Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Would You Miss Me When I'm Gone?

Hey there!

A tiny important announcement for those of you who use Google Reader to follow blogs: GR will be officially shutting down on 1 July 2013. There will be a replacement coming out on 26 July 2013, but I'm not sure if the blogs you follow will completely *POOF!* or magically appear in the new reader. So, I recommend websites like BlogLovin to ensure that the blogs you follow, do not *poof*. I've just started using it, and so far, I find it quite yum :3 They have sections for "Popular posts" and "Top blogs" as well, it's easy to discover new stuff by browsing through the categories. And I'm not promoting it btw, LOL.

Anyways, it's been a busy week so far, and I'm exhausted. All I want to do is stay at home, bury myself in blankets with a cup of Milo and some biscuits, and just read a book by Julia Quinn <3 That sounds like a dream day. But here I am, back from a bleugh day at school, unable to sleep or read because my mind has been programmed to do other stuff. Yay.

I call it a "bleugh" day because it was simply that. A typical day at school where I just want to run back home instead of facing down a headache-y day that makes me spend the rest of my morning frowning like a real Scrooge. All I want to do is read, write, play musical instruments and SLEEP. Why can't our life be a little more like Camp Half Blood, Camp Jupiter or Hogwarts? Sure, there will be monsters and trolls lurking about every corner, a great possibility of death, lots of pain and broken ankles but at least SOMETHING'S happening. I wish the subjects I take were a little "Ommph." instead of "Aiyah." I want to study something that makes me go "Wow! :3 Yum yum." not "Argh darn it! Not THIS topic again!" Pssh. *slap slap* Against my better judgment, I have ranted yet again. Sorry. *Lets out a deep breath* Maybe I should just climb up the roof for a little bit of thrill.

On to better news, managed to "learn" a song on the piano, about 50% down :) Yay! I can play most of the notes with a bunch of mistakes (as usual) and I've gotten the hang of the tune so far. Even managing to look 7 pages of piano sheets without fainting dead away is already an incredible achievement for me :) Step two will be making less mistakes, memorizing the piece, playing it the way it should sound and I'll be done.

A mistake I used to make frequently was trying to do all of the above at once, instead of one step at a time. And my impatience usually just makes me toss the whole piece aside and forgot about it entirely. So an advice to you would be: Don't rush things. Just let the notes play out and you'll be fine :D If you can, watch Youtube videos of the song you're trying to learn. It usually helps when you already understand how the song goes. Even better would be to get the exact music sheet of the song the pianist in the video is playing, cause every cover/transcription differs, depending on the composer/transcriber.

And that's it for now :) Till next time!

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