Monday, November 11, 2013

Dreamer's Haul: Hidden Gems In GM Klang

Hey there!

So yesterday, I went to GM Klang with Esther and Joanne for a shopping spree. (Don't judge me, I haven't been shopping offline for a while..Like a few weeks? Haha) GM is basically a wholesale building with a lot of things you can't find in normal malls for a pretty decent price. Ground floor consists of mainly restaurants and food stalls, as well as a food court. Floor 1-4 are mostly shops with a few snack shops here and there. GM Klang can be really confusing, because you'd basically be walking around in circles. Honestly, we would have been lost without Esther. HAHA. But it's really a fun and interesting place to explore.

 Anyway, here's the haul!
Turquoise nail polish (glow in the dark): RM 3
  Joy got a peachy pink color and Esther got an orange shade for hers!
Btw, the glow in the dark polish does work, but it's more noticeable when it's really dark.

Makeup brushes (just in case) : About RM 4 each
Graphic T-shirt: RM 9.90

 Long purse: RM 15



American flag

Black studs
Blue studs

Disco dots



Eiffel Tower

Clincher Belt: RM 10


Charms (you can customize a bracelet or whatever you want there, and ask for jump rings):

Large key

Small key

Size comparison


Heart shaped bow



How the bow and arrow looks like together

Complete charm bracelet: 
Due to the fact I'm a huge Percy Jackson fan, I was inspired to make this :)
The bow and arrow represents the Hunters Of Artemis.
The starfish represents a sand dollar.
The seahorse represents the sea creatures.
The tree represents Thalia's Pine Tree.
The key (sort of) represents the Unlocking of the Doors Of Death.

With that said, I'll be pursuing other hobbies to fulfill my time, so I won't be blogging for a while.

Till next time!

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