Wednesday, March 5, 2014

She Played The Song Of Innocence.

Took a photo of some of my guitar picks for my ICT assignment :) 
I couldn't find a really nice one online (Actually I did, but I wasn't satisfied with it) 
If you're wondering how that's relevant to homework, my topic for Interactive Multimedia is Musical Instrument: Guitar :P Which is rather ironic because I haven't been playing musical instruments for months now. Everyone is thinking of picking up guitar playing skills, and I'm just forgetting about it.

I actually have 3-4 more picks..I just don't know where they are. HAHA. I tend to use them (or think about using them) and leave them in the pocket of my jeans or a bag somewhere for days. You can probably tell which pick I use the most from the photo above :P For the past 3-4 years that is. And yes, the multicolored one is actually a necklace. HAHA. 

I didn't want to choose a topic relevant to what we study in school because I'd be bored to tears doing it, people will be bored to tears watching it and it'd be damn difficult to find appropriate backgrounds and patooshies. I mean, can you imagine a slideshow about the wonders of mathematics? Probably not, unless you actually like it. (I don't) 

Some snippets:

The audio button is invisible during the slideshow. The song used is Treacherous by Taylor Swift (Swiftie, and not shy about it). It has a really nice intro, and I liked the strumming :)
And yes, there is two (unnecessary) gifs included there. I thought they were funny :P. Let's hope my teachers have a sense of humor.

Gifs I used.

Which do you like more? The first is the old one, but I thought it looked plain so I changed the hyperlink background :D Fyi, interactive slideshows are a lot more complicated than normal ones..You have to edit everything from the hyperlinks, to the music, timing, action buttons and etc. not to mention the presence of audio, video, graphic, text, animation (hence, gifs). But it's really fun to do once you get used to it! Especially if it's a topic you liked immensely. 

I know there are more than two types of guitars, but we can only do 10 slides maximum. Considering the fact that these are probably the most common, well known ones...I pick you (Pikachu!)

Photos accompanied with a short explanation. 
Wanted to do a brief history, parts of guitar too, but "Ain't nobody got time fo dat!"
I'm not even sure if they're supposed to be called accessories, but I couldn't think of another word for them.

The pictures are actually gifs. In case you're wondering, that ginger IS Ed Sheeran :3

The gifs actually synchronised with the song :D I don't know how that happened, but it's awesome indeed.

Once again, audio button is invisible when slides are being played. If you click "True", there'll be a cheering sound effect. If you click "False", there'll be a booing sound effect. I played around with the transitions too..although I'm not sure if I did it correctly.

Sungha Jung's cover of Let It Go (Frozen OST) :D I just minimized the button on the left.

Not my worst attempt, but certainly not my best. I'm just glad that it's done with. 

On a different note, don't you hate it when people rant on about loving God's creations, then turn around and venomously spit out "I wish all cats and dogs will die. Dirty creatures, getting their fur everywhere." LIKE WHAT? You think God only created plants and humans ah? Where the animals come from then? GENIUS betul la you. Don't be a hypocrite. If you speak that way, you leave the stench of disgust and filth all over the room, so please keep your farty words where they belong. Humans aren't the cleanest creatures on earth either, what of our tainted minds and souls?

The powerpoint has inspired me to start playing musical instruments again :D Starting with the piano, because my fingers are rusty. 

Till next time!

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