Saturday, April 26, 2014

Untitled :)

Hey there! :)

Can't think of a title, so yeah. You get my point (O_O)

Hari Anugerah was held today :D I thought it was last week, and actually set my alarm clock. Then someone told me it's the next week, and I thought "Oh phew!" and forgot to turn off my alarm clock -__- So I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep. Then thought, why not go jogging/walking in the park since I'm up already anyway? :3 I love going there in the morning when it's cool. And I went jogging (more of walking really..I'm too lazy to jog) about 4-5 rounds around the park, and had some iced Milo afterwards before going home. I love iced Milo :3

Oh yeah, I sat with Yi Wen and her friend (I'm sorry, I'm awful at remembering names..So I'll call you Z), all three of us were getting an award for the same thing: Language. HAHA. Yi Wen was playing with NCF's phone, and I thought it was a girl's phone because of the "I Love Eiffel Tower/Paris" cover *facepalm* Chatted with Wana and we noticed that our class, the ones who got first to third place all didn't come to school today. It was pretty funny when teacher read out the names and no one turned up LOL. I told Yi Wen and Z that we should all go up together and take at the same time, because it's all languages anyway and they went "OMG yes!" But it didn't happen HAHA. Teachers :(

Waited for a long long time, before it was our turn to take the award -__- Oh, but the nasi lemak and chicken they gave in the canteen was so delicious, I almost died from scrumptiousness. I braided my hair in a really weird way today, because I was half asleep when I did it. Yi Wen thought I was nuts..She braided her hair too, quite pretty :P Saw the former Form 5 students there to take their SPM certificates/something.. Couldn't help feeling jealous that they didn't have to wear uniforms -_-'. Jihah, Azlina and Gan Zhi Yong weren't there..Thought I'd be forever alone, but thankfully I wasn't, yayyy.

Here's the certificate and blingbling.

My school is so blue. 

And some hair snapshots:

My highlights makes my hair racoon-like. 
I'm quite fond of the weird effect. HAHA. 
This is my hair in a regular french braid :) I did this during the water fight, I think. 
Not sure if I posted this before..

My hair today, the front part. It's kinda messy, that's what happens with layers :P

Notice the bald spot? LOL..whoops, my bad.

Sent this to DD, and she told me I look like a happy bunny..What the heck, Dapple :'( But I love you anyways. HAHA. 

I still have chubby cheeks and I still love pandacoon eyeliner. Nothing has changed :) Ermm..I'm gonna try out blue contact lenses soon. Teehee. Just to see how it'd look like. I do love having dark brown eyes though, I think it looks soulless and creepy. Like two bottomless pits of darkness. HAHA, JUST KIDDING. 

I'm going to wear a floral crown for IR night. I haven't use any of my floral crowns since last New Year or the year before that. Who cares if people thinks I'm nuts for wanting to be a woodland fairy? :P 


  1. I liked the layered braid (the one you called messy) and the triple braid!
    You're very clever with your fingers, I tend to screw everything up xD

    1. Aww, thank you so much! :D hahaha, it took me an age to learn.

  2. Your hair is so beautiful! (I LOVE the highlights!) You're such an amazing braider hahahah (^0^)

    Please visit my blog too!

    1. Thank you so much! :D SURE THING!


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