Monday, April 21, 2014

Nasty Temper, She's Got.

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My Five Reasons To Rant: The Essay No One Would Ever Ask You To Write But You'd Do It Anyway
I've been in a horrible mood of late. I can't even explain why...I get irrational mood swings and my temper is like a fuse. One second, I'm happily joking around with my friends, and the next, I'm moody and easily angered. I bet the ladies would understand..haha. This would be a rant, so bewarned.

Firstly and foremostly, I can't stand it when people try to control me. Don't you understand that it makes me all the more rebellious and ready to lash out? You don't just tell me to "DO IT or else.." You don't force me to do things, with the threat of taking away computer privileges and house arrest. Why can't you just ask? I'd be so much more amicable if you understood it better. And I hate that you arranged plans for me on my busiest day of the week (right before the school week starts really? and with driving lessons to worry about too?) and expect me to just go along with it. You didn't even try to listen to my reasoning.

I told you I would be too tired after church and RR to learn Add Maths (for pity's sake! That requires a large amount of brain usage, okay?) but you didn't want to listen. Oh, so she's busy on Saturdays so she can't have tuition then? What about me? Why is my feelings disregarded, and why is hers considered? You think I live a happy, easygoing life, don't you? That I don't worry about life and take everything with a pinch of salt. Newsflash: I don't. The optimistic person has feelings too, you know? Just because I don't look at everything in a negative way like you do, it doesn't mean that I don't realize and recognize problems in life. Can you really fault me for wanting to make the best of things?

Secondly, why is it that he always gets to do what he wants, without questioning while everything I do is dissected and analyzed as thoroughly as possible? I'm not allowed to have a social life, is it? I'm not a robot, I can't just stay at home all the time (really, after telling me I should get involved in more activities..) and there's more to life than studying. What are brains worth if you don't have the skills or attitude to boost it? Sometimes I get so angry at you because you're being unfair and you don't even realize it. I'm an angsty, hateful teenager and you don't even bother to wonder why?

Thirdly, I hate guys who play with girls' hearts. Is it all a game to you? You confess your feelings for her, then you go around flirting with other girls right in front of her. You're hurting her and you don't even realize it. If I were in her shoes, I'll trash you so soundly, you'd be incapable of hurting her ever again. I don't care if you're popular or good looking, it isn't an excuse to go around hurting people. Do you really think she'd want to date you now, when she knows that you'll only hurt her more? With the way you're treating her now, I don't think you're good enough for her. She deserves someone better. Be warned that if you ever hurt my friends or me, I won't just sit there and let you do it. Really, don't be a bloated durian.

Fourthly, to girls who flirt with guys even when they have a boyfriend already.. I don't even know what to say. It's disrespectful to your relationship and to your boyfriend. Why have a boyfriend when you're not willing to give up the pleasures of the single life?

Lastly, there's a very definitely difference between being friendly and flirting. Just because I wanted to help someone with schoolwork, it doesn't mean I'm making a move on him. Trust me, if I was flirting, you'd know. (Or not) I'm not much of a flirt anyways. I look at most guys as a close friend or in a brotherly sort of way. And I certainly don't play with their feelings, I don't have the capacity or ability to do that. So before you assume I was stringing you along and had a boyfriend all the while and start treating me like I broke your heart, why don't you just ask? I'm perfectly capable of being honest about my feelings to you. I'm sorry I was too obtuse to see that you had feelings for me, but I'm not sorry that nothing ever happened between us. Honestly, it's the best mistake you've ever made in your life. We're not right for each other, and I bet you know that now. I just wish it hadn't almost ruined our friendship. I still can't believe you thought I was that sort of girl even after knowing me for so long.

To those of you who made it to the bottom of the rant, congratulations. You now know what a bitter person I am inside when I'm particularly upset. If you feel offended or what not, don't. I love you, but this is the only way I can tell you how I feel because you never listen to me. Feel free to ask any questions, I swear to complete and utter honesty.


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