Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why You No Take Selfies?

Hey there! .. And yes, this post will be mostly about selfies :P
So one of my dearest, darlingest insane friends asked me today "Hey, kenapa you tak suka ambil selfies?" (Translation is the title, HAHA)
And I was speechless. Honestly, I don't think there's been a recent photo of my face anywhere (not even on this blog) for the past.. Year and a half :O OR MORE.
Even if I take photos of myself, you can't really see my face with my dratted hair all over it. Or I'll just completely avoid my face altogether HAHA.  (Almost selfies attached)
So since I won't be taking selfies anytime soon, I'll just describe the difference between how I used to look like and now :P
1. Only have pimples on my forehead these days :D (Hopefully you won't attempt to picture that) which is barely noticeable because my fringe covers it up.
2. No more white patches on my cheeks (finally!) I still can't get used to even skintone LOL
3. I wear jet black eyeliner (when I'm not too lazy to put it on.. Which means rarely, hardly ever do. Even though I really want to) to look gothic but fail miserably at it.
4. I wear different specs which looks exactly like my old ones LOL
5. My hair is uber long (in my opinion lah) now, compared to what my hair used to be like when I was 15. It's also reddish burgundy brown and stick straight now HAHA. Bye bye fluffy hair :')
6. (not selfie related) I lost 2-3 kg by using the abs circle workout pro machine thing and walking home from school once in a while. But I'm not underweight or overweight :) trying to get abs HAHA
7. Grew an extra 5 cm, so I'm 170 cm tall now.
8. I hardly ever smile or get drunk (at least not around strangers) these days. Just picture an arrogant expression :P
And that's it.
Why I avoid taking selfies? I think it's because I'm not narcissistic or confident enough (pick or choose, love) I get uncomfortable at the thought of showing my face, and besides I'm not pretty enough HAHA I can't fake a smile the way most people do, I just end up looking awkward and weird. 
Hey, but who knows? Maybe one day, a selfie of me with crazy gothic eyeliner and a evil smile will pop up somewhere.
I don't think any of my friends don't not take selfies. LOL I'm always the odd duck out, no Facebook, no selfies and no socializing.
Actually enjoyed school today, even Add Maths class :O Discussed degrees and calculators with Faiz and we confused each other HAHA. Sitting in front isn't so bad, only it encourages me to be rajin :'(
Starting programming aassignment this month, it looks crazy difficult :/ but also kinda excited to learn about it.
Discovered a lot of secrets this week.. Bloody hell, I can't really believe that so many things have been happening under my nose. I'm even more obtuse than I thought; or everyone else is really good at acting.
I'm falling behind on my reading schedule again :'( didn't touch a single ebook last week.. I still read in school though HAHA.
I think I mentioned before but I get frustrated when my friends won't believe me when I say I'm antisocial and quiet, LOL seriously, why would I lie about that? Maybe not around them, but people I'm not comfortable with, definitely.
Am I really the only one who has no idea what my personality is like? Lol, I'll rephrase that. I don't know if I'm confident or shy, hardworking or lazy, funny or serious or both. I think my personality is contradictory and conflicts HAHA.
The only thing I'm sure of is that I'm not a people person, and I'm awkward with old school friends and people I barely know. Oh, and that I have weird butt smacking friends HAHA.
I like going to school... friends are great, classes are bearable (usually), classmates are friendly and canteen food yummy. I just really hate waking up early and doing add maths homework :'(
Today was a good day :')
Anyways, till next time! :D


  1. Woah your hair IS straight now! :O so nice!

  2. I like how most of the paragraphs end with HAHA

    1. They do? :O Wow, I didn't notice HAHAHAHA

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