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Review From A Reader : Sea Of Monsters Movie (Percy Jackson)

Went to watch Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters with Joy yesterday. It was a sort of a last minute idea :P

Monday, 12 August 2013.
Joy: Have you heard? Sea Of Monsters is out!
Me: Really? Since WHEN? :O
Joy: Idk.. I heard some people watched it already.
Me: Okay, let's go watch it tomorrow!
So we did.

 Nerd World Problems / yup.

Despite my disappointment at the Lightning Thief (movie) for being so far off the mark (It was barely like the book at all -__-), it wasn't that bad of a show. In terms of being a good movie, it was acceptable. But from the view of a person who actually read and hold the series in high regard... I have to say that I was horrified and upset at the butchering of the books. (Drama queen alert!) Sea of Monsters was pretty much the same. I liked the movie, don't get me wrong.. but dear producer, director, or whatever the name of the genius who decided to turn the book into a completely different movie : Are you sure the book was titled Sea Of Monsters? What the flying ponies was that all about?! Congratulations for getting about 30 % of the storyline right. The other 70 % was just - FLOP. Freaking flop that didn't make any sense! Great job with the acting, casting and just about everything else, but you ruined the most important part: THE FREAKING PLOT.I was suffering too much from indignation to actually think straight.

Opinion: Disappointing for anyone who've read the book. Still an overall good movie.

Most frequent thought: That's. not. what. happens. in. the. books!

The Good Stuff:
It was pretty funny at some parts. Grover didn't fit the description in the book but Brandon T. Jackson is a funny guy, so that particular fault is forgiven. I liked Hermes. Hippocampus was cute :3

The Whys:
Why was Pierce Brosnan replaced with Anthony Head as Chiron? Not a bad thing necessarily, but weird. Did the director think that since it's been 3 years we'd forget who Chiron was? O_o.And where's the chemistry between Annabeth and Percy? All I see them do is hug each other -__- No "Seaweed Brain" or Wise Girl" quips either. Percy is supposed to be a dork. A sweet, cute, sarcastic dork. He's sweet and a little dorky, but I see no show of his sarcasm. (Which is my favorite part in the books)

The Rant:
I was also extremely frustrated and annoyed at the fact that they immediately revealed that Ethan Nakamura (Wasn't supposed to be introduced till The Battle Of The Labyrinth), Silena Beauregard (Introduced in Titan's Curse) and Chris Rodriguez (Well he was aite) were traitors. 

What about the final revealing of the traitor in the Last Olympian? What about Silena and Beckendorf's relationship? Did you even think about THAT? Silena died a hero in the last book, how is that supposed to happen if she's revealed as a traitor so soon? Silena and Clarisse were friends, but I guess that won't be happening in the movies -__-  Ethan's reason for betraying camp? I don't think they'll be showing Chris after he lost his mind in the labyrinth afterwards. Clarisse and Chris? WHAT ABOUT THAT. I'm aggrieved.  Annabeth loved Luke (in a brotherly-sisterly sort of love). In the movie, she was mostly indifferent to him which irks me.

I felt like screaming that's not how Percy meets Tyson! And for the record, "The Mist" isn't a perfume *smacks forehead*. Tyson is actually more childish (He doesn't speak so well) and he grew up in the streets not the forest or mountains. *Slams head against the wall* Kronos didn't rise like some sort of glowing robot, he was reborn through Luke in the Last Olympian. Note: The REAL prophecy states "Will reach 16 against all odds" not 20. But I suppose since the cast was older, the age had to change. Percy was 13 in the book, in the show he's probably three/four years older than that.What happened to Luke's scar and the way he turned bitter after his own quest for the Golden Fleece years ago went wrong? No Tantalus, no sirens, no Circe, no guinea pigs, nada.

If they turn the Heroes Of Olympus series into movies, how are they going to explain Reyna's dislike of Percy in Son Of Neptune? Oh Percy, and by the way, the reason I despise you so much is because you destroyed my home and unleashed pirates who sought their revenge on my sister and I but I suppose you don't remember that since it never happened in the movie. 

Clarisse was sent ahead with the Fleece, so Luke actually never got his hands on it. Major whoop.

I have too much to say on that matter so you could just read the links below and see how different it is.


As much as I enjoyed the movie(s), I do wish they'd stop killing the books. Might as well title it something else since the plot is too way off mark and it's offends me that they actually claim it's the Sea Of Monsters. It AIN'T aite? It ain't.

If The Titan's Curse comes out, I won't be watching it. Or maybe I will, wearing a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, standing up at intervals and shouting "That's not what happened! I was there!" like people on Tumblr are suggesting :P Which reminds me, I haven't seen nor hide or hair of the orange camp t-shirt in the movies. Why in the world would you leave something like that out? O_o.

I apologize (sincerely in fact) to everyone to whom this post doesn't make an inkling of sense to. But I simply had to write it before I start going insane. If you're a fan of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, be warned. Stay away from the movies! It's so different from the book, it's almost painful to watch. I did enjoy the acting and funny bits of the movie though. If they had made the plot right, I would have adored it.

Rating: 5/10.
Level Of Disappointment (as a reader) : Off the charts.
Dislikes: Plot, lack of chemistry between Percy and Annabeth, not enough substance, Kronos rising (what? Why are you deliberately stabbing me in the chest?), lack of action.
Likes: Everything (sort of) else.
Recommendation (?): Watch if you don't mind the series being torn into pieces and if you're looking for something funny to watch.


  1. ahahaha I'm dragging you to the movie when Titan's curse comes out with your mouth sealed but a notepad and pen in your hand. Need you to explain the movie for me :p

  2. OMG the same thing happened with Beautiful Creatures! The whole plot was gone and they skipped out the important parts. Unlike THG which showed mostly the book but with a few adaptations and skipped parts. I really hope City Of Bones doesn't end up like this though. Have you watched it? (:

    1. EXACTLY. They RUINED the book/series for me :'( THG and HP were pretty close plot-wise, I think :) Not yet, but I've read reviews on it :O They say that the plot isn't much different but they left out some less important parts and things happen faster than they did in the books :) But I heard Magnus doesn't really play a huge part in the movie :( Still looks quite interesting though, phew.


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