Monday, April 14, 2014

Flashback On All Those Memories.

Hey there, peeps! :)

Last Friday was a fun day. Physics teacher didn't come to school, so we had three free periods where we did nothing but sit around and talk to our friends or table hop.

It was one of those days when I felt really glad to go to school. HAHA. I haven't gotten high on oxygen in school for a long time. *Blissful sigh* No illegal substances for me, hehe. Oh, and I got this:
Best In English Form 4, last year award, yayyyy! To be honest, English, ICT and Chemistry are the only subjects I'm good at. Forget you, Mathematics and your older sibling, Additional Mathematics :'( The ceremony is on Saturday, at 7.45 a.m. So flipping early, I can't even... HAHA. At least Najihah, Syazwana, Azlina will be there too, I'd hate being alone.

A lot of people found out about the M&M cookies I had (and didn't share with them), got a barrage of "Maine, why you no share?" and "How could you?!" from non-cookie receivers. *Sheepish expression* Well, I'm SORRY. Found out Karthik is 6 feet 2 inches tall, what the heck D: D:  GUYS, why you no stop growing? (-___-') Syahmim and Farhan made fun of my hair again, asking me if I woke up at the crack of dawn to braid it to school.
What the...No. Seriously, I think people only know me as the crazy Chinese girl who always toncang (braid) her hair. Farhan said it's "Dandan" in some cases, Mee En or Daiyana said "So what if the pengawas ask you to dandan your rambut?" Then.."LOL DANDAN." Alif said "And-and your hair" in English and someone else said "No la, ROTI your hair." HAHAHA, this is the conversation you won't understand if you don't speak BM >.< Sorry, again.

Daiyana, Mee En and Man Shuen came up with the Ocean, River, Sea name calling, and I asked "Why not Coconut Tree?" So now we insult each other by saying "Hey, you coconut tree!" or "Hey, Ocean!" It's really funny and weird but that's why we like it.

Discussed relationships with my friends, and asked "Are you a height-cist? Racist? Weight-cist?" and et cetera. There is one person I know who's a height-cist *wink wink* HAHA, I'm blithering drunk right now, if you don't realize, hahahaha. But most of them said "No, it all depends on their personality." So don't you worry if you aren't the prettiest bird in the flock, someone will want to catch you and cage you...Umm, is that even a proverb (O_o)? Help me, somebody, help me please.

Don't think I'm racist for speaking this, but I've never been interested in a guy whose primary language is not English. HAHA, simple reason: Communication barrier. I hate it when I get dragged off to a group of Chinese people, and I don't have anything to say. And people who don't know me immediately assume I'm arrogant, lanci, angkuh, sombong. LOL. YES SERIOUS. Why you people judge me? :'( Bananas never have it easy. I get along with people who speak English or BM, because I can actually TALK to them.

Saturday was a bit of a blur, I went a little crazy over something and passed out, I think D: (How could this happen to me..)

Last Sunday, Joy and I made plans to look like pandacoons :D

If you can figure out what that means, you're a genius. But it's okay if you can't, mortals. HAHA. It means wearing eyeliner. But Joy's eyeliner was really subtle and natural, mine looked like I couldn't stop using the eyeliner pencil, LOL. Eyeliner, I love you! *lessthanthree* One of the trials and tribulations of having monolids, is that if you apply a smidgen of eyeliner, it's not noticeable at all (-__-') Might as well go halfway goth and have fun doing it. 

People commented on my eyes a lot, mostly hilarious stuff like "Did you get punched in the eyes?" or "Wow, got into a fight, is it?" I should be offended, but I'm not..This is too hilarious. Someone asked me "Eh, you wearing makeup ah?" I replied, not sarcastically at all, "No lah, it's natural." LOL. Commander KY asked me if I'm going goth, and my first thought was "HE KNOWS." XD It was fun, except the eyeliner kept smudging because I walked around a lot and sweated. Kinda wish I lined the bottom lashline, but I didn't want people to think I'm a demon child or something.*gasps* Santan. I didn't notice until later that one arch of my almost-winged eyeliner was higher than the other, thank God no one else noticed. HAHA. This is what happens when you put on makeup without clear vision, sigh. Eyeliner does make my eyes look bigger :D Provided I don't go full goth like I did in Ikea a couple of weeks ago. HAHA.

Someday, winged eyeliner. Someday.

New bag, yay! It's crazy big, has a lot of compartments, is in good condition and only cost me RM 16 (including postage) :D And yes, it's secondhand.

