Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dreamer's Days: Flashback On Those Memories.

Hey there!

It's been a while. I haven't felt like blogging lately. You can probably tell from my tone HAHA.

Anyway, we're having a second (or third? I've lost count) monthly test this week in school and it isn't as stressful as tests usually are. (Wait, what?) One hour for each test, which is quite short compared to the usual time standard O_o. I'm not even wearing a watch to school anymore. It's especially surprising to me because I have never ever not worn a watch to school before prior to the recent Raya holidays. Even if I don't wear it, I'd tuck it in my pocket with the assurance that I'll be able to check the time whenever I want. In current circumstances, my digital watch has bonked out (forever) and my analog watch has been missing since the holidays started :P Oops. I'm looking for new watches to buy. But it feels surprisingly peaceful, not having to bother about the time all the time.

Add Maths and Physics tests were on today. Can you believe it? Two of the subjects I'm awful at in the same day. The Fates are conspiring against me -__- Physics test paper was pretty muddled up. I get the feeling that it was written out last minute. Terrible idea, it confused the lot of us :( Add Maths wasn't as hard as it should be, or maybe I'm just optimistic (Probably the latter haha). On the bright side, test/exam time is always a wonderful time to sleep. The class is so quiet and peaceful and it's the only time when the teachers actually ASK us to sleep after finishing and checking our papers :D There should be a "Nap" period in school.

 I've redesigned my blog, as I said I would (or had) in my previous post. I was getting tired of the Banana banner since I've had it for so long :( What does Maine Lyn: Writer, Reader, Loner, Dreamer signify? It signifies the different aspects of my personality, duh. HAHA. I would have written Anti-Social instead of Loner but it doesn't have that nice ring to it. And I'm not entirely anti-social, just maybe 60% of me is. Writer/Reader goes hand in hand (Generally people who love to read write, and people who love to write read) and is self explanatory. Dreamer is me having my head in another world half the time and not really paying attention to people. The banner background? I like galaxies and astronomy :) I love astronomy, I wish we learn it in school since it is a branch of Science, but I suppose the system thinks that there aren't many people who aspire to be astronomers. The blog background is, and always has been, based on my latest infatuations. It used to be food, then floral, and now boots. So yes, I'm not very consistent :P

Remember what I once said about making a Camp Half-Blood shirt a year (or more) ago? I'm finally getting started on it after procrastinating for so long :P Maybe even a Camp Jupiter shirt :3 There was a recent poll going on, titled : Which cabin would you want to be in? I have to say Poseidon, Athena, Zeus or Ares. Why Ares? I have no idea. I think that being a daughter of a war god must be cool :P Hunger Games shirts are pretty awesome too. The designs are wicked. *Dreamy sigh*

This is an awkward topic for me, but I have to say I don't like running into people from my past. It has nothing to do with them, but it's more to the fact that seeing their faces, brings back all those memories of the person I used to be and loathed so much which makes it hard for me to talk to them. So if I've ever seen you, and if you were someone I used to know, I'm sorry for clamming up and being so damn awkward. I can't help it. Who I used to be, isn't someone I'll be proud to say I know, much less was. All I can do now is look into the mirror and whisper to myself, "You'll never be that person again." and swear repeatedly on an oath, not to become that shallow, arrogant, empty-minded person who thought she knew the world.

 It has just occurred to me that I might have minor ADD. I can't seem to stick to a single relevant topic in my posts, HAHA. Or maybe that's just me, hopefully looking for signs to prove I'm a demigod. (I'm kidding really). I'm actually thankful that Greek Gods don't really exist. It's terrifying to think of gods with human nature. *Shudders* NEIN.

That's it for now! :)

P.S. I'm thinking of finding people who want the t-shirt, so I can print it one shot in bulk. So if you want one, just email me at : . But if you spam me, I swear I'll dunk your head in the toilet when I find you ;) Channeling the spirit of Clarisse.I'm not sure of the price yet, but if more people buys, the cheaper it will be. I guess it would be less than RM 50 though, so no worries :)

P.P.S. In Camp Jupiter, instead of cabins, they go by cohorts :D First Cohort, Second Cohort and so forth. Just a random fact of the night ;) Roman camp is more military-like and less laid-back compared to Camp Half-Blood. OH OH. And in the Kane Chronicles, they have nomes. Okay, TMI.

Update 23/8/2013 (Friday) : Test week is finally over! YAY. I predict at least 2 As, a couple of Bs, Cs (Maybe even Ds) and 2 Fs! Which doesn't really make much sense but it does to me :P Hoping for an A for English and ICT. Chemistry even, since the paper was (for the first time) understandable. I can only pray to pass all the other subjects :) If I only had to study English, ICT and Chemistry, I'd go to school everyday with a big fat smile plastered on my face like I've just won the lottery. But with all those useless mathematical subjects (I despise numbers and equations, really I do) and subjects in BM (bleh), it dims the happy prospects of studying and actually enjoying it.

The way I see it, college would be much better because you actually get to choose which course you want to study. In secondary school, all the subjects are balderdash . I don't like Economics, Accounts, Sports Science, Add Maths, Physics, Arts, Geography and Biology. Which is why I was okay with staying in a Sub-science class because they had (at least) Chemistry and Computer Science which I enjoy studying even if I don't often get the marks I want. I like everything about school except for the subjects which we're forced to take :P

I don't aspire to be a scientist, physicist, chemist, mathematical genius. Being a computer programmer might be something I'd consider since I'm utterly fascinated by the way the system works, but all those other subjects? No thanks.

Anyway, about the monthly test (Why do they call it monthly? We don't have it every month), my Sejarah, Moral and Maths papers were filled with so much made-up nonsense (I'm serious, I literally made up words and wrote them there), I'll be surprised if I manage to get a decent mark for it. There was a section in the Sejarah paper which asked about what the Arab something something people believed in before converting to Islam. I had just read that section in the textbook right before the test, but I forgot two of the beliefs. So I had to make up words based on my foggy memory of how it was spelled *Smacks head against the wall*. I also *tried* to commit the meaning of Jahiliah. I remembered Jahil but forgot about tidak mengetahui atau tidak mempunyai ilmu pengetahuan. The sodding thing about Sejarah is no matter how hard I study and try to memorize everything, it all gets messed up in my head. SOD SEJARAH -___- Maybe because it's in BM so my brain doesn't program it normally or maybe because everything is bloody boring facts it makes me cry to study it.

Oh well. At least this month's test wasn't as bad as the mid-terms :)

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