Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October Haul: Ikea, IPC & The Curve

Hey there! :)

A Little Rambling

Went to malls in the Mutiara Damansara area yesterday with my family :) We starting making jokes about all of us being too fat to fit into one car without feeling all squashed up, LOL. And my brothers were complaining about the 'skinny' one (me) sitting in the front seat and 'wasting space'. Okay, whaattt? O_o. 

  • We went to the pet shop in IPC, after Ian and I stalled at Yenji Clay Craft to buy some nonsense. The British shorthair cats were so adorable *_* Saw a Garfield lookalike there too. So fat and fluffy. 
  • The bedrooms in Ikea were wonderful, felt like I could sleep there forever :3 I wouldn't mind being an interior designer. Oh yeah, you know the mouse hole like in Tom & Jerry? Imagine a human sized one. Then imagine a crazy looking girl in combat boots, going through the holes like a mouse in a human body. HAHAHA. Omg, what was I thinking? I got a little bit drunk and accepted Ian's challenge without thinking it through. I apologize to all the families there I might have traumatized, HAHA. I think I haven't got a sane bone in my body.
  •  I've always wanted a sofa bed for some reason. Don't ask me why, I just do :3 
  • The food at Ikea, is always fantastic..but trying to find a seat is hell. Don't you get pissed off at the families who've finished eating, but stay around talking like they don't even notice the people standing and looking for places to sit? Pssh, please don't be so inconsiderate and think about other people la. But we were lucky to find a place to sit relatively quick. The lady who gave us the seats was nice :)

I blame ADD for the frequent change in topic at such a ridiculously fast rate.

And on to the: Haul
It's actually a pretty small one. But I'm satisfied :)

Berry scented candles
RM 8.90 for one
I have this weird obsession with yummy scents and flames, so it's only natural that I adore scented candles :)

Cutting boards
RM 9.90 for 2
Ikano Power Center Stores:
 Everything in this category is RM 5
Precision Knife
Design Knife

Don't worry, it's not for sadistic reasons :P
They're wonderful for crafting though. 

Black nail polish with glitter particles
I must comment that the cap is absurdly long.

Retro design notebook

Yenji Clay Craft Store:

Brilliant Sand Bottle
RM 4.90
 It's more for kids, but it looks fun :P

Mini plates
Price was ridiculously expensive, so I won't state it.
Was thinking about making sushi for this.

Bought this for Ian :) 
Looking forward to see what sort of texture it has compared to the other type.

Popular Bookstore:
 Finally bought The House Of Hades after waiting a whole year for it. 
The next book's called The Blood Of Olympus :D
Original price was RM 44.50
But with rebate, I got it for RM 31.15
Get a Popular card, it's worth it.
Why only 3 battling demigods? O_o. 
Haven't finished Mark Of Athena yet, whoops >.< 
Still stalling..Do you think I could put off reading the series till next year?

I told you he was evil :P
 Not a fan of the new cover art, even if the colors are splendid :(

The Curve:
Diva's having one of their usual sales again :)

Black Flower & Leaf Ring
RM 23
I've always had a love for gothic black jewelry :3
Heart Shaped Earrings
RM 13

  Gold Infinity Ring
RM 16
Cali Eagle Ring
RM 9
Couldn't resist this one because it reminded me of the Heroes Of Olympus logo :3 Well one of the logos at any rate. 
The 12th Legion's Eagle, symbol of Camp Jupiter. 
See what I mean? No? Okay :(
But really, it's lovely.

And that's it! :)
Oh, Rangers gave a highlighter wheel as a door gift last Sunday:

My next post will be about the 30 Day Challenge! :D 
No cheese will be involved.
I'm rather surprised at how little I've blabbered on.

Till next time!


  1. Hey Maine Lyn!

    omg, i got that same gold infinity ring :) hehee.
    Lovin' that black rose ring too.


    1. The infinity ring is gorgeous :3 Even if it is a little loose. Yeah, it's pretty gothic and cool :D


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