Thursday, August 1, 2013

Closing A Chapter In My Life

 “In a spirit of hope and new beginnings, we linked arms like a couple of kids. Pushing aside sad thoughts, we strode off into our future.”
― A.B. Shepherd,

Hey there!

I realized I haven't been posting any photos or craft projects of late, so you can probably guess what this post will be about ;)

My book review blog will be put on hold at the moment, due to lack of time (and patience) to design and create a new blog. I haven't even decided a name for it yet. Banana Bookshelf? Lol. Banana Book Reviews? Or maybe not even about bananas at all. It's a sad day for the Bananadom. Or Crazycharm Banana Bookshelf? LOL. Okay, enough with banananess.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I went a little demented (demento, as Leo says) and hauled in a bunch of random and pretty things. If you know me, you'll know that I'm a shopaholic when it comes to craft, clothes and books. (Speaking of books, I desperately need new books to read) I can't control my compulsion to click "Add To Shopping Cart" and "Checkout" . Although my wallet hates me for it (it's losing weight everyday), my heart is feeling endlessly happy and fluffy and oh-so-contented. So it's a lose-win situation for me. Next stop: Face paint.

Oh oh, I'll be going book shopping (BOOK SALES OMG) during the Hari Raya holidays! :D YAY. There's nothing better in life than having a yummy book to read. Just started on Julia Quinn's Bridgertons series. Very bubbly and hilarious so far.

Joy, Meg and I are joining food craft for VBS this year. Have I mentioned it before? Guess not. Why? Because food. Because food is yum. Because I can't, not for the life of me, act without wanting to die of laughter or embarrassment. (probably both)

I made these boxes last Saturday night :) 
I was thinking of buying cardboard boxes online, but my wallet wasn't too happy about that idea.
Browsed through SNJ, Daiso and Hinode, but all boxes they had weren't the right size or shape.
So I thought, why not make the boxes instead? So I did :) 
It's fairly simple.

Step 1: Find patterned paper (as shown above) and cardstock (the inner paper) 

Step 2: Find a suitable box template online. (Fold on dotted lines, cut on normal lines)
Step 3: Print out box template unto patterned paper.
Step 4: Cut out shape of box.
Step 5: Paste patterned paper on cardstock (gluestick would be ideal to prevent creases)
Step 6: Cut out shape of box again. (You could also paste the patterned paper on to the cardstock before cutting it out, but I prefer the former method, because I can reuse the cardstock for other purposes)
Step 7: Start folding the paper on the dotted lines. 
Step 8: Use tape to join the sides. ( I used double sided tape because it was suitable for my particular template)
And finito :P 

If you understood that, I applaud you, because I barely understood what I typed out myself. 
If you can't understand that, Youtube tutorials are always a wonderful help.
And no, that wasn't what I bought online. Haha.

If you're wondering why I haven't played the piano for a while:

These photos are self-explanatory. 

Sneak peek!

 And no, it isn't air-dry clay. HAHA. I have enough of those at home.

Voila! Charms, bookmarks, keychains, jumprings, Swavorski crystals :) 
 My package arrived last Thursday. The bookmark I originally wanted was bronze but it was out of stock, so was the swallow (it's a bird!) charm (also bronze), so I was made to replace it with the dolphin bookmark (it's gold, but still pretty) and two birds holding a heart charm.

All blue crystals, because I like blue more than pink,red and purple.
I can't decide which is my favorite :'(

It's a proper keychain at last! :D Happy. I'm thinking about turning some of my book charms into keychains. 

I made the dolphin one for Joy. I would have chosen to give her the feather bookmark but my inner selfishness wouldn't allow me too >.< I'll make you a silver feather bookmark when it's back in stock, if you want :P  Gold ain't that bad. I think. I do have to warn you that the dolphin bookmark is 3.5 inches long (which isn't very long at all). Sorry I ruined the surprise :P Joy isn't supposed to know what it is till her birthday, but frankly I'm too impatient to wait till September to post this >.<

Closeup of charms. 

Just crystal charms for a change.

This post was written DAYS ago, but I wasn't too eager to publish it. 

Severely addicted to the Bridgertons series at the moment, I didn't think it was possible to cry and laugh at the same time without feeling so ridiculously happy :')

And that's it for now :)


  1. maine, where did u buy all this stuff ? especially the vintage thinggy...

    1. It's a miracle :P Hahaha, just kidding :D If you want, I can get some for you :)

    2. I need it sooo much... I was searching for it for a long time... u buy from online rite ?

    3. Which vintage thing you need? :O I can buy for you..yeap online! :)


    1. All that fluffiness! :3 HEHEHE. Yays! :D

    2. hahahhaa they look like they are holding hands too :D and you do know that I like dolphins right? :D

    3. Ikr! :3 I love meows. Of course I do! Too bad there was no raccoon ones :P LOL.

  3. Exactly :S but you can always draw me a picture of a raccoon paste it on a cardboard and turn it into a charm :p

    1. Too bad for you, I suck at drawing :P HAHAHA.

    2. where's my birthday present? *just kidding

    3. Will give you pretty late :P Hahaha.


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