Friday, February 28, 2014

A Reason To Smile.

Hey there!

This post will thankfully sadly, have no photos in it.(My own at least) Don't count on an absence of gifs though :P I'm feeling so relieved now, I can't even describe it. You know that feeling when you've finished all the work you're supposed to do and it feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?
Yeah, that :P

It feels wonderful. Moral folio, took the appropriate photos for kerja amal (charity work?) and printed them at home..because I didn't have time to develop them (Friday was the deadline after all) then passed it up today and breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, the hardworking part of me (who surprisingly rarely appears) had the foresight to finish the written work (8 long essays, content page, front page and lampiran) two weeks ago. I couldn't do the reports earlier because I hadn't decided on what to do exactly. But thank God that's over. Folio(s) are a nightmare.

ICT had an immersive multimedia assignment, cutting and pasting photos of immersive multimedia in one field (I chose Entertainment) into a scrapbook (with source codes,description, and dates written there as well). You might think "So easy la! A seven year old could do it." (No offense to y'all 7 year old kids) But NOT at the last minute,amigo! I did it the night before handing it in, and spend the one hour of ICT class doodling with a Sharpie and highlighters into the scrapbook, so it wouldn't look so plain. I think I might have overdone it. HAHA. You should have seen the scrapbooks of people who were smart enough to do it earlier, photo on decorated paper, lovely covers (left mine plain :P) and lovely doodles everywhere. Lucky punks. Next assignment is interactive multimedia, hence an interactive slideshow. I haven't chosen a topic yet :( How does one go about finding a topic that's interesting (and it can't be a large stretch of history) anyway?

Theory. Driving. SIX HOURS. WHYYY. 

Joy ajak-ed me to join ISCF... I'm not sure why I agreed. HAHA. I haven't been to ISCF since Form 1, after which I swore never to go again. Not because it was bad or anything, but I was on the verge of contemplating anti-socialism at that time and I don't know...being around people I didn't know that well made me feel extremely prickly and uncomfortable in my own skin. I'm still an introvert. Still don't like being around people I barely know. But at least now I have a more impersonable "Come near me, and I will kill you with daggers from my eyes" look (who am I kidding, really?), and the fact that I've stopped flinching every time someone in a unfamiliar place mentions my name ought to be useful. I met the other representative from my school..I don't know his name, but I know he's a librarian, Form 4 and Chinese, lol. See what happens when you abhor Facebook? You don't know the new faces without asking anymore.

I don't know why people keep commenting on me being "emo" or "gothic". Not that I dislike it, in fact I aspire to be one :P *cough* Thalia *cough*
 People say I have that cold, impassive expression on my face (you have clearly never seen me in a crazy laughing fit before) and that I look like I never smile (which is true, most of the time. Why smile when you can frown? Contrary to popular belief, it's easier to look unhappy, rather than otherwise) I think the emo and gothic style is cool though.


From deviantart. (you can see the creator's name at the bottom of the signature)

I love the eyeliner, crazy hair color streaks (sometimes it's the whole head), black clothing, studded accessories, cartilage piercing and the whole appearance..with the exception of scene hair. It looks great on some people, but I've never liked the look on myself...or guys. I mean no offense to anyone, it's my personal preference, but I've always been more fond of shorter hair on guys (with the exception of some). Might as well be emo or a wannabe emo since I'm halfway there already :P Says the girl who hardly ever wears makeup and has a closet full of preppy clothes she doesn't like to wear.
FREE CLOTHES, ANYONE? Just kidding. But really.

Some people might be reading this post, and thinking it's materialistic, but I'm a teenaged girl. I'm entitled (or at least expected) to be a bit obsessed with style and all that tosh :P I assure you I don't think about it 24/7. What I think about when I'm at home, is horses, cats, eagles, mythologies and the history of England in the 19th century. Which makes no sense to anyone, doesn't have to? *Sheepish smile*

Stole Farhan's place today after recess. It's fun to try annoying someone who isn't easily annoyed. He just went "Hhmph!" And sat down in Miza's place, which is next to his. Don't know what happened next but then Miza, Syahmim and I don't know who else, started shuffling seats. HAHA. Oops, my bad. I did his English homework for him, because I didn't have the paper for myself and I was bored (also didn't want the teacher to figure out I didn't have my book, lol), so he ought to count himself lucky.

 Well, I'm browsing through forums and watching videos now, so bye! :D

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