Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Passenger or A Driver?

Hey there!

        Woke up really early this morning. If you don't consider 5.20 am early, bless you because you obviously have had to wake up earlier than that and you have the right to judge the rest of us lazy sloths. (No sarcasm intended whatsoever, obviously)..For the 6 hour (hmph lies!) theory lecture. But it didn't matter anyway, because JA overslept and we  (Ryan, JA, moi) went later than we were supposed to..about 7.00 am. I always thought that out of the three of us, I would be the one to oversleep :P

At any rate, we were there sort-of on time, because another student hadn't arrived yet either. *Wipes sweat from brow* One thing about Malaysia, impunctuality can be a good thing at times (rare as it may be). (Still wish I didn't have to wake up at 5.20 am though)

          We arrived at the driving school, I saw Alif (from my class) lining up for Undang and waved at him before lining up. The line didn't move at all for 15 minutes, so we stood at the same spot and chit chatted about nonsense. Took our thumbprint and got our cards scanned.. and had no idea where to go next. Took a random shot and entered the room without having a clue if it's the right one. Some people just followed us in, and Ryan said "Oh my gosh..what if we picked the wrong room?" HAHA. But it was, thankfully the right one. *wipes sweat from brow* The lecturer (not sure what else to call them) came in, distributed the forms with our IC cards attached, and started calling out our names to collect our forms. Naturally, "Charmaine" is never really "Charmaine" but something entirely different like "Carmane". I have a good mind to insist on people calling me Wern Lyn from now on. I heard Way Jie's name but I thought it couldn't possibly be him, so I forgot about it.

    A guy came in and started talking about wearing appropriate footwear when driving. He said "No high heels, no slippery shoes." and looked at our feet, stating that most girls wore flats,sneakers or sport shoes and guys generally wore sport shoes, sneakers or loafers (I think he said business shoes though, lol). Then he saw my boots and went "AHHH!" I froze and looked at JA, then whispered "Oh crap" because I thought he's going to say that it's a bad thing. He started rambling on about why people should wear boots when driving, and that it's the sort of shoes he'd like to wear when riding a motorcycle (I've always thought so too, but I don't have a motorcycle -__-). The whole time, I was staring desperately at my seat, dying to run away and hide. Ryan was LAUGHING at me like he found it funny. Then the guy said that everyone should go and buy boots to wear for driving. One Malay girl said "Tapi macam mana nak beli jika tak tahu mana nak cari?" and he just laughed. I sat down and thanked my lucky stars that he didn't ask me where to buy boots from. HAHA. Mr. Benson (from our agency) caught sight of my boots during break and said I should wear them when taking driving lessons (In Mandarin, but I had a translator, lol)

     One guy in an orange shirt got up and asked to go to the toilet. When he came back, I saw his face and apparently, it was Way Jie. Gobsmacked. The lecturer went on with the lecture. I remember the bits about car maintenance, tips when driving uphill and etc, as well as the dangers faced when driving. During lunch, I took a large piece of chicken, some vegetables and a very tiny portion of rice (no appetite) but ended up giving half of the chicken to Ryan anyway. Whoops. A tip when you go for a long driving lecture or class: Always bring snacks or you'll starve to death. The only other viable option is fainting dead away from hunger. The canteen doesn't offer much food after lunch, only some bread and buns. JA and WJ started speaking in Mandarin (I realize some people might find the phrase "chingchong" offensive, but it isn't any more offensive than people calling me an idiot for not speaking it :P Which is very offensive indeed, so I shall try to refrain from saying it) which made me so sleepy, I almost fell asleep on my plate. It's ridiculously hot outside, and blessedly cold inside the building. Watched a few motorcyclists going around and couldn't help wishing I could learn to ride on :( I'm awfully jealous of those who zoom about on motorcycles. I have nothing nice to say about those whose motorcycles make me go deaf for a good 5 minutes after they zoom by though -__-

     Went back to the room we were in, then we were asked to go outside and line up to be thumb-printed and have our cards scanned with our instructors (temporary ones, said Mr. Benson) After that, a long one hour break (WJ left after the thumbprint and card process) we spent at the canteen, drinking Milo and Coke, and resting. After that, we had to wait for our umm..lecturer (?) to arrive for 20 minutes. When the 62 years old (He said so) lecturer finally arrived, he started talking about the history of Kancils (from what I remember), showed us the inside of the car and explained what each part was, and told some stories about driving. I don't remember much, but I recall some middle-aged ladies tittering and giggling at what he said. The others watched and listened impassively. JA and Ryan were talking about relationships....
And I ignored them because I really wanted to know where to pour water into the car. HAHA. But really, although I like hearing about "She loves me, she loves me not" stories, some times aren't exactly suitable. Which reminds me of the two ladies, sitting behind us in the room earlier, yakking away in Hakka really loudly, seemingly not noticing that the lecturer was talking about important things. There is a time and place for everything, and I suggest you figure out when and where is the appropriate time to talk or to listen. A lot of people are in the habit of forgetting that.

   When the second half of the six hour theory lecture was over, I thought "Thank God that's over." We shouldn't have taken a one month hiatus..HAHA. But I'd forgotten how exhausting driving lessons could be. My instructor got lost, and Mr. Benson had to call him and ask him to return to the building to get me thumb-printed and have my card scanned..which was pretty funny. He teased me about not being able to speak Chinese, then he asked if I spoke Malay. I said "I don't speak Mandarin, Hokkien, Malay and English." then JA, Ryan and I burst out laughing. If you don't get why that's funny, nevermind :P

    After everyone was rounded up and tossed into the car, I heard one of the guys say in Mandarin about me and Ryan "They're the ones who don't speak Mandarin" and their conversation (which lasted for all of 2 minutes) went along the lines of "Only fools don't speak their mother tongue" and laughed about it. I may not understand Mandarin, but I do know how to say "I don't know how to speak Mandarin" in said language and I understand a few insults as well. The only reason why my English is better than it's supposed to be, is because I took the initiative to learn from a young age. There has never been any love lost between Mandarin and I. (Except for oranges). But you're a doddering old fool if you think that language is the most important thing of a person's character anyway. I don't mind all the "banana" comments or good natured teasing, but I do mind people disparaging and looking down on me for not being what I'm expected to be. I didn't say a word though, because I was too darn tired to bother about it aloud.

       The man driving the car, picked Alif up from outside the agency to drop him home on the way. Waved at him, said hi when he got into the car and promptly fell asleep with my eyes open. The driver dropped off 2 more people before dropping Ryan and I off. Said goodbye to JA and Alif, came home and cooked a lovely bowl of kuey teow soup (instant, of course).
        I have to go to church tomorrow. I don't feel like it because it's been a tiring past month, but I have to go anyway :( Unless I fall so deeply asleep, not even my dad's annoying old alarm clock tune from his old phone can wake me up.

      I wonder if it's better to be a passenger or a driver. When you're a passenger, you don't have to do anything; someone else does all the work. But then again, you have to rely on another person and wait for them when they're moving too slow :P If you're a driver, you have to do all the work on your own..but you have independence and there's no need to tap your foot for 10 minutes waiting for everyone else.

I'm exhausted now, and longing to have a rest. Till next time!

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