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Writer's Secrets: (Life) Seven Deadly Sins Tag

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Pride: Seven Great Things In My Life
  1.  God. Even if I don't go to church as often as I used to, I love Him and try to live by His word. 
  2. My family and friends. For caring about me, even though I'm a terrible person.
  3. My acceptance of who I am. I might not be the prettiest, most popular or nicest person around, but I've finally accepted myself for who I am: An introvert who loves organic life forms, but prefers spending time with inanimate objects (books, mainly)
  4. Books. Reading, has always been, and will always be a part of me. Forever.
  5. My ambitions and interests. Writing, playing musical instruments, cross stitching, knitting, crafting things out of clay, friendship bracelets, painting, shopping. These things matter to me. 
  6. Organization. I have an obsession with making things tidy and neat. Understanding Isfet and Ma'at (Chaos and Order) is important to me.
  7. Music. I can't live without it, music makes me happier and calms me when I'm upset.
Envy: Seven things I Lack and Covet
  1. A perfect figure . I'm pretty satisfied with my body shape and size, but I do wish I had a flatter tummy. 
  2. Perfect skin. I despise having skin blemishes, discoloration and pimples. But I do tend to not notice it.
  3. Sewing skills. I can't sew to save my life. 
  4. Creative artistic tendency. As much as I try to be good at painting and drawing, there's always something lacking in that area.
  5. A cartilage piercing. Which I'll probably never get, because of protests from my parents and relatives :( I've always thought it looked cool.
  6. Dyed hair, highlights, etc. I've never once dyed my hair with chemicals before, because my Mum is old fashioned and doesn't believe in artificial beauty or being wild and experimenting with new things. Of late, I'd sneakily use lemon, cinnamon and honey to dye my hair without raising suspicions and hoping desperately for my hair to change color. I will dip dye the ends of my hair red someday. Just wait and see :)
  7. Ability to read sheet music. I'm pretty much incapable of reading it. I don't understand it until I stare at that particular note for at least 3 minutes, which is why I have to revert to learning the beginning of the piece, and using my ears to figure out the rest of it. It's quite calming to listen to piano pieces on CD.
Wrath: Seven Things That Makes Me Angry
  1. Those who gossip bad things about others behind their backs.
  2. Backstabbing friends. 
  3. Those who leaves me when someone better comes along.
  4. Messed up friendships because of difference in feelings.
  5. People who laugh to my face about my faults, as though they have none.
  6. Those who step on other people like rugs, just to feel better about themselves.
  7. Those who think that position in society, is far more important than what really matters.
 Sloth: Seven Things That I Neglect To Do
  1. My homework - I start off good at the beginning of the year, with my homework book and planning, until I falter somewhere along the way. 
  2. Exercise - Let's just say I never pick up where I left off.
  3. Study and do revision - I don't have typical Asian parents.. but even if I do, I probably won't study either.
  4. Involve myself in church activities. - I'm seriously backsliding on this point.
  5. Saving money. - Somehow, I can never seem to keep my money in my pocket.
  6. Practice playing musical instruments. - I haven't learned a new song in a very long time.
  7. Selling things online. - I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I keep forgetting to. 
Greed: Seven Worldly Materialistic Desires
  1. DSLR camera - I want to try out professional photography.  
  2. A book completed with every type of mythology in the world. - I love (times a million) mythologies!
  3. Infinite number of clothes. - Like every other girl, I seem to have nothing to wear.
  4. Dotting tools and acrylic paint. - For crafting purposes.
  5. Knee length combat boots. - Because they're amazingly cool.
  6. A spaniel or a husky. - I've always wanted a dog.
  7. Black leather jacket. - Once again, black clothes? My thing.
 Gluttony: Seven Guilty Pleasures
  1. Chocolate - I cannot live without it.
  2. Shopping - I need a padlock for my wallet.
  3. Crime shows and comedy - CSI, The Listener, Big Bang Theory, you get the gist.
  4. Rick Riordan and Historical Romances books.
  5. Losing my mind every now and then - Insanity is good for my soul.
  6. Anti-social behavior - Time where I spend alone where no one judges me.
  7. Tandoori chicken - It's so yummy :3
Lust: Seven Things I Love About Love
  1. Having a best friend to talk to.
  2. Having someone to be immature with and laugh at ridiculous situations.
  3. Someone knowing who I really am, and loving me for it.
  4. Someone who's always there, no matter what.
  5. Deep conversations, insights on another person's feelings.
  6. Trust, loyalty.
  7. Passion.
I'm planning to dye some red highlights into my hair. Some people might think it's a ridiculous notion, but I'm tired of being conservative and not being experimental enough :) Also, red highlights would be pretty subtle and natural (or so the mind thinks). 

Till next time!

P.S. Secrets page has been updated! Check it out :)

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