone else did. Why is there a rule that says we can't talk to each other during the exam? Does that mean we can whisper instead? :D I studied for that dang paper, but what I focused on was NOT in Paper 2! How is that possible? :'( Oh, I can predict the huge FAILURE sign stamped on my paper. 

Drama queen. HAHA. Oh, yeah weekend :) To be able to sleep till 11 am. What a blessing. Another week more of exams to go. Thursday is an off day, I think, for me. I don't take Tamil and..Chinese? Not sure if they have the Chinese paper on that day. It should have ended on Thursday, but because of the election holiday, Sejarah and Sivik got replaced on Friday. After that, FREEEE-DUMB :D 

Kittens have moved from upstairs to downstairs. Fluffy bundles of fur! :3 Show me a hot guy, and I won't bat an eyelash. Show me a fluffy, adorable little kitten and I'll be petting it and hugging it and squealing "OH MY GOSH. IT'S SO FLUFFY." Cats, meow meow . 

 Here are some photos :) Sorry if the quality isn't that good, I used my phone camera. 

*Sighs happily* Ah kittens. It's been so long since we had teeny weeny kittens around. 

That's all for now! :) bye.



  2. Hi I just saw your comment in the List Teen Blogger Post from About Everything and Nothing Blog so I decided to check out your blog.

    Your blog is really good. This post is my favorite because of your cute kittens! I love cats! I have two of my own.
    I'm just new here in the blogosphere and a teen blogger as well. Just created this account a few days ago.

    Here's my blog,

    Would you mind if I subscribe? I hope we could be friends someday, help each other and such.

    1. Cool! :) Yeah, I simply adore cats :3 <3 Sure thing! :)


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