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Effortless Weight Loss/Maintenance Tips and a Popular & Daiso Haul

Hey there! :)

So it's Chinese New Year. I went to my relatives' house yesterday. They were Skyping with my cousins and my Mum kept shoving the iPad camera in my direction, demanding that I say hello. If you don't know me, you should know that I'm extremely camera shy, if I see a camera/webcam pointing in my direction, I'll duck under a table, bury my face in a book amongst other embarrassing situations, just to avoid looking at a camera. (And a bad fringe cut doesn't make it any better. DARN YOU SCISSORS AND INCOMPETENT HANDS) I'd only take photos with people I'm comfortable with, because in any other situation...cue the awkward smile/pose and the train of thought that's saying KILL ME NOW.
Kill Self
Clearly, I have issues. HAHA.
Ergad, that was embarrassing -__-

On the bright side, I was re-reading the Son Of Neptune and I think I'm finally in the mood to read Riordan's books again :D It's not that I didn't like reading it or anything, you know when you'd read something a hundred times in a row, you'd feel like taking a short break? (In my case, almost half a year. *guilty face* In my defense, I was really obsessed with historical romances at that time [still am] Finished it in 2-3 hours :D (Would have been faster if I wasn't so distracted by all the food, lol) It might have been rude to read in the midst of a family gathering, but how is it any different from looking at your phone or watching tv? And I don't ignore anyone when they're talking to me either. (I never said I wasn't anti-social, because I am :P)

Gong xi fa cai, ang pau na lai is the only Chinese phrase which I know by heart :) (Besides the insulting ones, HAHA)

Went to Jusco after that. Ryan went to the gym, I went shopping. *Jiggly dance*

My family and I (or me? I'm still confused) went to AA's house the day before to visit our grandmother and aunt. They have a weighing machine there, so Ryan, Ian and moi took turns at weighing ourselves. I was surprised to see that I weigh 50 kg (110 pounds). When I was 13-14, I used to be 54 kg (119 pounds), then dropped to 52 kg for the next two years. Now at 17, I've dropped another 1 kg. I'm not one to maintain my weight, I freely confess that I only weigh myself maybe once a year (or not at all). Something most people forget to take into consideration is their height, lifestyle and other factors besides weight. Being healthy doesn't mean staying thin.

In fact, when I was 11, I was precisely 21 kg. (and tall, I looked really scrawny in photos) People kept asking me if I was starving myself, or not eating properly. At eleven, that obviously confused me because I was NOT a person who was obsessed with my weight. I ate junk food every now and then, cycled around the housing area for hours, ate a lot of healthy food which I liked (I.E. Roasted seaweed and vegetables) and didn't give a damn about my weight at all. I blame it on pre-pubescent hormones (if such a thing exists, HAHA)

How To Keep Fit Effortlessly (for lazybums like you and me)
So here's a list of Do's and Don't based on my personal experience with weight loss and maintenance :)
Disclaimer: This might not work for everyone, because nobody is exactly alike. But this might give you a gist of what's what and what might work for you :) Also, I'm not a health genius, I'm just a person speaking from personal experience.

  • Cut down on junk food - This has been said on almost every health website and magazine you can find. And it's certainly most effective. I'm not saying "stop eating it for the rest of your life." because it's hard to let go, but I do suggest eating a controlled, reasonable amount once a week at most. 
  • Find healthy alternatives - Forget carbonated drinks and that giant bag of Cheetos. Try drinking fruit juices/smoothies, iced chocolate (or in my case, Milo), tea or just water. And instead of Cheetos, (if you're not a fan of those healthy snack bars like I am) eat Jacob's biscuits or vegetable crackers :3 
  • Take a hike walk - Exercise IS good for you! You don't need to go all 

and torture yourself with 5 kilometres hikes everyday. That's OVERKILL. I suggest walking home from school (with a friend if you live in a dangerous area), taking morning/evening walks/jogs in the park or shopping (Yes, it really works. Google it), or walking to anywhere that's within walking distance. Don't waste petrol, save the earth.

  • Cycling - If walking is tiresome, or if you hate it when stray dogs chase you on the way home (that's happened to me before), cycle! Sure, the dogs will still chase you, but you can get away faster! :D Just be careful of the road bumps, I flew over a road bump, did a 180 degree turn and managed to stumble away from the wreck with a few scrapes and bruises (and a minor brain injury <- according to my brother) But really, I adore cycling and I would do it more often, if I had a bike that wasn't a monster with a mind of its own. 
  • Consider your height, weather, health issues and lifestyle - Weight isn't the only factor that matters. Sometimes when you find yourself gaining weight through all the delicious food your Mum is preparing for you, stop and wonder "Is she fattening me up for the slaughter?" LOL. Okay, I'm kidding. Most people gain weight when the weather's cold (including me) because your body needs a fatty blanket to warm its insides, so don't sweat about it. Also, if you have health issues that makes exercising difficult, take it easy. Don't overdo it. 
  • Trust your instincts. - On a reasonable level of course. If your body is screaming at you to grab that gigantic chocolate cake covered in strawberries and frosting and chomp it down, DON'T. Because that's simply madness and hunger talking. Eat until you're satisfied that it's adequate for your body's needs. 


