Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons....

 ....make a potato pie.
Hey there! :)

It's been a while. These days, I'm on the computer only about once or twice a week. (Shocked yet?) I'm grown rather bored of using the computer every day. Those few times I spend on the computer are solely to check my email, blog a bit, watch some Youtube videos and search on Goodreads for new books to read :) I'm rather dull, I'm afraid. I spotted a Summer Tag on Cheryl and Joy's blogs :D Irresistible. Yum yum. I love tags <3 I'll be doing it in this post. It's raining like mad now, wonderful. *evil cackle* Jihah and I talked about "guys we liked/like" today and found out that we both act like aloof aristocrats when we like a guy. (not the same guy of course) It's somehow ingrained in my nature (and hers) to be exceedingly arrogant because we don't want to accept the fact we like "unicorn".

Anyway, you're looking at a WCO (World Class Outpost) Graduate :) HAHA. So perasan. My dad says I'm lucky I became a commander this year, because everything happened this year O_o. National Training Camp for one, and now WCO (something of a Leaders' training course) and it doesn't happen every year. I consider myself quite unlucky because I was anticipating a more relaxed year after swotting so hard for the GMA for the past three to four years. I'm aiming for my LMA (Leaders' Medal Of Achievement) with some Gold Buffaloes thrown in here and there. And after that, no more swotting my butt off. Or I'll be sorely tempted to throw myself in the drain and stay there forever.

The course started at 7 am and ended about 7.30 pm. I woke up at 5.30 am to wait for Cmdr William and to eat breakfast. I'm not sure what happened in the car. Was kinda sleeping with my eyes open (if that makes sense :P) I heard Joseph and Cmdr William talking and talked a bit with Joanna and Sher Rin but I was really asleep for most of the journey. Cmdr William said that next year's camp is probably Pow Wow :D YAY. We arrived at Calvary Community Centre (I think that was the name) pretty fast.

There were Commanders from America, Singapore, Philippines, Japan and of course, Malaysia. Mostly from Malaysia though :P I still cannot believe I spent Merdeka Day at an academy. Goodness, my modus operandi is to stay home and sleep every year (I'm sure of it). The commanders conducting the seminar were hilarious and they talked about life-related events as well, which was *thumbs up* good. The room was horribly cold, I felt like I was walking around naked in the dead of winter with clothes on. (What?)

The most interesting part of the seminar for me, was the personality test for temperaments.
Actually had a ton of fun taking it :)
I found out I'm a Phlegmatic Melancholic. 37% Phlegmatic and 27.5% Melancholic. 20 % Sanguine and 15 % Choleric. It didn't really come as a shock to me. HAHA. If you're confused, a sanguine is a charismatic people-pleaser. A choleric has a dominant personality. A phlegmatic is a steady pacer. A melancholy is a conscientious thinker.

I suppose you could say that a sanguine is a "popular" person who's sociable and finds it easy to talk to people. A choleric is someone who is a natural leader and passionate about it. A melancholic is usually an introvert who thinks a lot. A phlegmatic is someone who's usually relaxed and contented with life (and often enough, shy). Phlegmatics prefer to observe and to think on the world around them while not getting involved.

More information: Four temperaments

If this is what people learn in Psychology, I don't think my brother is nuts for taking it anymore. But then he's still a nuthead, so it makes no difference.But one would have to be honest with oneself when taking the test though. Choose the adjective that describes you, not who you want to be.

I also have to say the food provided during break times was so very very yummilicious. Kudos to the caterer or whoever arranged to provide that food :3 I even loved the fried eggs, and I usually hate fried eggs made outside my house. HAHA. All in all, it was a fantastic seminar and I don't regret going. (This doesn't mean I'll sign up for Advanced National Training Camp though, hahaha)

I can't wait to learn driving. Thank God Jun Ann and I were born only one day apart, so I don't have to take the theoretical part alone. *wipes sweat from brow*

I've been thinking about buying contacts from Glasses Online Malaysia for a while now. But for one, I quite like my ridiculously dark brown eyes. And for another, I'm rather terrified of putting strange objects in my eyes. I also like my specs though :P Although that doesn't matter since I want powerless contacts. Oh well, next time. In December maybe.

