Friday, January 17, 2014

"And For That Moment, Nothing Else Mattered."

-Rick Riordan.
Hey there! :)

      I've been caught up in school work, and other activities for the past week. Also kinda neglected to do my homework *guilty face* because I spent the past two days, in the SPBT Daerah room, decorating and helping with organizing books. We were supposed to be on duty the whole day last Wednesday, but it (other schools bringing in textbooks and taking some) was cancelled out of the blue -__- And guess what? We didn't bring all our textbooks, exercises books and a lot of things we were supposed to bring :(

     So teacher said we could stay in the room, and clean up/decorate. Vemlan and Kartik were forced to go back to class, because they cleverly remembered to bring their books :P D was helping Mee En with her third paragraph of the Speech essay we were supposed to write (I forgot about mine and had to scrawl out the last 3 paragraphs as quickly as I could, before asking Kartik to sent it to teacher for me - Yeap, not going to get good marks for that one) and she wrote an absolutely romantic, love speech that was really quite good but definitely not something you want to tell your class teacher when she's leaving the school XD We had a good laugh over how the teacher would react, if the speech was to be presented to her. If you're wondering what she wrote, she mentioned some funny stuff about the teacher's wide smile and beautiful eyes, I think. HAHA. (This is SO mean of me, D, please don't kill me! *hides under blankets*) I'm not mocking anyone, just so you know. I come up with cheesy nonsense things all the time, just not in essays :P (Because I don't want any teacher knowing I admire her eyes. LOL) With that being said, I have to add that I dislike writing speeches and letters in essay. The best sort of creative writing, because you can just barf up a ton of amazing things from your imagination :D Just like blogging, but with less craziness and more sensibility.

I made some quote signs and a "Take Your Shoes Off Before Entering This Room, Or You Will Have To Sweep The Floor and Mop It For The Rest Of The Year" (Well, that's the gist of it) sign :D =

This, is my favorite quote. One, it was written by my favorite author. And two, it's certainly inspiring :3 
The background is from 

This one I got from Google :) Thank you, wonderful person who took the time to make this and saved me the trouble of making one more myself <3

Seeing as this was for school, I thought something related to studying would be appropriate. I forgot to add who said it though *smacks forehead* Marilyn vos Savant is the mastermind who came up with it.

This was actually a snippet from a longer quote. I just couldn't fit the whole quote in :( 

Isn't this the most unprofessional sign for taking off shoes that you've ever seen? HAHA. I got carried away with lovely pictures from weheartit :'( 

I forgot to mention, my trusty black spectacles broke last week. I had to order a new prescription pair :( But hey, they managed to super glue the broken part together :D (Although it slipped off my nose a lot after that) Here's the funny thing. No one realized I changed my specs, except for those I told beforehand, because they look eerily similar D: 
Can you guess which is which?

Left: Swatch spectacles (New) Right: Cardin spectacles (Old)

There is barely any difference in the size and shape! Except for the silver lining (lol) in the temples, and half-white section in the inner part of the eye rims in the Swatch specs. Cardin has no hint of other color, besides black (which I prefer). But they look the same overall, so I guess it doesn't make much of a difference. Swatch doesn't slip down my nose constantly the way Cardin does, which is a good thing :)
I prefer zipper cases to snap cases, because I have a habit of not paying attention to what I'm doing, and more often than not, getting my fingers snapped when I absentmindedly close the case -__- #genius. The grey/black one is my new one. The other I've used for the past two years :) 

Attention seeking cats time!
Medium snuck into the house, and ate to its heart's content :3
They all have BLUE eyes <3

Furry bromance!

This reminds me of the Homer Simpson song about Spider Pigs, HAHA.

Tada! Meet the kittens: Light Latte, Medium Espresso, and Dark Cappuccino :) 
Disclaimer: Not permanent names :'(

Went to Banting/Jugra last Tuesday (holidayyy!) for the leader's retreat. We visited the Longan farm, Dragonfruit farm - They had two monkeys and a baboon in one cage, and 4-5 rabbits in the other. I freaked out a bit when I saw pink stains on the rabbits' faces, then I realized they were eating dragonfruits -__- *wipes sweat from brow* There were 3-4 tortoises in a..umm..tank-pool-whatever-its-called too. They were adorable. 