  • Don't count your calories - Why not? 1. I highly doubt that calories are accurate. 2. I believe this can induce eating disorders because a person can get obsessed with the numbers and amount to stress. 3. Your body NEEDS those calories. Be it for energy, nutrients and yada, yada. 

  • Don't give up on everything all at once. - If you just quit on soda, junk food and everything, it's much easier to relapse into your old habits. Cut down a little bit at a time, and you should be fine :) 
  • Change your mindset - Stop thinking that exercise is too tiring, changing your eating habits is too much trouble and having a negative train of thought. Remind yourself that eating healthy and keeping fit leads to a longer and happier lifestyle.
  • Don't bother about society's image of a perfect body. - What matters is that you can go up a flight of stairs without panting and feeling like you're dying and that you feel comfortable in your own skin. If God had intended for us to be the same, he would have simply made all alike. Don't be fooled by what you see. 

On to the haul! :)

Popular bookstore: 
I don't mean to discriminate by saying Popular bookstore is by far, my favorite bookstore. Why? Member's discount, large variety of books (there's more in the Mutiara Damansara and KL area though) and comfortable atmosphere.

I adore Julia Quinn! And I prefer this to "The Lady Most Willing" because Marilla (Fiona's sister in TLMW) made me long to give her a hard slap in the face. HAHA. Talk about ditsy females -__-
Got this for RM 33 (plus some cents)

I couldn't resist the discount. Also I needed one after I spent 4 long minutes looking for my phone, then realizing it was in my pocket. Hence, making the point moot. >.<

I'm crazy about the Cleo magazine. I like it more than Seventeen (for no obvious reasons, lol).
The price went up from RM 5 to RM 6, but it's still affordable.

Total amounts to: Rm 48 (My mum paid for this, teehee. Thanks Mum!)

Hair dyeing kit :D For the next time I dye my hair :)

A pill case. I saw a tutorial for lip balm and what not, and I want to try it out! :3 Because I'm too cheap to spend RM 10 on colorless lip balm, lol.

A cream case, I have a bunch of DIY projects to work on, so this would come in handy :)

I stumbled across this one and fell in love. Because it's pretty and seemingly easy to use.

Maybe I'm too old for stick on butterfly tattoos, but seeing as I'm not allowed to EVER tattoo myself for real, this has to do. Also, I'm terrified of needles :S
Here's to never growing up!

Loose clear pockets for my piano sheets (which I prefer not to place into folders, haha) 

Total spent: RM 30.

I'm finally in the mood for crafting, reading and my other hobbies. Unfortunately, this sort of creative mood only comes when I have no time for it -__- Oh well. 

Till next time! <3

P.S. I just read a thread on why some people dislike Percy Jackson. Sure, Riordan's writing style may be slightly immature and he makes lame puns at times, but everyone has their own taste in books. Someone said that it's always about going on a quest. Umm, DUH. Being a demigod means going on quests, prophecies, and seeing as it revolves around Greek mythology, it would quite obviously have Greek gods and goddesses in it -__- Didn't you read the book? I'm also quite frankly tired of people comparing it to Harry Potter.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but that's no reason to change someone else's opinion of a certain thing. I don't mind that some people dislike his writing style, because some books which others find interesting, I can't read because the way the author wrote the story twisted my brain around and I didn't understand what I was reading half the time. Also, I think a lot of people forget that his target audience are KIDS. (and maybe a few immature teenagers/adults like me who appreciate lame puns) Rule 4 of reading: If you don't like it, don't read it. That's what sensible people do.

I'm sorry if this offends anyone in any way. I'm not blind to the fact that there will be some people who dislike things I like, I just hate it when they try to convince me why I shouldn't like it. Now THAT pisses me off. Us fangirls/guys be crazy, yeah :P


  1. Do you want the crayola crayons for your lipbalm? :OOO I can lend mine to you :D

    1. *Gasps* Yes please :O THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 <3

    2. I totally forgot to check for your reply. HAHAHAHA. Come this sunday! :D

    3. Lol! It's okay :P Okay, see you then! :D


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