Saturday, December 21, 2013

When Insanity Meets Desolation.

Question: So, what have you been doing these holidays?
Answer: Like Hanate from Skitzo, I stay home cook rice. 
HAHAHA. But really, that's what I did :)
After not being home for the holidays last year, it's nice to stay at home and not go out.
Hisses "Sunlight! Sssss!" 

Current mood: Somewhere between joyously insane and terribly despondent.

I know I said in my previous post, that my next post (this one) would be the book rundown. But I'm still not in the mood to write about it (if I do, it'd probably be sad and depressing like here in series A, you'll meet so and so, you'll have a connection to each and every character and guess what? MOST OF THEM WILL DIE. But you should read it anyways, cause dang, this series is aweee-seeeumms)

You be like:


*Coughs* Forgive me, I can't find my miserable pills.

Anyway, I just came back from caroling at the hospital. Wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, but some songs are terribly high pitched and my throat/lungs/voice (they have feelings too) are NOT happy with me for torturing them. I don't think I'm going for caroling (at houses) or church tomorrow..I have to stay at home, study and do revision (500+ questions!) for my driving theory test on 31 December.

Can only get 8 questions wrong out of 50 -__- Oh good grapes. And I'll be doing 500 questions twice, in both English and BM. Shouldn't have picked such an early date :( Oh well, I'll be spending the next few days with my nose stuck in a book, and juggling pens and pieces of paper. Just so you know, I'm not 17 yet :) So I won't be taking the driving lessons and tests till after 21 January 2014.

At least I'll be taking them with JA and maybe Ryan and Michelle.I heard it takes about 1-2 months to get the Probationary license. How much it costs? Almost a thousand ringgit, but it's okay for me, since I can pay in installments. I would prefer cycling if M'sia had bicycle lanes -__-  JA wants a Chinese instructor, I want a Malay one. Not being racist here, but the Chinese instructors keep speaking to me in Mandarin while I just stare at them with a dumbfounded expression.

I think my BM is relatively fluent, because I speak it more often than Mandarin (which I never speak besides a few words I pick up from my pineapple friends - and I only know insulting phrases like "I hate you!" and "I want to smack you!" courtesy of my excellent peeps.)

When we were registering at the counter, JA and I were third and fourth in line because we're fast (and furious :P) I couldn't hear what the lady at the counter was saying, so this Chinese man came up to me and rattled something off in Mandarin.
I was too embarrassed to say anything (by that time, the queue was 50 people long) so I followed his hand motions. HAHA. But I survived *wipes sweat from brow*

The lecture was boring but interesting in a weird way. We had two different instructors, one before lunch, one after. They just explained and talked about the laws of driving, penalty marks and etc. I noticed a lot of people (including me) keep falling asleep and waking up again. There's something about that room that makes one really sleepy, it's really cold and cozy. Once we left to have lunch, I suddenly felt wide awake in the sunlight. The food was okay, I had chicken, eggs and vegetables with rice :3 One of the instructors was pretty funny, I don't remember what he said but I do remember laughing a lot.

On a different note, I have finally mastered the art of makeup! :D (Almost)

*wipes tear from eye* It's beautiful!

HAHA. But really, I think I've finally figured out how to use makeup. If you know me, you'll know that I hoard a lot of makeup which I've been struggling with for almost 2 years to put on. Yesterday, I slapped on some Maybelline color tattoo in Audacious Asphalt and black eyeliner, and managed to get it right the first time :3 I think I've been using the wrong brushes before.

 I do have to say that mascara and eyeshadow is the hardest part though :( Everything else is a breeze, once I got the hang of it. I don't have any photos because the lighting was pretty bad (it was 12 am). If you're wondering why I experimented with makeup so late at night, I often get weird moods where I feel that I should absolutely do something that I suddenly feel like doing.

But YAYERZ, I can finally embrace my inner Thalia Grace style! Ohh, leather jackets, black eyeliner, and punk gothic style. I'm not focused solely on gothic looks, I like bohemian style too. So I'm pretty much a cross between Thalia and Piper McLean when it comes to that area :) I'm sorry for the constant references to characters of PJO and HOO if you're not familiar with them but just, you know, deal with it. *evil laugh* (Goodness, where are my manners? - I lost them a long time ago. *internal debate*) That's just how aspiring demigods are :)

Oh, I just remembered I did take a photo, but the lighting IS horrible. Also, I couldn't find my camera so the quality is meh. I'll try to recreate it and post it later.

