Friday, November 1, 2013

Reader & Dreamer: A Mini Daiso Haul & Update

 "I guess the problem with me is that I like books far more than I like people. Books comfort me, people don't."

Hey there!

So I'm down with a flu at the moment.
Yeah. Not feeling so good.

In my last post, I said I wanted to purchase some stuff from But unfortunately, I had to post-phone it for personal reasons of my own.

Went to Daiso last Monday night, and went a little crazy.


Someone ought to buy me a padlock for my wallet.

I've finished the Famous Five series and I'm starting on to the Find-Outers and Dog :) Why am I reading children books, you ask? It's a reader's dream (well mine) to finish every book in the series one enjoys. Duh.

Speaking of series, the latest book in the Smythe-Smith Quartet by Julia Quinn is finally out! :) This is old news, no how.

I think the first cover is simply gorgeous. It's got a vintage look to it. Can't wait to read Sarah and Hugh's story!

Went to school yesterday to collect Form 5 textbooks. More than 14 books! Fancy tugging that around for the whole day. Most of my classmates scampered home halfway throughout the day, but I stayed back with Daiyana and Mee En. It was a fun day, despite getting some dreaded test papers and being teased by Aqmal and his gang. HAHA. Simply everyone brought their phones yesterday. Teachers just shrugged and said

So yay :)
Farhan took my phone and started taking photos of himself. LOL. He asked me to join in several times but I was laughing so hard at Syahmim avoiding the camera and Mee En giving weird stares, it took several tries before we (okay me, Farhan is too photogenic, lol) looked almost normal.


Mini Daiso Haul:
Another notebook (I've said before, I'm a notebook addict)

The pages.

And this, is an earpick. But it will not be used for ear picking, but rather as a dotting tool. It's turquoise too, so that's an added bonus :)  
You could use it for it's intended use, but don't use it for both crafting and ear picking. You'd end up with clay in your ears for years.

Embroidery thread :) It might come in handy someday.

A cutting mat, because my board ended up with scratches all over from my over enthusiastic cutting. 

Two storage boxes for jewelry and craft :)
Very useful indeed.
It's not a fancy haul, but I do think it might be of use.
Oh! I won a giveaway by Shia Lynn Toh of Artsy-Craftsy :)
An idea journal for art. It's really gorgeous.
Should check out her website, it's great!

Till next time!


  1. what does the pages in the gift journal? :o

  2. Awww.. thank you Charmaine! Thank you for showing off the journal. =) Glad you like it, since you are notebook kind of person. =)

    1. You're very much welcomed! :D I'm sorry I cant upload it on instagram though :(

    2. Nah its okay. =) I'm just glad that you like the journal. Have fun journalling! =D btw, i like these images of boots on your blog; i love boots and in fact I have been trying to get my hands on these type of boots but can't find them anywhere.


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