Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Days Of This Past Week

Hey there! :) 

(I'm running out of title ideas..So I'll just get straight to the point)

I'm not in a bad mood anymore. Yay. Those moods never lasts long anyway.. 

Terrific, Yet Still Terrible Thursday:
There was a random hair spotcheck today. I got pulled out for having dyed hair. HAHA. A prefect saw my nonchalant expression and asked "Eh, tak takut ke?" I said "Saya tak kisah lah, rambut je kan?" And she just stared in disbelief at me. Really, how does my hair color affect my studies anyway? Am I dumb now just because I'm a brunette? (The stereotypical joke about hair colors)

I don't think so. 

They (The school) insists on proper hairstyle/color, those who don't obey will get demerits. I overheard a teacher scolding a girl for having frizzy hair and telling her to manage it (O_o) Kenasai, bukan rambut kau kan? Pssshhh. It's so flipping ridiculous. Maybe not wearing makeup and being appropriately attired is understandable, but please leave the hair alone. I always braid it neatly and keep it out of my eyes, so how is it the school's problem that it's brown, not black? Lady, I was BORN with it (It ain't Maybelline) 

And I'm not allowed to have bangs? Are you kidding me? My bangs is the only thing stopping me from blinding people with my monstrous forehead, and you wanna take that away from me too? Wow, you'd be telling me that my glasses are a distraction to humanity next, LOL. I'm not trying to be offensive or defy the school rules, but going as far as to trying to control hair color and hairstyles, it's just too much. You're not my master, and I'm not your slave. Even my parents aren't pleased. I did try dyeing my hair a darker color, but it didn't last long..HAHA. Maine is not amused with these inane rules. So you're not just punishing students who skip classes, curse at teachers and get into brawls, you're picking on the normal students who just so happen to have bizarre hairstyles? Wow, thanks for the attention you think we so richly deserve. Focus on the real problems like discipline, why won't you? So yeah, go ahead, give me demerits, suspend me, whatever. I don't give a damn anymore, and especially not about something as insignificant as this.

Chemistry and ICT class was neither boring, nor exciting. Average lah. Went for SPBT duty during recess after ICT, walked with DD, Karthik and Vemlan. And Vemlan joked (at least I hope he was joking) "Karthik, you take that one (gestures at DD), I take this one (gestures at me)" DD and I went "Ewww, nooo. Wait, what about Mee En?" He said "She no need lah, got Kong already." HAHA, just because they walked to the canteen together (-__-) You guys really like to tease. In the SPBT (daerah, not school) room, DD got really drunk when Daniel came into the room and went "Daniel/Tang (people call him that apparently, LOL), we're going to rob a shop with some unicorns..." so I told him "Don't layan her, she's mabuk de." I have weird, brain damaged friends (O__O) We're going to have to kidnap a doctor and have him run checkups on us. Erm, or just go to the hospital/clinic like normal people do.

Fad and Faiz (?) said I always look like I'm falling asleep in Add Maths it really that obvious? :P Argued with Mee En and DD about who has to be the coconut tree, LOL. Not everyone can be the Ocean, River, Sea, Lake, okay. Oh wait, cukup lah D: 

Thinking about going for CF (Christian Fellowship) on Friday, Daniel ajak-ed me, but I don't wanna go alone :'( Going to drag DD and Mee En along. HAHA.

What-The-Heck Wednesday
Skipped a couple of classes for SPBT duty, there's really a lot of work to do :'( Our junior STM class(Fun fact: STM stands for Sains Teknologi Maklumat) was there too, the room was stuffy like whaaattt. We were using recycled strings to tie up the books, someone complained that teacher ought to buy new rolls of raffia string. HAHAHA. I teamed up with Barathi and Mohana to tie up books for Kwang Hua because DD, SY and Mee En were working on the lists and frankly, I prefer tying books up :P If you walk in the room, you'd see stack of books everyyywhheereee. It's a veritable book hell. Everyone kept calling Daniel "Tang" like "Hey Tang! Pass the scissors please." It's because the SPBT teacher calls all the Chinese students by their surname. Teo, Lim, Chong..etc. I was the only one calling him Daniel, LOL. And there's a guy there we all called Fishcake. Honestly don't even know his real name anymore. HAHA. SPBT is really fun at times, but it can be so exhausting. Vemlan went around disturbing everyone, honestly I felt like throwing my shoes at him again. DD called Mee En "Chong" and her expression was like "What the heck, Daiyana.." DD was pretty drunk, hugging me and singing "I miss youuuuuu.." Sometimes I think she's more insane than I am -__- Daniel went with the teacher to buy more raffia string, and came back with 3 rolls. It disappeared in 15 minutes D: and so they went to buy 10 more rolls. LOL. 