Also went to Tanjung Sepat (where I picked up some keychains/magnets) for snacks, mushroom farm, a fishball factory, and went to eat Beggar's Chicken at a restaurant that was pretty near to the campsite we went to a few years ago. There was a cat, 3 dogs (two reddish brown, one white) and a puppy (brown) too. I've never wanted a dog so badly in my life before :( I love dogs, but with all the cats I have, and my bros being sort of meh about it, I've never had my own dog. I would say I'm more of a cat lover though, because dogs tend to run away from me when I try to cuddle them. HAHA. The dogs were pretty friendly, they licked and pawed at me when I petted them. (I have some photos, but it's on the tablet -_-) I adore dogs that look like wolves when they put their ears up :3 I'm not crazy about poodles (cotton candy, anyone?), chihuahuas (so tiny, so yappy), and bulldogs (reminds me of my uncle Bulldog :P not a bad thing, but weirds). But I'll probably change my mind about that, haha.

This was taking at one of the farms. Forgive me for the weird bent knees posture. I was hopping on rocks, before my dad said "Look up and smile!", so I did and voila! Weird photo, chubby cheeks, lovely background :P Note to self : Stop hopping on stones and spinning around in circles when someone wants to take a photo of you. 

I'm not going to lie, this is pretty yum. You know the fried mushrooms they sell at the pasar malam? This is it, only with additional flavoring and crispiness :3

While everyone else was wandering the snacks section, I was glued to the souvenir side of the shop. I've always adored miniature food, so I couldn't resist these magnets :D 3 for RM 10. YUMMY NOMS.
I saw a couple of sushi ones too, but they looked half fake, half realistic so I decided not to get those.
Noodles, noodles and some sort of meat! :)

They look dee-li-ciii-ous :3

I picked up 6 keychains as well (3 for RM 10 deal, again) but they're not all for me. I plan to give away 5 to friends or people I know personally :D So if I know you, and you know me, just leave a comment or pick one in person. Datang dulu, dapat dulu ;) The red seashell is mine though :P Choose anything else.

I've been getting tired of my hair lately. I like it long, but it's so heavy in a ponytail and my neck hurts like crazy :( I don't understand why people want hair extensions to make their hair look thicker, lol. Honestly, I like medium long hair best. Not super long hair, because it looks like a sweeping of curtains on me, even when I have layers :'(   (genetics -_-) My hair is dry, I guess it's naturally that way although I try to combat the dryness by not washing my hair every day and all that moisturizing nonsense :(

Looks like highlights right? HAHA. OR WORSE. *dun dun dun*
My hair being lighter makes it look straw like in photos :'(

Actually tried dyeing my hair back to a color that was close to my natural dark brown, but didn't work. (that's what you get when you dye your hair with a henna based dye, it can NEVER come off, lol). 
I've been thinking about dyeing my hair jet black. (Say what?) I've never had black hair before, and I like how shiny and gothic looking it is :3 Which is crazy, because most people want lighter hair colors, HAHA. Especially if you're Asian. If the school forces me to dye my hair black,I wouldn't mind (so much) but my parents would. Also, black hair will contrast nicely with turquoise streaks in it! :D I've decided, this June, bleach the bottom part of my hair and dye it blue and green for the two weeks holiday, then chop it off right before school starts :3 Speaking of streaks, I forgot I never showed anyone a photo of what Hot Huez looks like when it's applied on my hair -__- *genius* Oh well, next post topic lah. 

I want Daheeyum's old hair length, it's lovely :D Medium long hairstyles *thumbs up*

Photos from the driving test day:

Photos from last Tuesday :)

Mum was there, but she wandered into the coffee shop and disappeared. It's a family talent :P

Anyway, if you want to order semi permanent dye, just let me know and I'll inform the person who is pre-ordering for people :D

This is the La Riche Directions dye list, she showed me. If you want Manic Panic, I linked a blogshop called So Chaotic in my Online Shops tab :) I don't like pink, but I have to say it looks gorgeous when paired with turquoise <3

Till next time!

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