See what I meant by horrible? HAHA. It was taken with the tablet. 
By the time I found my camera, I'd already removed the makeup.
I know my eye isn't very attractive with the inner corner wrinkles (lol) and eyebag, but #yolo :P
It's because I haven't been sleeping properly, only about 4 hours worth of rest the night before.
Actually intended to make the corner higher (winged eyeliner), but doing makeup without perfect vision is difficult, you know, seeing as I don't have contact lenses. But really it's better than it looks. 

Have you heard of grav3yardgirl on Youtube? Also known as Bunny :P She's so hilarious, I could die. That's my kind of person, weird and not very sane.
So sexxayyyyyy.

Random fact of the year: I've recently been getting weird urges to dance and sing "Per-sasssyyy" It's a PJO reference, we call Percy one sassy beast. HAHA. Can I get any weirder? O__o. Don't answer that. "Gosh Percy, you's so sassy"

I was on a book forum recently, and they were discussing The Infernal Devices series. I hate to say this but I don't like how Cassandra Clare's series always involve some kind of love triangle. That's pretty much my least favorite sort of romance.

And I'm not fond of her plots or writing either, although she does have some interesting ideas. When I read the Mortal Instruments, I thought "Interesting, but meh." It's just not my cup of tea. I've also discovered that she's a known plagiarist, she copied works of others into her own books. Ouch, that's not something a writer would want people to know. Also, both her series revolve around Shadowhunters, and have similar plots

I just read that she SUES people who even mentions her plagiarism and tries to make their lives miserable. Not sure if that's true, but sue me if you dare. 

 You can't sue people just because they make pondering statements. You ought to know I have the ability to ax you in your sleep because I'm following the path of Isis :P  *Magic rainbow sparkles* And if you're an aggressive fan, you do not want to get on my bad side, because my uncle Ares, is not a friendly man. (quite the opposite really)

 So there! I have nothing against these series or the author, but I do not like rude fans who defend their fandom in a very childish manner by calling people rude names and threatening to kill people. You don't see me running around, trying to force everyone to like PJO and HOO and calling them "estupido" and "idiota" when they say "Nahh, PJO ain't my bling." On the other hand, if you say "PJO sucks", mother Arachne will bless you with her children. But really if you're a fan of Cassandra Clare, don't take it personally that I'm not. I just have very selective taste in books, food, clothes and everything. Books depend on acquired taste when it comes to genres and plots.

Moving on, I like cartilage and multiple lobe piercings, but there's always been a debate within the Christian community about it being against the Bible.

I mean, ear piercings are pretty common, aren't they? Lotsa people have them. But I'm not sure if it's going against my religion or not :/  On one hand, Leviticus has 76 things banned, which you can read here. I do think that some of the rules are strange, like not trimming hair at the sides? Hmm. There is a passage in Leviticus 19:28 which says " You shall not make cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourself." Are piercings considered cuttings? But then again, a lot of people in the Bible had piercings. There's another verse in Corinthians which mentions "Your body is a temple of God" I've researched it a lot, and it seems like most people have different opinions about it. Oh well :(

I would love to work as a hairstylist or a makeup artist, if I completely fail at writing and as a book critic/editor :3 Or maybe in a field where I can study mythologies. I'm absolutely terrible at mechanical work though, which makes me certain that if I were to RP, I will not be a daughter of Hephaestus. HAHA.

This morning, I was starved (because some genius ate all the yummy food in the house) so after caroling, I went to M.D. grocery store to pick up some Rocky biscuits. They have a little section there selling phones, phone accessories, watches and earphones.

 I needed a new pair of earphones (been hogging my bro's pair till it died a tragic death) so I peered into the clear display and notice a pair of black earphones with red detailing (b-e-a-u-ti-ful) for only RM 19.50. And I bought it :) It's not exactly crisp clear like the Bass Bud earphones I've been using, but it's surprising good considering it's cheaper than most I've seen so far. This will be mi amor till I get around to buying one of higher quality :D It also fits well into my ear.

