Monday, January 6, 2014

In The Shadow Of Darkness

Hey there!

It's.. a little embarrassing to blog after my outburst here, last Friday. Just pretend that never happened, okay? Why am I mentioning this now -__- I was in a horrible mood. I can't lie though, I'm pretty pissed off at God right now (just like any other teenager my age). I asked Him for a new year, a new beginning and better days. What happened? Right after I prayed about it, life throws a ton of *not so good stuff* in my way as if He's telling me, "Hey, this is pretty much how the rest of your year life is going to be! GOOD LUCK!" -_____- Gee, thanks. I know what Christian friends would tell me, " God does things for a reason." I just wish I knew what that reason was. I call this time in my life, my fall from grace. Not a good place to be, but I'm dealing with it. I don't have doubts about my faith, but I do have doubts about God's plan for me and His intentions. Anyway, enough of ranting.

I'm currently writing out a name list and attendance list for Moral class. Seh Qi and I are the heads for our classes (If you don't know what I mean, we combine classes for Moral and PE). Does anyone else feel like school sucks the life out of you? HAHA. It's only Day 3 of back to school and I'm knackered the moment I come home :( Now I remember why I despise extra-curriculum and replacement classes -_-

Changes? I'm sitting with Iman in class now, because teacher changed some of our places. HAHA. Hopefully he's not as lazy as I am. The upside is, I pay more attention to the teacher teaching now, because there's no one to distract me :P (except for the people sitting across my place, know who you are). It's only the third day, and there's homework already -__- Tatabahasa and Add Maths exercises. Sigh.. I'm starting to miss procrastination.
Currently re-reading A Secret Love by Stephanie Laurens. I do enjoy reading her books, but I have a feeling that Julia Quinn will remain at the top of my historical romance author favorites. Thanks to her humorously entertaining characters and witty sense of writing style. Stephanie Laurens has a more straightforward, mysterious writing style, which I find entertaining but it lacks humor which is the trait I look for in books.

Things to look forward to this year:

  • Learning driving (I dread this as well)
  • The Blood Of Olympus. (More on that below) and Percy Jackson Greek Gods.
  • Book sales.
  • Learning new pieces on the piano.
  • Holidays! 
Things to dread:
  • Monthly tests, SPM trial and SPM. <- Anything school related. 

I just read a post on Percy Jackson Fans Unite! that 2 main characters will die. I think that's likely to be possible because in MoA, it was said that "True success requires sacrifice." And Rick isn't the sort to give us a disappointing ending. I mean, could you imagine how the Last Olympian would have been like if Kronos hadn't risen? I'm disappointed that Luke had to be the traitor though, poor Thalia :( It was hinted in the Demigod Files that they might have feelings for each other. (No wonder she became a Hunter Of Artemis) . The probability it will be Frank and Hazel, instead of Piper and Jason is higher by about 20%. The reasons are in the blog link above :) 

Have to post phone driving theory test to after Chinese New Year, have an..event to attend. I'm not even sure what it's about O_o. Leaders' outing next week, in Banting :D We're going to a bunch of weird places. HAHA. I'm not kidding, what's Lovers' Jetty anyway? 
I still can't believe I've been putting Mark Of Athena on hold since October 2013

Church has been..well, church-like. Went for morning service because Ps. Richard wanted to pray for the leaders & Youth praise and worship team. Let me tell you, the anointing oil is oily. (What did I expect, lol) I noticed after I went back to my seat, my fringe got really oily, and my face (hello pimples) was..distraught. My face and bangs are not fans of oil >.< Went for early lunch with Priscilla, and spend most of Rangers handing out uniforms,writing on the whiteboard and laughing at the 13 year olds (previously 12) whining and going "Nooooooo...." when Cmdr Nat announced that he'll be teaching them. HAHA. Poor kids. 

Here, is a short haul of things I picked up a while ago.

