Wednesday, October 2, 2013

As Day Is To A Sword, Night Is To A Shield.

 “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”
Hey there! :)
(Note: Division of line indicates parts of post are written at different dates)
(Also Note: Photo and word heavy post alert. Do not read if you fear for your eyesight!)
Warning: Topics may vary. Blame it on ADD.
Note: It's mainly about shopping online, shop reviews and a lot of random nonsensical stuff.
Double warning: This post consists of days starting from when I decided to purchase some watches, to the day I received said watches.
Conclusion: It will be very very long.

Day:  Wednesday.
Date: 25 September 2013 
Time:  4 pm.
Status:  Exhilarated with shopping glee. 

It's been a while since I've done an online shop review, so you can anticipate one (or several) in this post. I came to a realization this morning. It seems like every time a stressful exam week (or weeks) or course comes up, my hand immediately fly to my pocket to buy something. I suppose you might say I'm a compulsive shopper, I shop whenever the wind blows the other way, so to speak ;) It's terrible for my wallet, really. It's losing weight every few months or so.

Anyway... On my blog, at the right sidebar, you can see a list of online shops which I've more or less confirmed of its trustworthiness. But if you don't trust me, (phrase of the day: righteous indignation snort) you could always check it up on Internet scam websites lists.

I haven't had a proper watch for some time. Ever since my beloved digital watch killed itself (or rather, I killed it unintentionally), I've been reluctant to replace it. But I deem it is time to move on. From mourning my old watch. *HAHA* So I've been poking my nose into several websites. Most of which were terlalu mahal and which I couldn't afford even if I went on a shopping diet for the rest of my life.

I do have an Adidas analog wristwatch, but for some reason, even in its largest adjustment, it's too small for my hand :( I often end up with indentations on my wrist for a long time. Since it's exam week this week (and for the next couple of weeks), I keep it in my pocket when I'm not in class and leave it on my desk during the exams, which is rather frustrating because I keep glancing at my wrist, looking for a non-existent watch when it's sitting right in front of me on my desk. Force of habit, per say? 

Wait, where was I? Uh. Okay, so for some crazy Maine reason, I decided to get a pocket watch. Oh, and a wristwatch as well. Of course, I won't be wearing them at the same time la. Oh, which reminds me: I used to wear two watches at the same time :P HAHA. One analog and one digital. When people pointed it out, I'd say "If I want digital time, look at digital watch. If I want analog time, look at analog watch la." That was several years ago, so don't laugh. HAHA. Goodness, it's the most illogical reasoning I've ever come up with.

(Got distracted yet again, whoops)
Anyway... poke poke here, poke poke there (this was the Yellow Spear team song in Pow Wow 2011, LOL) and I managed to find...
This website!
It's called for your information ;)

It's funny how shops have jewelry, boxes, clothing, belts, tattoos, extensions and etc but they don't have any bloody watches available! I'm not swearing, mind you. It's the astonishment that gets to me.

So I was rather relieved (and thanking my lucky stars) that I managed to find a not-so-expensive shop in Malaysia (Malaysia, thank heavens!) that sold watches that aren't too high brand and luxurious. Not that it's a bad thing to be of a high brand and luxurious, I just cannot afford it. My wallet. Euurrggmmhhh. 

 I came across a line called "Mini" by which showcases miniature 3D Korean watches. I don't know why it's Korean though O___o. I'm a sucker for any miniature nonsense, houses, teapots and goodness knows what else. (Which was why I thoroughly enjoyed the Miniature Killer episodes in CSI, sadistic banana) But yeah, mini miniatures :3 *swoons* The price of the miniature watches are RM 89 per piece (not including postage) on It's a little more pricey on the original website, although they do offer more selections.

Here are some of the watches I'm currently eying (and one which I am in the midst of purchasing)
(images taken from

The first cheerfully titled "Eiffel Tower Paris" and the second is called "My Travel Journal".
I was torn between the two of these watches. But eventually My Travel Journal won out, because of the journal, pen, photographs and camera. Pen, paper, camera. My three greatest loves, sigh :3 I will buy the Eiffel Tower Paris someday. If solely to adorn two watches on my wrist as though one is not sufficient. HAHA. The ETP Roman numerals are simply gorgeous though. Sighs. I adore the parchment, tower, clock and photograph but what on earth is that weird blob? Is it some sort of uncooked steak or pork? O_o. Still gorgeous nevertheless. (Update: after much investigation, it appears that said blob, is in fact, a snail. Presumably to represent the escargots they serve in French restaurants :P)

There are more selections to choose from, which you can view at the website but sadly not of my taste like the ones above. (I did so like the cat ones though, I wish they had been more elaborate.

