Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Nothing To Worry About.

Hey there!

So school week has finally begun after weeks of freedom. The first thing I noticed was that some people were being extremely kan cheong (flustered) about the mid-term exam results.

Among the few common phrases were:
  • Oh my God! I FAILED . Damn damn! My parents/dad/mum going to kill me de!
  • S*** man, if get like this for mid-term, finals how?
  • *Sobs* Cannot believe I fail, I study so hard! *sad face*
  • Urgh, I hate Add Maths/Physics/Chemistry!

When anyone asks me about my results, I'd just say "Oh, got a A/B/C/D." They'll say "Eh, not scared finals fail ah? What about SPM?" I replied "There's always room for improvement mah. Fail once or twice..or even a few times doesn't mean that your life is over la." Someone even said I was too 'chill' with it, but really, I don't think there's any point in overreacting over marks of tests that was weeks ago. Sure, we should try to improve and work harder at it, but then again what's the point in crying your heart out over a silly piece of paper? Just do more revision on the exam format and pay more attention in class la. There's really no need to be so down about failing a paper, when (especially when) everyone else has failed it with you.

Another thing I can't stand is teachers who compare students according to their grades and nothing more. I'm not saying this to be mean, but really. So what if we aren't straight As students like your other supposedly-perfect students who focus on nothing but getting the highest marks in school? Sure, they should be applauded for being hardworking and for being geniuses, but shouldn't you take into consideration that although your not-so-smart students aren't all that smart and do not have memory spans of elephants, they're still gifted in other ways (music, art, sports) and saying (or implying) "You won't go anywhere in life if you aren't as smart as XY and/or YY" is really NOT appreciated and not necessary. I'd be the first to admit my class is a cross between the "I want to study" type of students and "I really want to sleep in class" type of student, and most occasionally being BOTH at the same time (lol), but we're an awesome bunch at any rate. Why?

First off, we clean the classroom (doing all sorts of dirty work that most classes don't even bother about) and work together without complaining, "Aiyah cikgu! SO DIRTY LAH." In fact, we do it laughing and with good-natured smiles. Secondly, we get along with each other like a breeze. No racial disharmony or catfights ever happen in our class (except for the occasionally butt kicking) And last and foremost, we aren't that NOISY (except in Moral class) and we usually do our work without kicking up a huge fuss about it (though we do grumble)

To be honest, the only subject I care about is English. The others I only try to pass at the very least because failure is not acceptable -__- I already know where I wanna go in life. I have very little to no interest in Physics, Chemistry and Add Maths. Not a fan of Economics, Accounts, Art and etc either. That's kinda what happens when options are so limited. What about the students who are interested in fields that aren't available till they go to college? What happens to them, huh? Do they have to spend years of studying things they have no interest in, just to pass SPM and go to college, so they can finally learn what they really want to learn? Where's the logic in that? Are we supposed to go overseas if we really need to, just to find a school that accommodates to our needs and spend thousands of dollars for it?

I'm not all that into science subjects, but I don't really have much options to go on. Sometimes, I think it'd be so much easier to drop out of school, start my own business and live okay-lah ever after, instead of putting up with all the crap subjects in high school and wasting my time learning things that I have nada love for when I can be staying at home, doing things I actually like! Hmph.

Since that's out and over with, onto "happier" topics.

Had an okay time in school today, managed to go home early! :D Yay, jambu ;) Mee En and I gave Daiyana a umm.."birthday present" in her English test paper for not coming today. It's really pretty, trust me (not). Hope she doesn't cry..from happiness.Walked to my sit-spot with Mei Keng and Seh Qi, spotted Jihah and Nab halfway and tried to scare them (not sure if it worked, haha). Mum came early too, so yay :D Back home before 1.30 pm. Had free time for ..half an hour, I think :3 Noticed most of the teachers have recently gotten microphones (clip on kind). New trend?

Found an old mockingjay friendship bracelet pattern that I was supposed to do LAST YEAR. Sometimes procrastination really slaps me in the face. In fact, I can barely recall the last time I actually made a friendship bracelet :( Also found some new patterns to work on, so if I ever get started on those, I'll probably be MIA from here for at least 3 years. HAHA.

till next time!

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