Monday, October 14, 2013

Selangor 1#: 31st Rangers Anniversary (Malaysia, memang truly Asia)

Hey there!

So, Selangor 1 had our 31st anniversary this year :) It's pretty crazy but this year's the first time I wasn't directly involved with the event as in performances and such. But I did have to organize the merits and uniforms the day before till 4-5 am. Was planning to go to church but I was pretty sure I'd be a walking zombie, so I text Joy and told her I couldn't make it and passed out on my bed until 1 pm.

(Oh my gosh, Stitch is so freaking adorable!)

House Of Hades has been out for SEVERAL DAYS and I haven't had a chance to buy it yet :( Urrghh. Hoping I can wheedle my parents into dropping me off at Popular, buying the book and doing a happy dance in front of the cashier.

(Wait, where was I?) Aite.

A-nee-ways, the Rangers anniversary was surprisingly fun this year, even if the skits didn't make much sense. HAHA. Everyone was like "Wait, what's going on now?" O__o. But it was pretty cool. Opening ceremony? Good. Although I was flummoxed to find out we had to sing the national anthem HAHA. Campfire songs? Good. Council Of Achievement? Didn't get anything but still, good. Which reminds me, I have to start working for more bling blings next year, since it's my last year.

Joy and I are planning to make own journals :D (Because the ones that we want are too damn expensive and hard to find). Already have the templates, and drawn out a plan of some sort. Handmade journals are gorgeous. *Virtual drool*

 Ian had a part in the performance, where he had to come out and rap. I didn't think I could watch it without bursting into laughter and dying of endorphin overdose, so I bolted as soon as I caught his walking out on the stage. Got some pretty weird stares for cackling madly when I ran around the back and back again to my seat, but it was worth it :P

Funny moments: I was sitting next to Joy, Jezreel was sitting next to her. Darren and Jeans were sitting in front of us. Then Andrew Ip came to kacau us, so I decided to start up with the name mix-up trick we (Joy, Jeans, Esther, etc) used to pull on unsuspecting gullible people to confuse him.

Snippet of conversation (sort of, LOL, I don't remember the exact words):

Me: My name is not Charmaine, it's Joanne, really. Don't believe me, just ask anyone here la.


 Andrew: Really meh? I thought she (points to Joanne) is Joanne? And you're Charmaine.

Me: (Turns to Joy) Hey Maine, you're Maine right? And I'm Joanne.

Joanne: Yeah, I'm Maine and she's Joanne.

Andrew: I don't believe you! Don't lie to me.

Joanne: We're not lying, seriously. Jeans, I'm Charmaine right? And she's Joanne?

Aijean: Yeah, she's Joanne and you're Charmaine.

Andrew: (Completely flabbergasted) Eh, why are y'all lying to me? *Unintelligent mumbling ensues*

Jezreel: No, really. She's Joanne *points to me*, she's Charmaine *points to Joanne*, I'm Aijean and that *points to Aijean* is Jezreel.

Me: And you're Megan.

And everyone was like:



Oh my English :P

Sneaked out of the hall a few times, to umm, observe the food

Caught Daniel (The King) stealing a currypuff, so I thought "why not?" and stole one donut for myself :P He saw me, and said "I didn't see anything." I said "Neither did I, we were just uhh.." "Checking to see if the food is poisoned." "Yeah exactly! HAHA." Had sugar all over my face and it was pretty funny :P They were praying for the food at that moment and Darren said " Someone starting eating already." HAHA, omg.

Thank goodness we didn't have to clean up the hall this year. Last year (or the year before that) was the worst with all the streamers and colorful nonsense lying about the hall. I remember sweeping the floor with Megan and Joanne, about to collapse with exhaustion.

I'm not a weakling, just a hungry poor soul :'(

Expedition Rangers were taking a photo, and Dillion asked me to join them but I said "Nahh, I'm not technically a Ranger anymore." Then I spotted Sher Rin there. Caryn, Joanna and I were like "What, Sher Rin, whaaattt?" HAHA. Don't get it? Never mind :l

It was a good day :)

Till next time!


  1. HAHAHAHA IKR! Everyone was pointing at 'CMDR' Sher Rin. HAHAHA and she was like "don't care lah, just snap the picture"


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