(House of Hades. House Of Hades. House of Hades! ONE MORE MONTH TO GO)

Oh! Finally received my X-mini II last week :) I didn't make a post because I didn't go online. HAHA.

This is how the box looks like :)

A Diagram of said portable speaker.

Can be used for phones, Notebooks, computersm gaming devices and etc.

This is the charger :)

 Came with a bag :D

My first impressions: Looks like a mini robot alien. (LOL)
 Build and structure: I think it's really cool how you can change the quality of the bass by opening and closing it. It looks cute too. Small and transformer-like. I wouldn't try to explain too much about it since I'm horrible at how things work.
Sound-wise: Quality of sound is surprisingly good and *crystal* clear. I dare say it makes the songs sound better. 
Verdict: Supremely satisfied that I bought it. Thank God for shopping impulses.

(Note: The lightning in the photos are pretty awful. It's quite dark at the moment compared to M'sia's normal sunny and bright weather)

Anyway, here's my summer tag :D
-Favorite summer nail polish?
All nail polish cost about RM 5. 
Peachy-orange color: From Elianto. 
Dark green shade: Bought it from a shop in GM. 
Gold: From Daiso. 
I couldn't decide which I like more at the moment :) I have a boxful of nail polish I haven't touched in months. I'm on a clear-polish break at the moment.
-Favorite lip color?

Maybelline New York in Strawberry and Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Rose Addict :) 
Both are tinted lip balms :) Strawberry is more pigmented than Rose Addict but Rose Addict gives a more natural tinted look.
-Favorite summer dress?

Cream lace dress from F-block, Mini lace dress and flowery dress from Cotton On. I purchased all from friendlyfashion a few months ago and I simply adore them all equally :3

-Favorite summer accessory?
My trusty mockingjay necklace from PinkyBears.com of course.

I bought it from Cotton On. It's supposed to be a bracelet but I also use it as an anklet.
-Favorite fragrance?
Wonderstruck Enchanted of course. Although I haven't actually bought it yet. *Sheepish look* But I do love the scent. Yum yum vanilla <3

-Favorite face product?
(Please excuse the terrible quality of the photo)
Silkygirl's Magic BB White Powder Foundation. It works miracles at hiding most of my blemishes and doesn't make my face look too white. Unlike the Maybelline Mineral BB stick which I don't want to use unless I intend to terrify my friends with a sickly ghost-like pallor. 

-Go-to summer hairstyle?
(Took these photos at night with flash, oops)
First photo is blur. My hand shook -__-

A barbie ponytail with a braided base. HAHA.
My friends always say my hair is Barbie-ish in a ponytail which I find mildly offensive in an amusing way. My hair is really long now :3 Happy.

-What's the weather like?
Splendid! Oh the thunder and lightning and flooded roads :3 I love rainy days.

-Favorite thing about summer?
Easy. Jambu fests! :D and chocolate breaks. It's summer all the time here (well usually) so I would say every day is a happy day. 

-Favorite summer drink?
Strawberry juice and Milo ais. (So Malaysian. HAHA)

-Pool or Beach?
Beach please. No pun intended. 
A pool is nice, but a beach has sand and weird creatures that bite you like mad in the water :)

-Any summer tradition?
Well, my skin is getting tanner everyday. Hehe. 
Umm, trips to Port Dickson or any beach?

-Favorite BBQ food?
Barbequed chicken and other sorts of meats and sausages, duh.

Can you believe it's September already? Time flies :) 
And I forgot to make birthday presents. Whoops. 
Oh well, December it is. 

Update (4 September 2013):Got back my ICT and Chemistry papers :D 88% for ICT and 97 for Chemistry. Unbelievable. My Chem marks are higher than my English marks. HAHA.

Till next time, amigos!

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