Monday, June 17, 2013

Piercings, Books & Life.

Hey there! :)

About the nose piercing I mentioned in the previous post, please don't take me seriously on that :P I might have THOUGHT of it, but I won't actually do it because I'm not insane enough to want my parents to kill me.

I find belly piercings, nose piercings and other-body-parts-besides-the-ears piercings cool, but personally I'd never do them myself. For one thing, my parents would object :P And for another, I'm far too chicken to do it. I also get pretty squeamish when I think about body piercings and tattoos. It's the process that kinda creeps me out :(

I've pierced my ears six times in my whole lifetime. Yeap, six. But I only have four piercings, due to the fact that my second set of piercings were re-piercings :( Wouldn't mind one or two more piercings on my earlobe though :3

Chances are, I won't have piercings anywhere besides my earlobes :( It's probably the safest and causes less pain than other places. Cartilage and other ear piercings besides the earlobe can be dangerous if done by an inexperienced piercer or by the wrong tool.

Speaking of which, I never realized that piercing guns are far more damaging to health compared to piercing needles. Apparently it causes more infection and can cause severe trauma to the ear/anywhere else O__o. Which is crazy, because I never blamed the piercing gun for my severe ear infection last year, but apparently the piercing gun WAS the cause of it happening. I want to see someone's ear pierced by a piercing needle, I've never seen it in person before. Only in Youtube videos. Sigh :(

I've been to Aeon for the past two days, first time shopping for food (yum) which I couldn't pass up on, and the second time with Ryan and A.A. to buy him some new jeans. Managed to sneak off and bought three sets of diamond-ish earring studs, because I lost a pair last week. I'm quite proud of myself for not overspending this time. HAHA.

Went to Popular to look around for some books. I'm not sure what insane person placed "Once Upon A Tower" by Eloisa James in the Chicklit section. Among the Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girls books. Last time I'd check, Eloisa James is a Romance novels author, not chicklit. -__- There is a huge difference between chicklit and romance, fyi. There's a lot of different opinions, but the baseline is Chicklit centers more towards reality, usually the main character is someone working an office job, with a real (usually messed up/complicated) life who meets so-and-so and this-and-that happens, all in the sense of reality. Tops off with a new-found understanding and meaning of life. Romance centers more towards fantasy, and happily-ever-afters are much more common there.

I'd say chicklit is more for entertainment, and romance for the wonderful, mushy feeling of "Oh it's love! " and the amazing aftertaste of mooning around dreaming and imagining an alternate reality with happy endings. Personally, chicklit tends to leave me with mixed feelings. I've never really loved a chicklit book a 100 percent, even books by some of my favorite authors. I'm never sure if I want to applaud the heroine and hero, or to smack them both silly. Not so fond of mentions of brands either. I.E. "She puts on her Jimmy Choo shoes, her Gucci handbag and her Versace something." Oh and, "Lightly mists her skin with Chanel No. 5." Call me crazy but too much mentions of brands makes me cross-eyed.

Romance on the other hand, if written by a talented author, is simply enchanting :3 Madness I know. I've read 4 romance books in the past 3 weeks (busy life, you know) and I'm fallen in love with all of them. It's difficult to explain, but you'll understand if you ever felt that way :)

Crime fiction books: Usually quite gory and tainted with blood, most books contain a lot of violence and bad words, leaves you with the same feeling you had when you discovered that serial killers are VERY real and do in fact exist.

Humor: Everyone needs a good laugh right? :)

Horror: Not recommended if you have a very vivid imagination like I do, otherwise it's extremely interesting and leaves you with goosebumps.

Mystery & Thriller: Mysterious? Well duh.

Non-fiction: Depends on the book.

Autobiography: Not really fond of most, but sometimes a good one does pop out.

Anyway, there are a ton of genres so I won't be writing about them all :) Just some of the general ones.

With that said, a good writer always knows when to stop writing. So please, for those authors who've written not a trilogy, not a 4 in 1 series but a 11-in-one series. STOP TORTURING US. And that eleventh book isn't even the last book -__- I could wait till I die and I still won't know what happens in the end.

And this is where I stop :)

P.S. Catching Fire is coming out soon! :) I wonder if the C.F. logo will be sold like the mockingjay necklaces.

P.P.S. I want fake diamond studs earrings, but I only see fancy-smancy ones being sold :'( Temptation has some but no blue studs. And it's ridiculously expensive too. Sigh.
 Gorgeous. Sigh.

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