Friday, April 4, 2014

No April's Fools?

Hey there!

I finally finished the cabling assignment for ICT. Thank God for awesome friends who helped me figure out how to use the crimping tool ;D Last Tuesday, Izzati came up to me and said she didn't understand me. I stared blankly at her and asked "Say what now?" When she told me I got an A+ for ICT, my expression was just:

 Then she said something about the teacher saying I studied at home, even though I missed a couple of classes (Chemistry teacher said the same thing, lol)
Which I don't. HAHA. Unless it's a really important exam.

Teachers are strange. If you don't attend all classes and still get good results, you're labelled a "good example" or whatnot, but if you don't attend all classes and get average results, they'd say you're not trying hard enough. I don't think exam results always reflects on the student's hardworking behavior or otherwise. Some students try so hard to get excellent results and they only achieve the average because they don't have as good a memory as the "excellent" students, some are really good at achieving great marks without trying at all just because they were born with good memory and brains.

 Not to say that average students are stupid, just better at different things. It's like comparing a scientist or doctor to an artist or a poet. Society likes to say that we're all created differently, and therefore unique in our own way; then turn around and judge us for not being as smart as the other person. What's the logic in that? I agree that sometimes, average students are average because they're lazy (points guilty finger at myself) and don't want to try hard enough, but that's not always the case. Do you know what it's like to try so hard to be good at something, and fail miserably to the point where you just give up because it hurts to feel like a failure despite your best efforts? It's easier to say I failed because I didn't try, then to say I tried and I failed.

I'm only good at subjects I really like, the others I'm just average or plain awful. Thursday was a pretty weird day, people kept passing me their essays books to correct their essays during Maths class, it's funny because although I always finish my essays, I keep handing them in late, so the teacher doesn't want to mark them (-___-') But I actually enjoy going to school, besides suffering in Add Maths class, that is. Can't take Literature for SPM, teacher says our school doesn't teach it so I can't take it
Which I personally find ridiculous because there's no folios or anything extra needed to take the paper, just taking the exam and other schools which don't offer it, still allows their students to take it; so my conclusion is that my school is too lazy to bother with arranging it or whatever -__- FINE. Even Jihah isn't allowed to take Biology, just because she didn't do the peka work, gosh like there isn't any teacher who can help her do it. Psssh, and they wonder why we're so disgruntled with the education system. Simply genius *claps hands sarcastically* And now, the Form 3 students are practically lab rats for the education ministry to try different learning approaches on.

Anyway, enough about education.. I hear about enough in school, so I have no idea why I'm blogging about it now. HAHA.

Bought more M&M cookies from Cold Storage :D They're delicious, but I got sick of it after eating 3 packs of it. HAHA. So I gave one to Joanne, and there's one more tucked away somewhere. (Ryan stole one in the early morning when I was sleeping. Sneaky)

Hydro-war on Sunday! :D I love water games..but I would love them more if I didn't wear specs. HAHA. I'm going to another ISCF meeting on Saturday, not sure why though because I don't contribute much to the discussion >.<

I was discussing personalities with some friends recently. When I mentioned the fact that most people think I'm quiet and anti-social, my friend laughed and said "Bull(I don't wanna curse)" But even I admit to the fact I look more arrogant and stuck up then shy. HAHA. It's easier to pretend to be confident then to feel terrified every time a stranger speaks to me. (It probably scares people away, hahaha) I do feel envious of people who can strike up conversation with others easily, because that's the sort of trait I don't have. The only time I can do that is when I'm high on oxygen and in my I-don't-care moods, which doesn't happen in public often HAHA.

Driving lessons starts this month, I'm still not sure when to plan my classes :( And I'm kinda worried, because driving a manual car is tougher than driving an auto one. And I've already forgotten everything the theory lecture taught, hahaha.

Going to IR night with friends, regretting it a little because I think I'll be extremely anti-social and quiet, and feel really, really awkward. And there will be dancing and socializing O_O. NO THANK YOU HAHAHA. That''s it, I'm going to get good and drunk before going, hahaha. (Too bad I hate the taste of liquor)

No one tried to prank me on April Fool's Day D: I think everyone forgot about it because we too busy discussing our exam results. HAHA. Or maybe we'd just outgrown it.

D told me that some girls commented on my hair in the washroom in Tamil, saying things like "She must have woken up at 3 am to do her hair." OMG LOL. I did wonder why they were chattering on so much when I was washing my hands. No one believes me when I say it only takes me 5-10 minutes to do the triple braided hairstyle, which I wear almost everyday because it keeps the hair off my face. I think the only thing I get complimented on by strangers is my hairstyles, HAHA. If only they knew how weird my hair looks in  a ponytail -__- They don't believe me when I say I braided it myself too, HAHA, hey Chinese girls can braid hair too lah. :P I don't really enjoy braided other people's hair, I'm constantly terrified of pulling too hard or not tying it tight enough. And I have no little sister to be my guinea pig :'(

I wore raccoon/panda eyeliner to Ikea last week when I went to spend the 1M vouchers at Popular (IPC) and got some curious stares from people.. I think I love Avril Lavigne's eyeliner looks :3 I don't care if it makes me look emo or strange, Nike told me to just do it ;) I kept forgetting about it though, and rubbed my eyes once >.< HAHA.

Free RM 50 gift voucher and a Popular card :D Can only get it when you spend 1M vouchers, all five of them at once.

New card and old student card.

All Historical Fiction books :) Mostly, Julia Quinn. HAHA.
Had to pick up some stationery because I was under budget. Completely forgot about my membership discount. HAHA. 

 The covers are gorgeous. Thought of picking up the Divergent Series or John Green book set, but as much as I liked them, I probably won't want to re-read them again :(

Hair is turning red again! :( I'm going to get in trouble if there's a hair check, haha

 till next time!



    I think you'd love it tho! :D

    1. Because people be crazy :'( I KNOW *sobs*


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