Silly Saturday
 I skipped the ISCF meeting last Saturday to help  teman Esther while she did her GMA project report. Spend more time talking random nonsense, than actually discussing the project, lol. Sorry Joy, Daniel, Keith and whoever expected me to be there HAHA. I wanted to go in halfway, but chickened out. I'm so socially awkward during Christian meetings etc, it hurts -__-  It only happens during Christian events/meeting or around church/Christian people. I really don't know why. I'm moderately social/friendly in school :D which is a relief. I thought I lost my wallet, but I didn't..Thank God. 

Expedition Rangers making a cool shirt, I'm going to snag one :3 It's beeaauuttiffuulll. Or maybe I'm just biased. Erm, back to the point. After an hour, I tagged along with Esther and Aijean to the worship practice and inadvertently joined the choir (if that's what it's called). The songs were nice *starry eyes* There's supposed to be practice today, but I don't think I can go for it. And practice on Saturday too. And I think I'm wearing a skirt on Sunday, LOL. I can't wear half of my shorts/jeans anymore, they don't fit me as well as they used to. 
I really have to get new clothes and get rid of my old ones, but I'm too lazy to organize it, sigh.
I'm getting a grey (or was it purple..) hoodie :D YAYY. Hoodie collection is increasing. 

So Sassy Sunday:
Was supposed to go for Easter service with Megan, but she woke up late so I hung around the foyer with Sher Rin, and discussed Pow Wow and dissected the prospective GMA receivers :D She still thinks I'm in Expedition Rangers. HAHA. I am kinda on a break from commander duties these days. Megan finally came, but we didn't go for service because there wasn't any places to sit anymore :'( Esther showed up with Alvyn, and I couldn't help thinking they looked like a couple, the way they walked together, LOL. No offense, Orange and Lychee. 

Samuel suddenly showed up with Nigel and Isaac (I forgot his last name..) and said they're going for lunch. So we (Esther, Meg and me) went for lunch too...In a different restaurant. HAHA. I ate toast and drank Chinese tea with Esther. Meg walked home to grab her bread/bun and came back. Squiggles *__^. The guys finished eating and joined us. Megan saw Samuel, and say "Hey, he's fat de.." with a shocked expression, I went "MEG, you don't go around calling people fat..or thin!" She pointed at Sam and said "Fat." Then at me "Fat." Then at Esther "Fat" When she pointed at Nigel and opened her mouth, everyone started laughing. Because he's quite thin, LOL. It might sound offensive, but it's not, just kidding around. 

Starting discussing Esther's tendency to tell people to shut up when they haven't said anything and imitated her. Esther glared at us and said "Guyyysss..." and we went "SHUT UP!" HAHAHA omg. I miss crapping with crazy people. But it was a fun day :3 Everyone else was busy with practice or church duties, and some of them went to City Harvest for the Easter service there. 

Went to Aeon with Megan to go shopping for inner pants to wear when I wear dresses. LOL TMI, anyone? Bought 3 packets of breadsticks, and they're all gone now :D FOOD YUM YUM. It was fun to hang out with her again after not being able to for so long. Which reminds me, I always have a problem when people ask me who's my closest friend.. I'm never sure which name I should reply -___- In school, I have about 3-4 close friends and a bunch of normal friends (I won't name anyone out of fear for hurting someone's feelings..HAHA) and in church, I'm really only close to 2-4 friends, and the others..Just really good friends. Why? Because I skipped church a lot last year, so I'm out of touch with most of my friends *sniffs and sobs* But I don't really care. I'm a person who's contented to be alone, and who enjoys being around other people :) I don't need companionship, but I do want it. 

I made a bet with someone to get abs (or fit, at the very least) in 3 months. IMPOSSIBLE, hahaha. He thinks I'm going to lose, but I'm too competitive for that to happen. Then again..I really love food :3 and I'm notoriously lazy. But psshh, he's lazier. *Inserts evil laughter*I'm going to start jogging on a regular basis (if this hardworking streak lasts) and exercising more frequently. It's a good thing I'm such a fussy eater, or I won't be able to resist all the food I see on the cooking channels. 

I heard Yee telling his friends I'm a banana, when they asked who I was, HAHA. It's apparently my title now, Maine the Banana. Planning to learn new songs on the piano, and refresh my memory with the songs I used to know :D Yaayyyy. Finally, inspiration. Sometimes I wish I'm better at reading music sheets, LOL. Curse my music notes dyslexia. 

Anyway, that's all the nonsense for now :)


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