Monday, July 22, 2013

This Shouldn't Be Me

 Hey there! 

 How's life? Life's good. How's Maine? Ain't too good.

Well, life, in no uncertain terms, has been almost unbearable lately. The only time I feel happy is when I listen to music or read (and even that's not complete happiness, the horror!) and cuddle yummy bundles of fluffiness. Have not been playing any musical instrument or talking to as many people as I used to either. Only my close friends and imaginary friends. I'm pretty sure this is due to not having new books to read or I'm just fairly sick of people. Scratch that thought. I DO have books to read, but not the paperback sort. I love e-books, I really do. They're so convenient, yet somehow they never match up to real solid books. Different experience, maybe? Oh buggers. What about people, you ask? I suppose most people I know and enjoy talking to, are great people but my mouth fairly seals close now when I get the urge to blabber. (And I blabber a lot) I'm certain that my brain realizes what my heart doesn't: I spill out a lot of nonsense when I get overly excited. (Thank you brain. I know I take you for granted. Is it ironic that my brain is complimenting my brain? I think it is. Sodded egotistical brain.)

Saw Megan and Cheryl yesterday, during Rangers. Haven't seen them for a pretty long time (because I'm always skipping church and every other activity, there is a reason why some friends call me Lazy Maine).  It was a good day :) I had to act as Joseph (from the Bible) 's mistress (or wife. I prefer wife) if you consider standing in one spot and trying not to die of laughter and embarrassment (or both) acting. Joy Jensen yelling "Eh, Joseph's mistress!" in the restaurant so loud, it's a wonder I didn't get an apoplectic fit. But it's cool.

I bought some craft items online from for the sake of crafting :D (and for the sake of some dearest friend's birthday) Feeling tremendously excited and happy to get started *__^. I might be disgruntled and eager to avoid my friends, but I'm not so miserly as to not giving them gifts for their birthdays. What was that saying? "You stingy poker!" And by poker, I presume it means someone who pokes people..not the card game or fire handle. I'm awful, I know. And I still don't remember a lot of people's birthdays (due to lack of assistance from any social websites I stopped using). Reading websites are my "bling" now.

Just had duck rice and Chinese tea for lunch with dad and some commanders. I had no idea (or forgot) that duck consists of so many layers of fats and isn't as malleable as chicken. Strictly (with the ocassional scrumpling) a chicken and fish eater. I despise pork.

Are you familiar with Archie Comics? I've been reading it ever since I was a kid and it's a great, addicting series although I did feel like whopping Archie for being so flighty with Betty and Veronica :P CHOOSE BETTY YOU NUTMEG. I did so like Cheryl Blossom. I'm not sure if it was her hair or diva attitude that made me fond of her.


 I like Jughead most due to his insatiable appetite for food :3 I can relate to that.

This brings back memories :)

Till next time!

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