Sunday, October 27, 2013

" If You Don't Like It, You Can Kiss My Quiver."

 -Michael Yew.
Hey there!

It's been a while since I've blogged. Updated my last post because I forgot to do Question 22. Since exams are finally over, it's been peaceful and relaxing this past week. I've already caught up on past projects which I've put on hold for months. 

The first being spring cleaning. Although it's not (and never will be) Spring here. I do this every year, mainly because I've OCD, and I can't abide messy and unorganized spaces once I've time to clean them up (which is why I tolerate them for 10 months of the year) and also because at the end of the year, there's a lot of junk to get rid of.

Last Friday (Or was it Thursday?), I was looking for my Typo notebooks which I bought at a Cotton On sale for RM 6 per notebook last year. I couldn't find it anywhere, so I ended up tearing apart (not literally) the cupboards below the staircase. And putting it back tidily, of course. Got rid of one whole box of useless papers, bottle caps, used exercise books and all sorts of junk you wouldn't have thought would be there. Also found a long lost umbrella, my notebooks, and a lot of things which I thought were lost. The cupboards are extremely neat and tidy now, thank goodness. Also managed to clean out my piano chair, 2 bookshelves and my craft supply store. (Okay, maybe I am a neat freak)

 (Ignore the chain headpiece. Ian and I spent an hour trying to untangle the damn thing last night, so I'm not taking anymore chances with it)

The last cupboard is Ian's. And it was probably the messiest place I've ever had the opportunity to clean up.
 I've even written up a list for things I'll need when I go back to school next year.
It's best to start preparing early.

 I'm going to start a journal again. Bought some new pens to write in it.
Bought them from Tesco. 
Both sets were about RM 4.90

This Sign Pen 0.7 is awesome. 
Writing with it is really smooth and neat :3 Yay.
 My ultimate favorite pen now. It even beats the MNG pens I use for school.

I've started on an alternate image transfer method on clay, because I don't have a laser printer.
This method is probably the easiest because ,it's like my book charms, just cutting and pasting on the images onto the clay. 
Step 1: Find, edit, re-size and cut out images: It's better to re-size it on Microsoft Word before printing it out, instead of photo editors and such, because the right size can be tricky to print.
 And yes, that's the Percy Jackson cover art.
Step 2: Paste it on slab of rolled out clay with dry glue. If you use wet glue, it will turn out like the SPQR logo below when you glaze it.
On the other hand, it has a sort of galaxy look to it. But that's not what you're going for. Have to remake one :( Also watch out for accidentally painting over the image.
Step 3: Cut out shape with cookie cutter (if you have the right size) or a precision blade. Make sure you smooth out the edges, especially if it's a round shape.
Step 4: (Optional) Use acrylic paint (or poster color paint if you're desperate) to paint the clay whatever color it's supposed to be, if you used white clay.
Step 5: Glaze the charm all over. 

Final results would look like this:
Most of them turned out fine, with the exception of the SPQR logo.
In honor of the Catching Fire movie that's coming out on 22 November 2013 :D

Mockingjay logo, a little too yellow.

The Lightning Thief. 

A while back, I wanted to buy an Athenian coin. But since I couldn't find it anywhere in Malaysia, I resorted to making one instead. This one turned out fine :)

This was a failed attempt, as you could see. 
Uneven image and you can hardly see the glazed layer :/

Heroes Of Olympus logo :)

Failed first attempt. The color was dulled for some reason.

The Last Olympian.

Titan's Curse.

Battle Of The Labyrinth.

Sea Of Monsters. Sort of failed with this one.
Note, if you have furry pets like me, keep it somewhere where said pets will not be able to sleep on and roll about on the charms.

Artemis, The Moon Goddess. 
I made this one because the Goddess of the Hunt is my favorite Greek goddess in mythology.

 I'm purchasing some dotting tools, small notebook (which is crazy, because I already have 23 notebooks/journals at home) and a set of acrylic paint for crafting.
DeoGloriaBeauty formerly known as Nail Polish Malaysia.
They sell nail polish and an assortment of clothes, stationery and paint.

I need dotting tools because I'm planning to make these metallic charms by SugarCharmShop:
Aren't they gorgeous?
She's uber talented, she is.

I'm wiggling my way back into playing musical instruments. 
Learning new songs on the piano, and taking up my guitar again. 
Guitar Goddess on Youtube has some pretty wicked tutorials :)
I downloaded a Chord and Tuner app on to my phone, too.

This is how the rest of my holidays would look like, I guess. 
I think I'll enjoy my hermit-like existence. I'm not very comfortable about being around people at the moment.

Till next time!

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