Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's The Little Things That Matter.

Hey there! :)

My blog signature has been changed (perhaps temporarily). A few teachers have been asking our class if anyone of us has a blog, and I find it funny that no one is willing to admit to it. Ain't no teacher gonna see my blog! LOL. I wasn't all too thrilled about going to school this morning (Who is? Really?) because I was really tired and suffering from hand cramps for trying to complete my homework. 

But I went anyway #LikeAGoodGirl. Speaking of sleeping, why are people so hesitant to admit they sleep with their childhood soft toy/pillow? I have a pillow, rabbit and teddy bear which I've had for years, and I'm not ashamed to admit I like cuddling them :3 (Cats included.. Grumpy jumped into my bed a few nights ago, sigh. Cats are so warm and fluffy.) The most annoying thing about camps? No freaking bolsters. What am I supposed to hug? The air? HAHA. 

School was actually bearable today, quite fun. 
Except for the huge pile of homework the teachers threw at us for the CNY holidays. 

Remind me again, the point of holidays if you don't actually get to enjoy yourself? Now instead of eating bakkwa and lychee jellies and feeling good about life, I'm going to worry about the stack of homework waiting for me right around the corner.  Procrastination ,running circles in my head - Simple Plan. 
 ....Then don't do it. HAHA. Okay kids, don't listen to the crazy ranting girl who has spent the whole day snoozing on the couch after school. 

A lot of Chinese students weren't in school today. In my class, only 3 out of 8 Chinese students were present: Sin Yee, Mee En and me. Maths class was pretty peaceful (teacher wasn't around), meaning that most of us starting chatting with our friends and laughing before/after/not even doing the exercise the substitute teacher gave to us. Iman, Alif and Syahmim wanted to draw weed on their hand (don't ask) , and asked me to do it, but I'm awful at drawing things besides mythology based symbols so I said "Sorry, no can do."  They asked me if I smoke, drink or take drugs. I said "I hate the taste of alcohol, the smell of cigarettes and the idea of getting high on dangerous substances when oxygen is a safer alternative." They just gave me blank stares and said:

Not even 0.01 percent alcohol?" Me: "Nope." 

D and Mee En started signing "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" from the Frozen soundtrack, and it was so funny, I couldn't help laughing. It reminded me of High School Musical where everyone would randomly burst into a song and start singing their lungs out. 

Remember the video Nigahiga made about the Royal wedding (or something?) 

That moment kind of brought this scene to mind. 
Them: I can sing you a song.
Me: I don't wanna hear it.
But really, it was hilarious. 

(Too many Nigahiga gifs? Sorry, I'm on a video marathon now :P)

I've been losing weight since the school year started. I know it's strange because when I was 13-14, I eat a lot when I'm stressed (junk food mostly) and bloated up like a whale. That was also the same year I found out I had eczema and suffered from a huge breakout after taking medication for that which I was allergic to -__- NOT my best year, definitely. I still eat when I'm stressed, but I try to limit and watch what I eat (except for that whole can of pizza pringles I chomped down a while back #yolo) and I walk around a lot these days (which translate into shopping and chasing kittens) I'm surprised that a lot of people don't notice my skin condition unless I point it out (talked about it with Izzati and Azlina last Monday) because it seems quite obvious to me. But I'm glad it's not as noticeable as it used to be, because that has always been something which dulled my self-esteem. 

Do you notice that whenever you're scrolling through Tumblr or other websites like WeHeartIt, the photos of girls are usually of skinny girls (with thigh gaps <- why is that attractive?) wearing crop tops, shorts and sneakers. Society's idea of beautiful doesn't include curvy? All sizes are beautiful, I don't see why everyone has to be a size 0 (I don't even know what a size 0 is! Don't even know my own size, LOL) If you have a blob for a tummy like I do, high five! If you don't, well, no sweat. Another thing: Fashion. Youtubers and Tumblr girls might look good in crop tops and what not, but can't you change it up a little? I like clothesencounter, because she isn't afraid to try something different. What happened to leather jackets, skull t-shirts, camo pants/black jeans, combat boots and black leather bracelets? 

On a side note, I've been wanting to wear eyeliner for a while now, but I'm worried that people might think I'm, you know.. weird, strange, odd and just plain crazy. If you haven't got the gist of it, not a lot of people around here wear makeup in high school. Welcome to M'sia, where beauty doesn't matter. JUST KIDDING. HAHAHA. My fringe is KILLING me. I'm never felt so much like a pumpkin in all my life -__- That's vanity for you. But you wouldn't like looking like a pumpkin head either. 


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I remember girls doing this all the time on Facebook. Common sense, if you think that you look unattractive, don't post the freaking photo on a social network with millions of people on it! 
Don't lie about not feeling attractive, if you don't really feel that way :P It's annoying and obvious.
Or annoyingly obvious. Whatever works. 

I really like Sadie Kane (from Kane Chronicles) but sometimes I understand why Carter has the urge to throw things at her. HAHA. Overconfident people aren't very nice to be around :( 

Anyways, I'm going to be watching Youtube videos now, so till next time! :)


  1. Lol, Maine I sing that song coz its quite fun! Haha yeah I watched thay video about posting a photo and adding a stupid caption! you want build a snowman,
    It doesn't have to be a snowman! :P

    1. Haha , yeah its pretty addictive :P hahaha, no thanks to building snowman's :O

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