A few I did fancy, though not so much.
I do not recall the names unfortunately.
The first is just delightful! :) Once again, Roman numerals, cute birds and a full face watch unlike the others. (I'll buy you someday. After the Paris watch, HAHA)
The second is far too pink for my liking and doesn't have a very clear clock, but LOOK. Chocolate yum yum :3 *drools*

The first pic gives me an impression of a kitchen with all those mugs and teapots hanging from the shelves *Hmm*
The polka dotted dress I think would be Joy's sort of thing, since she likes polka dots. I do find it pretty adorable though.
The last watch is far too feminine for my taste, yet elegant in a way.

Someone told me that it would be easier, cheaper and better (Malaysians love these words) to buy a normal watch with a mustache design or just a normal face, but I, being the stubborn and ever fussy person I am, said "No." I want something different. It's not that I don't like normal, simple watches, it's just not my signature. I'm tired of being normal and predictable because that's the way I usually am (or so I think) :P

There were some other watches I thought were splendid . (Maybe I should become a watch collector. I already collect coins and books and jewelry, why not watches? :P Anyone want to support my watch addiction? Please volunteer. Beep.)

 Choice A: Cat Lover Fashion Watch (or so says the website)
Price: RM 19.90 (why got sen one? my brother asked. HAHA)

 I personally favor the ones with the black and red straps. 
It's strange, for a person who likes blue (and black), I've become awfully fond of red :)
Is it just me or are they all sadistic colors? HAHA. Black-blue for bruises and red for blood *Evil laughter* Just kidding.

Choice B: Vintage watches
Favorites are from left to right.

Vintage Butterfly
Price: RM 25

Vintage Heart Shaped
Price: RM 35 

These are definitely gorgeous, since they serve both as watch and accessories ;)

But if you know me, you'll know that I like simplicity in the band. 
I might buy this someday. 
Far. far. away. 

 Price: RM 39
I love the face of the watch. Have I told you I adore Roman numerals? (three times in fact)
But the strap looks rather inconvenient. 

I would buy it all if I could, but unfortunately "I have not enough money lah!"
So Malaysian. HAHA. Don't you just love Manglish? ;)
Speaking of BM, although I tend to blurt out Malay words every now and then, I cannot abide the exam papers *worried frown* Wow, the BM paper last Wednesday, I had to crack my head to translate the words from English to Malay. The worst part of it is I usually forget the easy words, like encourage which is menggalakkan and I don't remember it till the last minute -__-

And I almost forgot! 
The Pocket Watch (it sounds lovely, I should write a book entitled as such)
Price: RM 45
Which is coincidentally also of Eiffel Tower Paris. (It can't be helped, ETP designs are notoriously popular these days) and the only pocket watch I can afford. 
I've found some real antique pocket watches that were just freaking amazing but the price of it, you wouldn't believe. I think it's more for collectors who won't mind spending a wad of cash on it.

I am, unfortunately, but an aspiring collector without a cent to my name.

I'm not entirely sure why, but my language has grown far too proper in writing these days. Brilliant for essays though ;) 
Cease your worries, I'm still speaking like a proper Malaysian girl.
  I think I'd be heartbroken if I were to go overseas and lose my accent. 
Really :P

 I'm also intent on buying a hoodie or two (tuition center is like the igloo in a desert), a F21 red beanie (I'm not sure if I'd like a beanie, but I want something to cover the kinks in my hair -__- if it's not for me, I can always give it to Joanne since she likes beanies :P) and get this: another pair of combat boots (Only RM 40, I couldn't resist) . But fear not, this pair shall not have studs. I'm tired of wary looks from people asking me "Can poke one ah?" HAHA. Presumably they worry I might accidentally kick them. And it'd be nice for camping :3 All these purchases mentioned are from Carousell, the buying/selling app :)

Igloo being the tuition class and desert being our wonderful country. HAHA. Is it just me, or is it pretty hot these days? *Sweats*

Can you believe it's almost the end of the year? I can't wrap my head around it for some reason :/

Anyways, will update later once I receive my purchases! :)
Or sooner than that, lol.

