Wednesday, August 28, 2013

..Don't Know What You're Talking About

Hey there! :)

(Crazy fan rant alert)

School has been oh-kay of late. Which is not much to say, since I'm still sleeping with my eyes open when the teachers teach. (Don't worry, I still learn something. I think) Has it really been almost two weeks since the holidays ended? I still feel like I've been living in a trance. Got back a few test papers this past couple of days, and I haven't failed anything (yet) since I haven't gotten my Physics or Add Maths papers yet. Got full marks for question 1 in Chemistry! :D (There's only two questions with sub-questions in it btw) I think overall marks are 31 which is an odd number. 11 marks for question 1 and 20 marks for question 2. I'm not sure about question 2 though, I'm certain I did messed up the charges and electron arrangement :( Can't wait till we learn about salts! It's one of the more challenging chapters for Form 4.

I bought some portable speakers (under Ian's name so I don't get in trouble for impulsive shopping)! :D They should be arriving tomorrow.  I decided I wanted them on Sunday, searched online for sellers in Malaysia and found someone(s) on lowyat. Then proceeded to pretend to be Ian and bought an X-mini II from someone called Mango Platforms. It looks cute and small. The sound quality seems to check out but I wouldn't know till I see it.

I've started on Mark Of Athena (which I really should have read when I bought it almost a year ago) but my stubbornness to wait for House Of Hades almost (!) paid off. I've already read 250+ pages although I've only spent half an hour for the past two days reading it. It's THAT addictive. But I do have to admit Greek/Roman mythology is an acquired taste. If you love myths and crazy schizophrenic gods, go for it. Only a month and a few more days till House Of Hades is officially published! :D I simply cannot wait to finish this series and get it over with. I hate not knowing things. Uncle Rick (Riordan) will be writing a Norse mythology after he finishes the Heroes Of Olympus series.

This might be taken in a negative light but the Heroes Of Olympus series has been giving me an uneasy feeling ever since I embarked on the Mark Of Athena. Riordan was right, Greeks and Romans working together does sum up a lot of angst and mistrust of each other (due to centuries of misunderstandings I believe). But there's nothing I like more than arch enemies turned partners in crime. Frank, Hazel and Leo's complicated relationships makes me feel queasy (oh just a teeny weeny bit). Have I mentioned I hate love triangles (even if there's not so much love but confusion)? I do wish Jason was a little less perfect like Percy who's imperfectly perfect. But then loyalty strikes here, I've known Percy far longer than I've known Jason.

About the part where Piper thought Percy was unimpressive compared to Jason? Girl, you don't know what you're talking about. Did the font just get bigger? HAHA.

Holding grudges has always been the fatal flaw of children of Hades.

This might sound crazy but GREEK demigods over ROMAN demigods any day. Sorry Reyna. I could kill Octavian, even though he's a pretty amusing teddy-bear augur, he's still quite dislikable. 

I prefer the Hunters Of Artemis to the Amazons. Why? Three names: Zoe Nightshade, Bianca di Angelo, Thalia Grace. They are amongst my favorite fictional role models in books :) I do like Hylla, the Queen Of Amazons who is Reyna's sister but they seem a lot more..warrior-like which is intimidating. Amazons can have relationships with men and even get married but Hunters are sworn maidens. If they break their oath to Artemis, she's likely to turn them into animals. She is the goddess of chastity after all.

I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis. I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the Hunt.
–Oath to Artemis
Anyway, I absolutely admire the Hunters Of Artemis. If it were real, I would be sorely tempted to join them. Hunting and being a maiden doesn't sound so bad.. that is if I didn't want marriage and kids :P Still, one can dream.

The girl in the lead had spiky black hair and a black leather jacket. She wore a silver circlet on her head like a princess's tiara, which didn't match her skull earrings or her Death over Barbie T-shirt showing a little Barbie doll with an arrow through its head.
–Percy describing Thalia, in The Last Olympian
See what I mean? My kind of kin.

I'm attempting to memorize all the prophecies in Percy Jackson and The Olympians, as well as Heroes of Olympus. Yes, even the minor ones. Words, rhymes, poems, Greek and Roman mythology and riddles. Just my sort of thing :3 There are about 8 prophecies, I think. And it really is fascinating. I love poetry (not the Shakespearean sort, even I admit it's too much of a handful for me) and riddles even if I'm terrible at solving them.

Probably won't be going to school tomorrow. It's know. Girl stuff. When I went today, I suffered from bouts of stomachaches, sleepy-syndrome and felt really hot and stuffy despite the fact it was raining. Oh dear sweet bed, how I adore you in every sort of weather.

There's a leaders' orientation/conference/what? in KL this Saturday which I happened to involuntarily sign up for. I don't really want to go, but I might as well get it over with. It's to be lead by some American Royal Rangers leaders, so it certainly sounds interesting.

Till next time! :)

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