Saturday, November 16, 2013

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Hey there!

Here's a funny thing. Even after all these months, I never noticed that my blog title was Maine Lyn: Writer, Reader, Loner, Dreamer. It was supposed to be Reader, Writer, Loner, Dreamer. See the difference? Haha. I'm starting to think that I'm as blind as a bat or as oblivious as Percy.

Anyway, a couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I had to post phone buying some dotting tools and acrylic paint from DeoGloriaBeauty. That was about two weeks ago? So I finally convinced myself to purchase it, because I really wanted to make some charms from SugarCharmShop (SCS)'s tutorials (which is the epitome of amazing stuff) and I couldn't do it without different sizes of dotting tools.

(RS) 2 Ends Dotting Tools 5 in 1 set - RM 15
(RS) OUMAXI Arcylic Nail Art Paint 22ml set of 12 pcs - RM 35
Shipping (RM 6) + Handling (RM 2) fee - RM 8

But then again, you wouldn't need acrylic paint if you're one of those lucky ones who don't need to use air dry clay (which I have to, because I don't have an oven to bake the clay in)

Acrylic Paint

12 pieces (or bottles..?) Acrylic paint is really thick, so generally it lasts quite long.
I've used poster color paint for my crafts once, and I guess it's alright as long as you glaze it well? It may fade after a couple of months/years, I should think.

Dotting tools:

Different sized ends.

Dotting tools always seem to have this spiral pattern, which is pretty cool. 

I've heard of people constructing their own dotting tools using a glue gun stick, wire and goodness knows what else. But I think it takes too much time and effort, so you know. Might as well buy a set worth only RM 15.

As for the review on DGB? 
Shipping: fairly fast, arrived in 2-3 days.
Packaging: Very neat, in a box with a fragile sticker on it.
Items came in good condition.
Seller replies fast and efficiently. 
Verdict: I would love to buy from them again! 

A clearer photo of the charm bracelet from the previous post:

Among other things I've found from ages ago.

The crazy thing about this charm is that the middle of the book actually split wide open. I'm not quite sure why though.

In anticipation of the Catching Fire movie coming out soon! 

It's jolly good fun, having Afif in tuition again. Jun Ann and I got quite drunk, and kept whispering "A Fifth Root! FIFTH ROOT." and laughing like hyenas. It'd would have been worse if Esther and Vemlan were there, our teachers would never get a moment of peace ( like Puan Chua from last year and my aunt). I'm planning to go jogging in Taman Rakyat some day, maybe with Afif and hopefully, drag Way Jie out of his cave and force him to exercise, instead of lazing around like me. HAHA. 

I'm thinking about trying the No-Poo methods floating around the Net, but I have an aversion to apple cider vinegar's scent so I probably won't. 

I'm absolutely dying (not really) to dye my hair with semi-permanent dye. It lasts for 4-6 weeks which is ideal for school holidays. But unfortunately, my mum and some of my relatives are old-fashioned and will probably get simultaneous heart attacks if I appear with a whacky hair color. Manic Panic and Directions are great for dying hair, even if it doesn't last forever. It's also pretty difficult to get, so you have to weasel out the right suppliers. But I do think that it's Oh, so worth it! since it doesn't damage your hair (as long as you don't bleach it). Manic Panic is vegan-based. I'm not certain about Directions but it's pretty safe as well, with no ammonia or harsh chemicals in it. 

It's difficult, loving crazy hair colors, especially when you're living in M'sia like me. Most people are not adventurous in hair dye colors, sticking mainly to the basic brown, black, blonde and red. If suppliers and malls were to sell crazy hair colors, I'd bet that they'll sell like hot cakes. 

When I leave school next year, you can be sure that I'd probably dye my hair a dark auburn or something crazy with henna or some other natural 'safe' methods. ;) As for now, I'll stick to cinnamon and honey. 

As for streaking hair with chalk pastels, I've found a reasonably fun alternative. Eyeshadow. Or in my case, eyeliner. I've finally found a use for those colored cream eyeliners I'd never used before, because I thought people would think that I'm mental. 

At any rate, that's all for now! 

Till next time :)


  1. dude, did u remember that u had register for ET ?

    1. Yeah I know. __. Too lazy to go haha.I have chemistry tuition on the same day too. Will come back in January.


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