Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just Want To Fly Away.

Hey guys!

Holidays are almost over. I don't want to go back to school next week, but I do :( Contradictory feelings. Sure, I miss my friends, classmates and all the amazing things about school. But I'd also hate waking up early in the morning, not being able to see my kittens, studying, wearing that confounded uniform get the point -__-. Well at least I won't have to moan around saying "There's nothing fun to do anymore." when there is, but I'm just too lazy to :P

Friendly Fashion is officially closing in July. I might have lost my mind when I heard the news. HAHA. Good news is my wallet won't be suffering anymore, bad news is no more shopping for preloved stuff there and hanging out in the amazing forums. Oh well :( Just hope it'll come back soon someday. Was introduced to a pretty long list of insta shops though :) Can't wait to check it out. Insta shops are basically online shops on Instagram, if you're confused.

Bros have been going out a lot lately, shopping (I can't believe it either) and/or watching movies. Or just chilling with their friends. I'm jealous, but still glad (and feeling rather lazy) to be able to stay at home, watching tv shows, playing with the kittens, eating chocolate and learning new songs on the piano :) What can I say? Home is where MY heart is <3 It's a pretty huge change from being someone who can't stand to stay in one place for a long time, much less stay at home and actually enjoy it.  I'm so comfortable at home now , it scares me. For years, I've always thought that I wanted to travel and see the world, but now I can hardly leave the house without wanting to stay here. Maybe I really am a homely person. Homely has two meanings, for your information :P

Something I often mention is that things change a lot over the years, whether you expect it or not. 5 years ago, I wouldn't have believed that I'll be interested in girly stuff like dresses and skirts, like colorful colors almost as much as I like black, fall in love with my piano, have an interest in mythologies and actually care about what I look like. I was a kid who ran around with dirt-streaked clothes and messy hair, and who constantly got into scrapes and got scratches all over my hands and legs. Oh yeah, and who preferred books to the computer :P Things that haven't changed are little stuff like still loving cats, still loving chocolate, still like black things and still prefers books to any form of technology. With the exception of Kindles and whatever else one can read books with :D I don't wanna grow up anymore :(

Alright, enough of reminiscing. 

Aren't toga dresses pretty? I like them because they remind me of Grecian dressing :3

On duty for praise and worship this Sunday. I think I'll be quitting the team in September. I'm already overwhelmed by Rangers and any extra duties just leaves me exhausted by the end of the day. 

Oh well, till next time!

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