Monday, January 27, 2014

Well, This Is Awkward.

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The book rundown will be posted as soon as I finish writing out the draft (which might take a while..). It will be a long, gif-filled, slightly crazy post, so be warned :P


(Just throwing some Nigahiga in there, teehee)

We (Students of unnamed school) had a wonderful lecture today. The school split up the students by their skin color,

Without much regard for the bananas (Non-Mandarin speaking Chinese), mangosteens (Non-Tamil speaking Indians) and biracial (What if you're Chindian or a race besides Chinese-Indian-Malay? Do you go to the surau, language room or dataran gemilang? Malaysian logic -__-) I didn't have much choice (seeing as they don't have any alternative group for fruit people) but to follow Sin Yee to the language room. She's my Google/Bing language translator, so without her, I would probably be blur throughout the whole lecture, HAHA. We sat at the back of the room, in front of Seh Qi, Mei Keng, and Lee Hong. I re-read The Last Olympian,

took a few quick naps,

and doodled nonsense on a piece of paper.

Halfway, they played some really sad music out of the blue, and almost everyone started crying.
crying gif photo: Crying tumblr_lbjz7iGUak1qaqy3xo1_500.gif
I looked up from my book and I was like

Just Happened?

I asked Sin Yee, and she said the guy asked them to think about their family or sad moments, something like that. I said "Ohh. Okay." and went back to reading. Looked up again and observed some people crying. I tried really hard not to laugh because I felt so awkward sitting in a roomful of crying people. Seh Qi had tears running down her cheeks and she asked me why I wasn't crying. I responded with a "I have no idea what's going on!" And that wasn't the weirdest part. Towards the end of the lecture, they played happy music to dance to. DANCE TO.

Uh, how about no? HAHA. Only a few guys were dancing, some people were clapping and others were standing and looking around awkwardly (ehem, me)

I hope that never happens again. HAHA. Awkward moments? Not my thing.
I was in a bit of a bad mood today because I have only two more days to complete my Moral folio (Thanks Google/Scribd) and I'm not entirely sure what the content is supposed to be. I just followed references from students who have done it before. I don't think we're allowed to write on lined paper, but I did it anyway. I cut it out and pasted on a piece of A4 paper. But really, why is lined paper not allowed in the first place anyway? Some people have a condition where writing on blank pages makes their words fly all over the place. I tried putting lined paper under the A4 paper, but I write extremely slow with that method because I tend to pull the paper around (plus I write sideways) and loose track of what I'm writing.

I lost my essays from last year (I could have sworn I had them in a file!) so I have to write out new ones again #justmyluck. And there's the 4 charity work (kerja amal) reports and photos for evidence to do. Yay, happy times. Happy times. I asked Ryan if he has a folio from his Form 4/5 years, and he said he NEVER ACTUALLY DID ONE. WOW. The Moral Folio is worthless anyway, in my opinion. Don't they know what Matthew 6:1-4 says? Good works are SUPPOSED to be kept private, not to be boasted about. Oh well.

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts."
- Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Will be off to homework land now!

Till next time!


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