Verdict: For its price and quality, I think these are well worth it. Let's see how long they last :) I like this better than the earphones that comes with my phone, because those absolutely stink regarding the fact that it always falls out of my ears, are uncomfortable to wear and blocks up my ear canal. That's just my personal opinion though. This isn't very good for playing music, unless you use double equalizers like me.

Don't be fooled by how happy I sound, I'm actually frowning like a real Scrooge because I'm being tormented by mosquitoes -___- I'm so itchy, I just want to throw myself out of a window and wade through the depths of the River Styx. I sort of chickened out about painting my phone casing into a galaxy themed wonder, if I haven't mentioned it before. Once I man up and actually do it...I'll let you know. If I don't, forget I ever mentioned it :P

As always, no post can't do without a photo of a cat:
Grumpy was acting pretty weird yesterday. We're renovating the back of our house, so there's a lot of drilling and hammering going on. I tried to pet him and he jumped and skipped away (yup, cats skip cause that's their thing), I was surprised and I squeaked, making two other cats flee in fear.  *Shakes head* Cats.

Here are some photos of my hair in its current condition, and the hairstyles I've been trying out :) because that is what I do. HAHA.

The hairstyle I did during the 5-hour theory lecture at the driving institution.

The back :)

Where they meet

Front view.

I'm awful at braiding sideways starting from the left, which is why I usually have my braids starting from the right.

Ryan just signed up for the next lecture on Sunday, now I get to jeer at him for having to wake up early LOL. 

Hairstyle I wore today for caroling. 

It got a bit messy because I started fiddling with the braid in the car. 
Braids starting from the left always result in utter failure for me. HAHA. That's why I do the Katniss braid from the right, although the original starts from the left. 
I curled my hair halfway and got lazy, so I had to braid the rest to hide the fact half of my hair is straight, lol. 
I used a curling iron but I removed the clamp a few months ago, because the clamp is so complicated -__- 
I always look wonky when I attempt to curl with a curling iron with a clamp. I've removed all the clamps off all my curling irons :D Okay, Ian did it for me, because I was about to hammer it off instead of removing it properly. 

Believe it or not, this is how I look on a daily basis. HAHA. I have that expressionless look on my face most of the time, unless I'm really animated about something. My fringe is getting so long, but I don't want to cut it yet :'( Anyone else notice the weather being moody lately? My lips are really dry and I peeled it because I couldn't help myself :S (WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?) 

...Is it possible to be high on nonexistent drugs? 
I might be taking them subconsciously.

I noticed my stomach is getting larger (No, I'm not pregnant...yet) . Lack of exercise and chocolate indulgence tends to do that to you >.< Once I get a new bike, I'm going to cycle around other neighborhoods besides my own. There's a hoverer in mine, who kinda creeps me out :l 

Wow, I really can't think of anything else to mention. Will be watching some Youtube vids now :)

(See why I can't do the book smackdown? HAHA) 

Till next time :)


  1. Graveyardgirl! :D i watched her 'as seen on tv/does this things really work?!" videos.. Her sassy song is creepily addictive. HAHAHAHA oh oh and the way she drinks her green tea.. *slurpppps....sss...ah* but i feel like throwing a book at her sometimes :p

    the 76 banned things sounds pretty crappy to me way.. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EAT FAT? NOT ALLOWED TO EAT PIG?! Marrying your wife's sister while your wife still lives.. Didn't Jacob already did that because he got cheated? :OOOOO

    1. Ikr! She is so hilariously awesome :D I showed Ian the sassy song and he said "..You guys are weird." HAHA. She's insane <3 Ikr, almost every Chinese (except for me :P) eat pork and fats, LOL. DID HE? D: I didn't know.. still trying to figure out if cutting is piercing .___. Some things don't make sense in the Bible, HAHA.

  2. I totally agree with the love triangle bit in Cassandra Claire's works. The whole idea and setting and back ground is great, but the romance kind of ruins it all. Then again, maybe the book is classed as romance with action, rather than action with romance. :p
    Good luck on your driving test!
    I love the braid styles you've done!

  3. Exactly what I thought! I did so like the idea of Shadowhunters though :3 I'm still more of a PJO, HP & THG fan :) Don't think TMI is my being, HAHA. thank you! :)


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