Monday, September 9, 2013

Hair Cutting Experiences and RM 5 Hauls :)

Hey there! :)

So I've just gotten my hair cut recently. Nothing drastic, just trimming and adding long layers.
Layers like that. My hair is uncannily thick and lately when I have it up in a ponytail, I get intense headaches and feel like my head is going to snap right out of my head. *Pardon the image you just created in your mind* But when I have it in layers, it's lighter. But, yet again, it looks like a fluffy bunny tail or an acorn -__- I'm not sure which is worse yet.

My favorite saloon would be Monsoon-ID in Aeon, Bukit Tinggi Klang :D
For one, they're really professional. Not like the auntie who used to cut my hair when I was a kid, she blabbered and chatted with my mother (Why else do you think I understand Hokkien so well?) while merrily snipping off my hair and not really paying attention to how much hair she was cutting off. Hence, I came out of that house looking like a sheared sheep and forever traumatized by the experience. Therefore, forbidding my parents to ever cut my hair at a talkative, scissors-wielding lady's house.

There used to be a saloon, a Japanese saloon if I'm not mistaken in my dad's hometown. The lady was friends with my parents and I always loved going there. Aquariums everywhere, watching stylists cut hair, dye hair and all those Wella products lined up on the shelf. *Sigh* Nostalgic memories. 

Oh wait, where was I? Right, and secondly, they give superb massages. *Sigh again* I often fall asleep *mentally* during those wonderful moments. Lol. And they cut and blow dry hair perfectly.  I also like the serum they use on my hair, makes my hair feel smoother and less dry.

It looks like this from the back. Forgive the odd bump, I sleep with an eye mask on >.<
And no, I did not dye my hair. My hair is always reddish-brown in the sun. 
It looks short in front, but it's long when you see it from behind.

I do love straight hair, but one has to think that wavy/curly hair has more life to it.
The stylist said my hair is dry, so I need to apply serum (politely, thankfully. Or I might have thrown a spoon at him). I bought L'Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Serum and Ellips Hair Vitamin in Watsons :3
My hair is naturally dry. I swear, I hardly ever use heat on it despite the large amount of styling tools in my house.

Someday I'll be like Sadie Kane with colorful streaks in my hair, but not till I graduate :'(

Enough reminiscing about hair, HAHA.

And because I haven't done one in a long time, here's a haul :D
From Daiso (Everything's RM 5)
A business card holder with a mirror. Similar to the one I bought for Jihah, only hers is red. :)
A mascara guard because I completely suck at putting on makeup, much less mascara. *Shudders*

Oil blotting paper because I'm kiasu and always worrying I'll run out of it, so I'm restocking it a lot.

From Hinode (Also RM 5 shop)
 Dust plug for my phone, I couldn't resist the kitty :3
A box for all the jewelry I throw around after wearing them. HAHA.
 I also bought a small, sling bag. The kind you use when you're carrying nothing but your wallet and phone and you're too lazy to lug around a giant handbag full of nonsense you take "just in case". 

Finally claimed my Popular student card! :D YAY. It might not seem a big deal to you, but it certainly means a lot to me.

Question: What is your desktop background?
Answer: Pictures of boots, every five or ten minutes it changes :)

Note: There can be a lot of cheap goodies in Malaysia, you just need to know where to look ;) 

Update: Do you know how ridiculously young I feel with shorter hair? Ridiculous. It might be a good thing but for a 16 year old girl, it's not great having people think you're 14 :P (Looks like I won't be getting into bars anytime soon. HAHA. Just kidding)

Till next time! :D

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