Day: Thursday
Date: 26 September 2013
Time: 3 pm
Status: Relieved and possibly drunk as a skunk. Also quite happy.

Exams are on a roll! BM papers down. 2/3 papers of History down (yay!) and countless more to go. Just as I'd expected, History Paper 3 was a hand-sore. I say that because it's true, my hand practically cramped itself into a writing position and it hurt to use it. Can you imagine? 8 freaking essay questions in three hours (okay, that's a pretty reasonable amount of time when you see it from a distance perspective). Thank goodness, most of us (schoolmates as well) have gotten a majority of the sample answers from another class. Had to do question 7-8 by myself though :( I have no idea what crap I wrote. HAHA. But still, at least World History is a tad more fascinating than Malaysian History (Where's my patriotism?). But it's true really :S At least for me, that's my opinion. And you know what would be better? Learning the bloody subject in English would be fan-freaking-tanstic. 

I don't know about you. (but I'm feeling 22. Lol) but reading in Malay makes me slightly dizzy and it takes me twice as long to process the words properly :/ Maybe I should read more Malay books. Some Malay authors are pretty good at writing interesting simple stories (that I can understand, lol - There are some with very old Malay words which is difficult to understand). 

Apparently I use the computer more often when I'm stress out over the exams -__- 

My tuition classes have changed (or will change) days and times starting from..November? Or next year..I'm not sure. Chemistry is on Thursday, in the afternoon and Add Maths is on Thursday at night. Fancy that! Two tuition classes in one day, lucky me :( Physics will be on Friday. Sigh, there goes my Friday partying plans (my equivalent is staying at home and reading a book, then doing a "It's almost weekend!" dance all over the house). Scratch that, two tuition classes on Friday as well -__- Somehow got myself signed up for History class. It was either that or the gallows. HAHA. Just kidding. Either that or BM classes, which I don't need.

Talked to Joy a couple of days ago about cheesy boyfriends. You know, the kind who always says "Sayang, I love you so much, muack muack muack." (Sayang means love, in term, my love) and brings his girl chocolate (marry me, why don't you) and flowers on non-special ocassions.People might have different opinions about this, but I think that it's a little too cheesy and ridiculously sweet (kind of like macaroons) for me. HAHA. I'd think that the gesture is sweet but if a guy told me "Your eyes twinkle like the stars at night, your face shining like the moon, so bright." I'll burst out laughing and start rolling around on the floor. Possibly even be stuck in a perpetual laughing state for days. I'm sorry la, but I have a tickle bone when it comes to cheesiness (which is why I can't eat cheese, lol) No offense to cheesy people, by the way. It's just my personal feelings about it. 

I don't have a boyfriend (and I don't intend to for some time) because I'm a very hermit-like person and also quite anti-social :P (Despite how fluffy I sound on my blog, the writer, me, in person is not very sociable). And quite frankly, I don't have the patience (I certainly have the time) to constantly update my other half (Lol what?) on when I do every day. (I might, if I cared enough about said person) It's pretty much the reason why I decided to abandon social networking sites. Also have to add that I'm terrified (not really) that non-existent-at-the-moment boyfriend would discover my past of beating up boys who piss me off (which is very likely, since I seem to run into said boys everywhere) and run away in fear that I might kick his ass when I'm in a particularly foul mood :P seriously. Although there were some strange ones who actually admired me for that. HAHA. And thirdly, I'm afraid that should I discover that he isn't who I thought he was, I'll break up with him and feel guilty about it. Fourth, I've already lost two friendships because I didn't like them the way they liked me and I don't want that to happen again. Third time is not the charm. Fifth: When I actually like someone, I turn into an aloof aristocrat who doesn't speak to commoners. LOL. But really. I'm basically the equivalent of scumbag friend. And lastly, it wouldn't be fair to all my fictional boyfriends. HAHAHA. Every reader has one ;) or more. *Wink wink*

Just came across a website called The Hopping Rabbit.
They have miniature watches as well that is cheaper by at least 47%, by the name of Tinzi. You can save about RM 39.20.
But I prefer the Mini watch designs. 
If you ignore the lighting, you can see the differences between the leather strap, clock, pen, photos and camera. As well as the border. 

