Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quick March Update & Future Plans

Hey there!

So I haven't updated my blog for about 2 weeks.. I've been neglecting it shamefully..

Just finished 9 tests on the supposedly most important subjects in school.
The Okays: 

  • English, (I was hoping for an essay though..HAHA.)
  • Chemistry, (Objective questions was mostly about Form 4 chapters, which I remembered..most of it)
  • ICT, (All about confused by a few questions though, sigh)
  • BM,  (Karangan and kesalahan imbuhan/ejaan (?) which was pretty straightforward)
  • Physics (surprisingly.. not as hard as expected, but not that easy either)

The "I Don't Think I Can Get An A/B/C For This": 

  • Add Maths (Spewed a bunch of tosh for the last two questions..the beginning was alright), 
  • Moral (My brain was mush that day) , 
  • Sejarah (Nearly had a heart palpitation at the structured questions, lol!),
  •  Mathematics (Did not study the first chapter thoroughly because I was focusing on the graph question..which resulted in disaster) 

You can probably tell that I absolutely loathe all forms of Mathematics and memorization in BM. I never had much hope for academic success.

Blog Updates!
    If you look at the pages bar, you can see I added a page titled "Tumblr". It's linked to my Tumblr blog and please, check it out if you can :D I'm getting into the spirit of tumblr-ing. Someone told me Pinterest is better; but I really can't bother about making sets and etc. I've never had the patience for that, haha. My weheartit page is a mess too, since I don't divide everything by sets. Even if I wanted to, it'll be too late now since I have well over 2-4 thousand hearts :S

      On a second note, I've decided to update my preloved blog (which is also, a mess and neglected) once I have time (holidays next week, yay!) to take some better quality photos with my camera (used my phone/tab for the ones so far, which turned out awful because of the low quality in resolution), bag and tag the clothes (which means storing into clothing bags with the name of item on it) and maybe find that purple dress I liked buried under the mountain of clothes.

I love, love, love Cassadee Pope's new album; Frame By Frame. It's a country/rock/pop based album and I think it's awesome. (Because I love country music, haha) I do miss the catchy beats from Hey Monday songs though. The drumming is amazing.

In The Future:
I plan to dip dye my hair pink and/or purple during the June holidays :3 I know I said I hate pink clothing/shoes/accessories/bags/things but I find pink hair gorgeous. Disclaimer: Images are taken from Tumblr, I do not own them.

It's just so vibrant and it fades to a peachy color which is pretty nice too :) I won't get blue hair until after I graduate from high school.

Once school reopens after the holidays, I'll just chop off the bleached portion of my hair.

It doesn't really matter if dip dyeing is overrated or out of trend, because I'm doing it because I want to experiment new things. Not because I want to be like the 'cool Tumblr chicks' or follow what other people do. I think people are too quick to judge at times, when ultimately the decisions you make, are your own. AA, my Mum and dozens of adults I know are probably going to be shocked out of their skins when I dye it pink, because it's 'unnatural' :P But life's an adventure, if you don't live it for yourself instead of doing everything others tell you to do, then it won't be much fun now, would it?

Well that's all for now!

Till next time!


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