Megan came to church yesterday
 Yayyy, so happy to see her after almost a year of not seeing her! It's too bad Cheryl didn't come, or it'll be the whole gang together again.
After she came to church, we went to the foyer for a while to catch up and wait for the others to finish praise and worship. We talked about school, church, old times and everything in between. It's strange how it's awkward to say hi to old primary school friends but it's not awkward with her, Esther, etc. Joanne went for Mother's day practice.. So I went with Meg, Esther and Aijean to main service. There was a guest speaker, and he was pretty funny. He's a musician and he traveled to so many countries, he had a huge passport (wonder how he carries it around, 14-1 passports, seriously) And the balcony was really, really cold. Oh yeah, and Esther ditched us for the guys, how could you? My heart just broke into two. Keith walked by with Joshua, and he waggled his eyebrows. (-__-) I wanna know how to do that! Can't waggle my eyebrows to save my life, or make duck/kissy faces (simply because my mind finds that revolting, LOL) 

After service, we went for lunch. I asked Megan to teman me to the shops for a while to buy some sweets (which disappeared in one Went back to the restaurant and sat with Enrique (still have no idea how old he is), Esther, Aijean, Joanne, Sam Jeev, Jezreel and Megan. I read Esther's GMA essay, and she actually wrote about Expedition being boring etc. SO DARING. HAHA. But her Rangers story was interesting. I remember being disappointed in my essay, because it was frankly, the worst one I'd ever written in my life because of how panicked and disoriented I was.(So really, idk why you guys used my essays as a reference, HAHA) Enrique took Joanne's one and started saying " And my friend Charmaine, taught me that.." and went on and on, with such a serious expression I would have believed him if he hadn't overdone it. He had the guts to say "Serious, I'm not making this up!" LOL, sure you're not XD 

Almost everyone at my table ordered chicken rice, haha. Hey, it tasted fabulous :P (I really need to cut down on the smiley faces and laughter) but I got a stomachache afterwards because I didn't eat anything in the morning. Walked back to the foyer, and into the RR office to check out the blue "READY" shirts (they made for advancement camp) and I took one (My dad paid for me, hehe) without paying *Jeng jeng jeng* I don't remember who was the guy who said "Stealing t-shirts now lah!" Trying to convince my dad to make RR hoodies (Black, with the emblem, and Selangor 1) because everyone wants one :D My ulterior motive, is that I want more hoodies. *inserts evil laughter here*

I skipped Adventure Rangers today. Watched Expedition Rangers' parade and man, they are strict D: Come on guys, play nice. HAHA. Didn't see Don, Carol, and a lot of the Expedition commanders. Surprisingly saw Wei Loong and his new haircut, which suits him better than his medium length hair ever did. Went back to the foyer with Megan (because really, none of us had the materials to study) and found Joanne outside filling up her GMA forms. I think Esther joined us later to fill her forms too. Selangor 1# will probably have a bunch of GMA holders this year :D Samuel says I'm lucky I got it during Camporama, but hey, Pow Wow not so bad also lah. 

We chilled in the foyer, discussed everything under the sun, traded stories and had fun :D Samuel and the guys came by later and joined us..almost. Started reminiscing about past years, people we used to know. Sam said "Maine, Isaac wants to see you!" and I went "I don't wanna see him!" and Sam told Megan the same thing and she said "I know him meh?" I said "TSKua remember? Same tuition in Form 1 and 2." She still doesn't recall him. LOL. I miss TSKua (there's break time, whee!) , but I did have fun in my other tuition centers/ home tuition after that :') 

Darren came out after Rangers and said "What the? You guys were here all this time?" LOL, whoops, sorry deer. Convinced Megan to join Carousell, Esther and Joanne joined already :D (Come to the dark side, cause we have some fresh cookies!) And I saw a bareback dress on Carousell, asked Joanne if it's too revealing and she said it was :'( Okay. But seriously, most dresses these days are far too short for me, especially with my height.

I'd forgotten how fun it was to talk nonsense with Samuel and Darren *yay bromance*. Sometimes I miss Facebook, primarily for crapping with my friends, LOL. Sam said that his friends thought I was "hot". What the heck, I don't even have Facebook, how do you stalk me? D: GO AWAY, GO AWAY. HAHAHA. Stalker, to the maximum (O_O)

And because I promised Jihah I would try to practice taking selfies..

 Okay, I know my facial proportions are weird. LOL. 
So there you go, pandacoon eyes :D 

I'll practice taking selfies, but no duckfaces/kissy faces/fishy faces or those nonsensical faces which people apparently think it's attractive to do (-__-) Newsflash: It's not. HAHA. All my friends are professional selfie takers, and I'm just like "Okay, I'll try." *wipes sweat from brow*

Anyway, till next time! :D


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