The Mini design looks clearer to me too. 

But really, it's personal preference. Tinzi's cat designs were pretty nice :) 

Links to other places selling miniature watches (alternatives):

"Follow the Mark Of Athena. Avenge me." -Minerva (Athena) to Annabeth
Okay. Look at this:
Mark of Athena, If you are a Percy Jackson Fan, You must own this coin! Owl and Athena, 24K Gold Plate or Heavy Silver Plate 
Rainbow drools :3 

Do you know what this is? DO YOU? 
It's the coin Athena gave to Annabeth in MOA. 
OMG, I wants one :3 
 I found a seller on Etsy selling it for RM36.81 (including shipping) 
Yummy coin :3 Come to Mama. HAHA.
But really, I've been coin mad ever since my uncle gave me a box of coins to start a collection  (which I haven't changed a bit, LOL)
 But COINS. Sigh :3
It would be nice to have the coins they portray on the book covers though. Still.
House of Hades book covers! :D 
Left is the UK version, and right is the US version.
They only sell the UK version in Popular :( 
'Tis a pity indeed.
 I can't believe 8th October is coming so soon! :3
Happy Maine.

Day: Friday
Date:27 September 2013
Time: 8 pm (well, almost?)
Status: Slightly bored and searching for new things to buy in the foreseeable future.

Here's a quick tip, when you're buying something through a forum like , always always check up reviews on the seller or google him/her. Oh, and if you're a girl, never call a seller "bro" or "cha" because he'll immediately assume you're a guy. HAHA. There are a lot of scumbag scammers, so you have to be wary at all costs. I've heard instances of people loosing thousands of ringgits to very "legit" looking sellers. Check "scammer" threads as well. It could help a lot ;) Same thing goes for buying from websites. Buying online in general. Don't be fooled. This is why I review blog shops and websites (when I'm not feeling lazy), so I can help others discern whether the website is honest or otherwise. So far, I have not encountered a scamming case personally. Either I'm just a lucky sort of person or because I always do a vigorous background check on the website/seller.

Buying online is always a risky business. In courier experiences, I've tried Poslaju, Pos Daftar and Skynet. In the area where I live, I can say that the postmen are usually reliable. Poslaju is the one I use the most, I would say that the instances of my package arriving the next working day would be slim, within two working days is most common and 3-5 days happens infrequently (in cases of weekends and holidays) although it does still happen. Registered post usually arrives two (if I'm lucky) or three days later. It only costs RM 3, so I don't sweat too much about it. I've only used Skynet once, when I bought from From KL to Klang, if I'm not mistaken. It was pretty fast.  Received it the very next day. (if I've got that right in my memory, lol) Not bad, not bad :)

Conclusion: Be careful when you shop online. And also, just because scammers exists, doesn't mean that there aren't honest-to-goodness sellers as well :)

 Day: Saturday
Date: 28 September 2013
Time: 7.25 pm
Status: Somewhere between frustrated and nonchalant. Also rather hungry. 

Just finished reading The Secret Diaries Of Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn. I do adore historical romance, everything was so different back then. I would want to live in that era if women had a higher place in society and the right to vote :P And also to be a spinster without the ton shaking their heads and saying "Oh the poor old dear couldn't land a husband." Because women were apparently needed only for breeding. *Shakes head in disbelief* Mind settled, I'm staying in the 21st century :)

Starting to think that a combined days post might not be a good idea, this post is getting far too long and it isn't even close to ending yet. *Shrugs* Oh well. Speaking of which, I do wish that online shops would notify their customers once they receive payment, of when they intend on sending out the package and update the order status. I'm well aware they probably have many customers but a little common courtesy would be well appreciated. I am not a patient person, regardless of how I might appear to be. And this is why I'm frustrated. My order status is still "in process" and has been for the past two days. This would probably get a minus star for the website in my review.

