Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When it's almost time .

Hey there! :)

I haven't been blogging for a while. Recently adopted a motherless kitten from the streets and so I've been busy...mothering. HAHA. Am currently using a new keyboard which I don't like very much. (I've picky about what keyboards I use) Oh why did the old one have to conk out? :'(

Sunday was a typical Sunday, per say. I forgot it was the last week of the month (main service) so I snoozed on the ramp (unethical I know) and got a sore butt from sitting there for too long. I don't know why, but these days I don't like being in close contact with people anymore. Know what I mean? With people, you gotta live up to their expectations, put on a fake smile and pretend that there's nothing wrong with you. When you're alone, you can do whatever you want and not a single soul would give a damn about it. And yes, I still read the Bible, still listen to worship songs and still love God. It's people I don't care so much for anymore. Maybe I'm being cynical, but it's the truth. Ever since the year's begun, I've felt isolated from reality, from people and I've realized that I don't really care about what people think of me anymore. Maybe it's a phase or I've finally figured out what I've known all along: Once a loner, always a loner. I don't hate people. I just want to be alone. Haha, enough of rambling.

Went to JJ with Joanne yesterday. She wanted to cash in money for some jelly lenses and I couldn't resist some impromptu shopping either :3 We went to Diva to look for a gift for her friend, but couldn't find anything (despite a very nice sales sign by the entrance). Went to Sasa, just to look around (initially). I bought a silver eyeliner (Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil) cause it was on sale (although I didn't know that until I went to pay for it, lol). I like colorful eyeliners :) even when I suck at using them, hehe.

We looked around Brands Outlet, but didn't find anything there either. So we went to the second floor to sniff down something (not literally). Temptation had a lot of interesting stuff, but nothing suitable. (I bought a pair of fake gold latch back earrings though). We went to Daiso afterwards. I found some oil blotting paper packets to buy. Read a review on them at So Loverly's blog and heard they were quite good (and cheap, hehe). Suddenly realized it was Jihah's birthday (but I didn't go to school, LOL) and decided to buy some stuff for her because I forgot to make the bracelet she wanted, oops. Bought a small storage box too. Only RM 20 for everything :3 Money savers. HAHA. I love Daiso <3 I do think the one at Harbor Place has more stuff though, although I'm not certain.

Next stop was S&J. The things there are nice, but not the kind of stuff I would buy. We went to Popular afterwards :3 The most amazing place in the whole mall, it even beats the cinemas. (Well for me). I went through some books and I was (pleasantly) surprised to find THREE Julia Quinn books (one of my favorite authors), two books by Eloisa James and one by Julie Garwood. I love Goodreads for introducing these authors to me. Otherwise I would never have found their books since I used to be more of a Mystery/Thriller, Sci-Fi and Fantasy reader.

I was also getting tired of finding books that I hoped to be romance, but turned out to be chick-lit (and they ALWAYS bunch up these two genres together. Guess they couldn't tell the difference). Anyway, despite the 142 e-books on my phone..I went into a trance-like state (Joy went to the toilet so she couldn't stop me, lol) and bought Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn. I honestly don't know what came over me. I'm still suffering from the I bought a new book! OMG OMG! high. The last time I bought a real paperback yummy-to-goodness book was about last year, when I bought Mark Of Athena by Rick Riordan. The LOTR book I bought doesn't count since that was for Ian, haha. I don't even care if the books are secondhand. A good book is always worth it :3 even if it's a well-loved book. Buying new books are just magical. Not even clothes or tech gadgets can compare. This is the opinion of a book lover, mind you. Don't be offended :P Books were my first love, and always will be.

A few birthdays coming up in the next four months. As for those of you whose birthdays I've forgotten (or never knew when it was), sorry :P If you want a gift, please leave a comment and your birth date below. Keep in mind I don't have FB anymore, so a majority of birthdays are now a mystery to me.

I tend to go a little (okay, a lot) mental when it comes to birthdays. Sometimes I think there is a thing as being too generous when I glance at my wallet :P Nevertheless, this year's presents will all be handmade and mostly Pinterest and Youtube inspired. Unfortunately (or the other way around), I can't afford to buy extravagant and expensively wonderful gifts because I'm down to my last two cents (which I'm saving to buy jambu tomorrow).

This year's idea for gifts will be themed a little differently, due to lack of funds :) (Yes, that's a happy thing). I'm getting an early start on the gifts, as I do almost every year. If I leave it till the last minute, chances are it would completely slip my mind till one night before whose ever's birthday. Maybe there is such a thing as being too meticulous *wonders*. Ridiculous as it seems, I've already written out a draft for gifts to give, and people to give them to.One birthday present down, an infinite number more of them to go. HAHA.

Oh, just for kicks, what do you get as presents for guys? (stupid question, but important) It's easy when they like something specific, but most guys I know like too many things and not one specific thing. -___- Why can't you be like girls and umm..have more things to like from? HAHAHA. That was idiotic to say, but necessary.

When is Son Of Sobek coming out? I want to read it even if it burns a hole in my pocket :P And House Of Hades, I'm still waiting for you.

Anyway, I'll be off to browse through some secondhand book websites :) Till next time!


  1. When I buy presents for guys I just think of what they'd buy me. Um, in the money sense. HAHAHA. So if a guy friend would buy my something around 10-20 bucks so i shop from that range. If that makes sense. HAHA.


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