Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why So Short?

Hey there! :)

It's been a while since I last blogged or do anything online. Have I mentioned that my exams have ALREADY started? Wheezes, I despise having tests and exams :( I didn't even know what was supposed to be on today, so I had to harass some of my friends into telling me :P Thanks btw, Nab! All those lucky people having their exams at a later date :( *sobs* Why can't I be one of you? PJK paper was "okay", it wasn't really difficult, but I think no one studied for that paper :P

Sejarah paper 3 was...umm..I think there's no other way to describe it besides a form of torture on poor, decent, hardworking students just desperately trying to pass it -___-. I wrote as fast as I could, but really, who can answer 8 essay questions in 3 hours without meticulous thinking and speedy fingers? (Which I do not have, by the way) #HATESEJARAH. #HATEIT HATE IT HATE IT. I would proclaim my hatred for it from the highest mountain in the world, if I could climb that high. HAHA. Thank God that paper is over! I'm extremely grateful to Mei Keng and Lee Hong though, without them, I'd probably flunk Sejarah for sure. HAHA. Not to say that I won't flunk it, but they decreased my chances of flunking at least :D Elective subjects' papers are in two weeks. I can already tell which subjects I'll have trouble passing. Good news is English papers on tomorrow! :D YES. <3

I've decided to wait till after my exams to start on my reading blog :) Excited for that! I wish I'd thought of it earlier, but oh well.I'd say more, but I have things to do now.

Till next time!

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