So far, my opinion on states the:
  • Interesting items and rather unique.
  • Reasonable pricing (so and so)
  • Checking out option is handy.
  • Information available is adequate.
  • Take a long time to update order status.
  • Does not provide email updates as frequently as they ought to.
  •  Several items listed on their FB page is not on their website. 
And that's about it for now. Still hungry though :( I have some Hersey pies in the fridge which I'm reluctant to touch. Want to eat potatoes :( Sigh.  Starting to read some books by Amanda Quick. This should be interesting :3
Day: Monday
Date: 30 September 2013
Time: 9.23 pm
Status: Relieved, starry-eyed,worried and exhausted.

Went to a wedding dinner last night. I'm still hungover from all that Chinese tea I drank -___- It was held in a Setia City Convention Center ballroom. The ballroom and the hallway was lovely. Splendidly clean toilets too. HAHA. But really, it was gorgeous. The PA system sucked. The volume was too damn loud, couldn't help wishing I brought some earbuds when they started toasting to the bride and groom. Yum Seng OUCH. But besides that, it was alright. The food was nice, but nothing I haven't tasted before..during other wedding dinners. I'm still tired (and a little deaf) from the aftermath. Wedding chocolate ;)
You thoughtful, wonderful souls.
Anyway, back to today. Facebook messaged the Little Sasa Enterprise through Ian's account and they finally replied and updated my order status. They delivered it today, so it'll probably arrive in 2 days. Phew. I was starting to think it wouldn't arrive till next week. (Drama queen) Feeling rather relieved :)

At any rate, I'm starry-eyed because I just finished reading Bevelstoke #2: What Happens In London by Julia Quinn and it was so hilarious and romantic, I can't help grinning and sighing :3 Lovely book, probably my favorite out of the whole series.

Went to a restaurant near church to tapau food home. Noticed AA and Mum staring over my shoulder, looked behind and saw Megan :D Haven't seen her for months! It's funny how bumping into old school friends are awkward but it's never awkward with Megan, Cheryl, and the gang. LOL.


 Will update this post, when I receive the parcel I'm expecting ;) Or when I'm bored which would be more likely to happen.
Day: Tuesday
Date: 1  October 2013
Time: 4.49 pm
Status: Befuddled, tired and conflicted. Strangely happy at the same time.

Found this while I was browsing around! :) 

 Korea MINI 3D Handmade Miniature Watch - London Bus
I suppose it has a name like London Bus/Travel. Pretty nice. I like the background and the camera. The clock and bus? Not so much.

 Poetry is a way of looking at the world for the first time.
I like poetry. Enjoy reading it very much in fact, and puzzling over it's hidden (or obvious) meaning. For example, The Tyger by William Blake (first stanza):
"Tyger tyger, burning bright,
in the forests of the night,
what immortal hand or eye,
could frame thy fearful symmetry?"

I came across it while reading a Historical Romance novel and I found it intriguing because I couldn't understand the meaning at first. The Tyger was written in the 19th century. I would try to explain what it means, but from all I can gather, it symbolizes the beauty of creation and also its inner depths, if that makes any sense.

Lord Byron's poem, She Walks In Beauty is lovely and wretchedly romantic. But the poet himself lead a rather sordid life and was described as the degenerate man. It's queer how someone who writes such lovely works of art can have such a dastardly sort of life.

 "I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see that you are unarmed!" -William Shakespeare.
This one is easy :P He's saying that person's dimwitted. HAHA. I can understand Shakespeare in single sentences, but when I study the sonnets, my eyes just about roll back into my head :(

Barely studied for the Physics exams today. I read the timetable wrongly and studied for the wrong subject -__- Oh buggers. So I spent most of my free time in between exams reading up on the chapters as fast as I could. School was so empty today. Form 3 and 5 had the day off (lucky poops), as well as a majority of the Form 4 classes not taking exams. So there were about 5 classes out of the whole morning session. HAHA. Physics paper 1 (objective) was okay. I could answer most of the questions without guessing :P Physics paper 2 (subjective) was horrid. I'm pretty sure I crapped out a whole lot of nonsense just to fill in the blanks >.< Noooo. No, pen, what are you doing? What are you writing? WHHHHAATTTT. Alas, I am doomed to fail.
Day: Wednesday
Date: 2 October 2013
Time:6.39 pm
Status: Extremely happy, drunk and every other positive feeling you can think of.

Hey there!

