Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cause That's What She Said.

Hey there! :)

One more day till weekend comes , the wonderful time when I can finally sleep in peace without wanting to murder the inventor of alarm clocks.

There's so many things I'd like to do, but so little time to do it :(

  • Learn at least one new song on the piano (I've been slacking like crazy since the hols started)
  • BUY more books (paperback versions, instead of e-books)
  • Sell off clothes and books I don't want/need anymore.
  • Eat more chocolate.
  • WRITE something, after delaying for almost 3 years. Inspiration should strike soon. 
  • Get off my lazy bum and actually exercise, instead of talking about doing it. Oh, sweet sweet Taman Rakyat :( 
  • Make friendship bracelets :3
  • Craft, craft, craft.
Have-to-do list:
  • Study. Blegh.
  • Go to tuition.
  • Study again. (Didn't someone once say that studying is a student's job? -_-)
 And everything else on that list is identical to the ones listed above. Which one sounds more appealing to you? If you say the latter, I might just have to smack you into oblivion. Haha, just kidding. Everyone's entitled to their own preferences.

But really la. Sure, we're students and we get that studying is important. But don't you think that other things like developing talents, learning skills and practicing moral values are important as well? If every student swotted like every day's a test, we'll be a living nightmare of zombie clones, Thinking,working and living for the same reason: To be an achiever in studies. Where's the spice in that? Studying is not a competition, you don't do it to beat others and gloat about it, you do it for YOURSELF, so that you'll be able to secure yourself a good life in the future.

I absolutely hate it when teachers/adults walk in the room and say "Hey, you're not studying ah? Don't care about your studies, is it?" when we've just spent the last hour or so, finishing our homework. Ex-cu-seee-moi. As essential as it is to be good in studies, our lives does not just revolve around studies and NOTHING but studies. What's that saying? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And also a very unhappy one at that.

Don't you know that teenagers are a cross between adults and kids? At this stage, we learn about responsibilities, what happens when we leave school (the outside world), how the world works, politics, economy and all the stuff adults are supposed to know. But we also need time to let loose and go a little crazy. To be able to do things in our youth that we'll remember and tell tales of when we're old and gray. And when I say go crazy, I don't mean take drugs or get drunk or even smoke cigars. I mean breathing in the fresh air, doing silly things with our friends and making lifelong memories.

And don't forget about things that matter more that studies: Manners & personality for one. Who would hire/admire a smart (genius really) person with absolutely no manners and a personality that's not worth two cents of his brains? Those things matter too. What about musical talent? Artistic talent? Those things aren't things we learn in school, but they still count, don't they? (And no, I do not consider Seni classes of much use these days). Skills: Repairing a bike, cooking a meal, spending on a budget (being thrifty), starting a fire (and not in houses), doing laundry and etc. Those things you'd have to do when you don't live with your folks anymore. Aren't those supposed to be taught as well? You can't exactly expect someone to go out in the world and know exactly how everything works, from going to the bank to paying mortgages, unless that person is some extremely cautious person who thinks ahead and googled everything beforehand.

Just realized being a teenager isn't all that fun. The amount of drama (and I don't mean in shows) and pressure I see/face today is almost too much to bear. Not to mention I get bored of routine so easily, sometimes I feel like climbing up the roof and staying there like a hobo. Am constantly getting pressured to study (urgh) harder and being the stubborn oaf I am, I rebel instead. Sure, it's for my "own good" but NEIN. NEIN. I don't like being told what to do, especially when you're insulting me to my face and stomping me down. Manners la dei. If you told me to do so nicely, I won't be so upset about it.

Neways, school today: Good. Sleep in class: Chec- almost. Listen to teacher: 50/100 sort of. Laugh and discuss things that aren't relevant to school: Definitely. Read a book after jotting down notes: Of course! Try to learn Mandarin and utterly fail at it: Oh yeah! Talk to pork-heads who haven't talked to me since before the holidays but tried to kick me? You guessed it, YES. And that pretty much sums up an end to a wonderful (almost) school day with almost no drama at all right? Unfortunately no. Drama still going on. Geez, high school girls. Course I shouldn't say that since I'm one,myself but you get the point. I don't think it's anyone's fault, but hey, these things happen and I'm not really one to interfere with other people's business, especially when it has almost nothing to do with me. Thank God I've cut myself off from people online. Not even going to bother taking sides, because I'm neutral in this matter.

Flying turtles, you've got my vote :)

P.S. I really want to get my nose pierced. Does it hurt? HAHA. Will my mum kill me? Oh yeah.

Till next time!


  1. you're selling your clothes??? oo oo ooo do you have any skirt or dress for sale?
    and i wanna get belly piercings.. :(

    1. Yeah lol, clothes that I've actually never even worn before -_- not sure will check :) ikr! But parents :(

  2. HAHAH mine I can hide.. but your erm... tell them its a shiny mole LOL! kidding

    1. Lol! But I really want a third piercing ;( maybe my ear cartilage :D

  3. HAHAHA but where can you find that does ear piercings and belly at the same time? :O
    and oh oh.. you have the maybelline baby lip pink glow lippie right? can bring to church? :o

    1. Ikr! :( I heard tattoo parlors do it! But normal shops probably not -__- Wanna pierce so bad, but I'm pretty scared of the pain, hahaha. Yeah sure!

    2. Oh, can we find a place where they pierce with needle, if we decided to get piercings? HAHA. Cause I heard piercing guns are more prone to infections :(

  4. LOL! Needles can cause deadly infections too especially if it's rusted? HAHAHA I wanna get belly piercings but at the same time, my instincts tells me its biblically wrong.. Sighs. but if you want, I'll teman you though :D I can even pierce for you? HAHAHAHA

    1. Piercing needles aren't like sewing needles :P Hahaha, and piercing guns actually cause more infections >.< I researched it. Bible doesn't allow belly piercings?! REALLY? :O Where? Hahaha, I wanna get a third or fourth piercing on my earlobe :3 But wanna try needle this time, do you know where to pierce with needle one? :O In AEON or anywhere else?

    2. We should take this to Twitter, LOL.

  5. OHH.. errmm i think hospitals can? I read one of the malay book where this girl pierced her ear three times because she keep getting infections an all so one of the nurse did for her? HAHHAHA dunno la, that one's a story book but hospitals do have needles?:s
    Its just a hunch i'm having. Bible did say something about piercings but they didn't specify it directly.. somewhere in leviticus and 1st corinithians.

    Your twitter kinda looks dead, but if you want, you can reply me there from now on :)

    1. LOL, every social contact I have is almost dead mah. See you there! :)


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