Canvas bag (yup, one more) - RM 5
I bought it because it wasn't pink :3

RM 19.90 
I regret buying this.. It's doesn't fit in my ear as well as the Dex earphones (Ryan busted one side of it, lol) because of the shape and it's BLUE. I have nothing against blue, but I always prefer red and black over black and dark blue :( Look at my phone, X-mini, and earphones for reference :P Turquoise is a different story though. Will be selling this off, to whoever wants it. My pet peeve is earphones that don't fit in my ears. (Probably my fault for having narrow ear canals)
Can't believe it took me this long to find out there are Beats and imitation Beats. HAHA. I bought this because I was desperate to listen to music and I didn't have any alternatives. (I use my speakers in the daytime, and earphones/headphones at night before sleeping) 

This was RM 20.. Real ones retail here for RM 400. *Ain't nobody got the money for that!* 

Sunsilk's new fragrance line, I don't remember the name, something Fruity? 
I bought Tropical Fizz because imo, it's the best smelling one of the lot. There's a citrus, strawberry, peach and apple scent as well :) 
Guess what? It's only RM 15 for 50 ml :3 
I hope this is a permanent line. 
I like this more than their other perfumes. Most of them tend to give me sneeze fits.
You can get this at Watsons, Tesco and wherever else that sells Silkygirl products.

Two spray bottles from Daiso :D 
I think this is the 100 ml one. 
RM 5 for one.
I'm glad I bought it because Tesco is selling one for RM 10 -__-' 

From Caring Pharmacy, RM 4-5? 
A simple atomizer for temporary use. Until I buy a more convenient one :)

Need a mascara that isn't so hard to hold. This is smaller than most, and retails at RM 13. It has pretty good reviews on blogs, so I'll chance it :)

Sunsilk Nourishing Soft & Smooth Leave-In Conditioner Spray.
Not sure of price, RM 15-16?
I heard this works pretty good. 
I like Sunsilk's leave in conditioners but I'm allergic to their shampoos/conditioners for some reason. Weird right? Since they basically use the same ingredients. 

Sunsilk Liquid Concealer - The Revlon one I have is too dark, and one retails for RM 39 *faints* so this is a cheaper alternative.

This is still my all time favorite pens. My handwriting looks better with this than any other :P Really.
Bought it from 99 speedmart.

2 small notebooks (I collect them) for scrawling random details.

New journal for school use :D 
From Popular, RM14 (due to discount)
I feel like buying more of this, it's so convenient .

Eye cream jars and spatula. RM 3.50 -4. 
I bought this because I'm a sucker for DIY projects and I'll probably need this in the future.

Speaking of DIY projects, I've been meaning to try this one for a long time: Dry Shampoo in Spray form (Wet/Dry Shampoo) :D
Found one by Wellness Mama and edited it a bit, so it would suit my needs :) 
What I used:

Dry shampoo. I loathe using this in powder form, it gives me tangles, white cast and has a weird scent -__-
So if you have this and hate it, don't throw it away! Just revamp it a little :)
There's a dry shampoo by Etude House, but it's too expensive :(

Spray bottle.

Essential oils, if you have some :) I got this from my Mum because we stopped using the air humidifier. 

Added with a spritz of perfume and Sunsilk spray :)

Plastic spoon and bowl, to mix everything.

Mixing process: This is simple, just use the amount of things you find necessary (not too much dry shampoo, you don't want to clog up the nozzle), only a few drops/spritzes of essential oil/perfume/spray and water. Then mix it up! 

Label it if you want to. I have to because I'm also making a sea salt spray later on. 
And there you go! :)

*Note: Recommended use, the night before, so by the time you wake up, it will be dry and fresh. You can use it at any given time though, since it dries fast *winks*

After a year of passing by Cool Station (it's like Chatime) and not buying anything, I finally gave in and bought Extra chocolate. My verdict? Not bad! Quite yum. Thanks to Mee En for dragging me there :P (non-too-literally) A bit milky though. Ah well. 

Till next time!


  1. Wow that looks simple and easy. The shampoo thing. Nice pictures too :)


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