It's finally the last day of my post! :D Can I hear an "Amen"? LOL. My parcels arrived today!
Excited, happy, etc.

Anyway, I spend most of my free day, packing and counting merits for all those lucky people who were rajin enough to get merits this year :P (Not to mention their GMAs, HAHA) I haven't done a single one this year, which is a bit of a shock.

At any rate, I jumped out of my chair and ran to the door whenever I heard any large vehicles passing by, hoping it would be the Poslaju van. But it wasn't :(

 Just waiting, and fervently hoping it would arrive today. And it did :D
 It doesn't get any better than this :3

I just remembered something hilarious. Joy and I reminisced about it in tuition last night. It's the story of the Bendable Mockingjay Necklace. (lol)
 I bought one for Joanne, when I bought one for myself and a school friend. It was a normal day after/before Rangers,sometime earlier this year. Joy was wearing her mockingjay necklace and Cheryl asked her if it could break. Joy said "No la, it's bendable." (Sarcasm, note that) and Cheryl somehow accidentally broke the tip of the arrow off. After we got over the shock of it, we went into hysterics, saying things like oh my gosh, bendable, unbendable, breakable. And tried to come up with words to describe the :bendable: necklace. It was hilarious ;) really. Even if it makes no sense. 

Back to the topic at hand: I was surprised when I received both my hoodies and watches parcels at the same time, since I knew they were delivered on different days, but no biggie. 

 Is it just me, or is the Poslaju packaging awfully fun to rip apart? :P HAHA.
Already ripped open the other package at this point and threw the hoodies into the wash :P
Invoice was a little crumpled. Just so you know the full name of the items ;)

So, may I introduce..The Pocket Watch!
 From left: Front of watch, back of watch
It's so wonderfully vintage, I'm drooling.


Ignore the cat, HAHA. Greedy's playing with the chain of the pocket watch. 
I like fat cats and I cannot lie ;)

On to the miniature watch :D
First off, it came with a mini warranty card:
And unfortunately, the other contents are classified. HAHA.
 It also had a little card attached to the watch.
 So adorable :3 

How it looks like inside :) I think the pictures are of other designs, future designs probably since I haven't seen most of them before.

And finally, here's the miniature watch :D
(Pardon the slight reflection on the face)
The strap of the watch is sandy-brownish. I like :)

 Sigh, isn't it lovely? :3 
Well, it is to me.

I recommend to anyone who's looking for watches and random jiggies to buy :)
Rating: 4/5 stars (I'm a generous person)
Service: Everything is exceptional, except it might be a little slow.
Give this website a boost up, will you? :)


I'm sure y'all be like this:
by now. After suffering through this crazily long post :P

So I'll be off to eat my pizza and spaghetti with a whole lot of garlic bread. And to do a happy dance sitting down :D
Till next time! :)



    Okay freak out moment end. Soo cute all the watches! Especially the pocket watches.

    1. I was so distracted by his expression, I didn't really notice his face :O HAHAHA. Aww thank you ;)

  2. WOW. wow. WOW! Bring it to tuition.. I WANNA SEE :o does the watch glass really open that you can touch the miniature things inside? :OOOOO

    and hahahaha it wasn't sarcasm.. I was toying around with it and saying that it felt flexible and bendable and then cheryl broke it.. HAHAHAHA

    1. Sure! :) Bring what? The watches? :O Idk, I haven't tried and I won't :P LOL. Oh yeah! :D HAHA, funniest day ever that was :P Oh btw, the person I'm buying from is selling a BUNCH of beanies of diff. colors for RM 25. So interested? ;)

    2. yeap... HAHAHA nah don't you too anyway.. one of the picture of the watch look like the glass was open.. but then looking at it again, it looks more like the strap now..
      VERY INTERESTED :P (but kinda broke :'( but i love beanies :D) I wanna see their website/description/picturess

    3. HAHAHA, I'm afraid if I try to open the glass, it'd break :P LOL. The beanies? It's on a phone app :S But if you do want one, what color would you want? :P

    4. HAHAHA noooo don't open... 1 beanie rm 25 or? BROWN :DDDDD

    5. Okay :P Yeap! Not including shipping though :S Brown? :O Why brown? Why not...mustard yellow? :P

  3. So watch soo nice leh siao ~ totally (Y) ! #yummy


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