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30 Day Challenge: The Things You Might Have Known.

Hey there!

I was going through some old blog posts and found some challenges I didn't complete/start :) So I'm going to do one now. I found the 30 day letter challenge, which I did up to Day 8. Going to finish that when I haz the time :P Not in the mood to write a lot now unfortunately. (Edit: And look how long this post turned out to be..)

Exams have been.. not stressful, per say, but most definitely a headache. I'm worried about Add Maths, I'm pretty sure my whole paper will be left blank. HAHA. Oh well, bugger that subject anyway. I know, you're going to say, aren't you supposed to be studying? The thing is, I can't study too early, because I end up forgetting everything anyway. Which is why I study last minute a lot, lol. Besides, Tuesday is a holiday so I can study for Physics and Chemistry then :D I had the most marvelous nap after I finished my English paper. The few times I woke up, I saw most of my friends/classmates snoozing too, HAHA. Sejarah (History) paper 3 was an open book test, and I'd already gotten the complete answer essays, so I just copied it down. But 8 essays, really? My hand was cramped/numb afterwards :'(

Paper 1 of English, the first question asked to write an article about leading a healthy lifestyle for students. . I blabbered on and on and came up to 545 words (Yeah, I counted that one) The second question, so many interesting options to choose from. Most people chose the one which asked "If you had three wishes, what would they be?" But I spotted one stating write about an essay ending with  "And they never heard from him again" I was intrigued. So I chose that, and wrote about a guy who got hired by a couple to manage their finances, spotted a painting from the Victorian era, had it appraised and discovered it was worth millions, thought about stealing it (but he didn't) and unable to bear the "Should I steal it or should I not?" dilemma, he left after sending the couple a letter about what he discovered and almost did. And they never heard from him again :P (All in 7 paragraphs...) Isn't it confusing? I was going to make him steal the painting, but I already made him sound like a decent person, so.. (-_-) LOL, when Mee En (she chose the same question) asked me what I wrote, I said "It's a long..long story." She wrote about a family gathering, where her grandfather went to get something and got into an accident. It's funny how different people come up with such different stories/situations D:

I have the Pow Wow 2014 checklist, which I printed from the website :D If you want one, give me a holler on Whatsapp..which I couldn't stop myself from using -__- I'm sorry, I just like chatting with people too much. The silence was killing me. But I held out for almost 2 days, achievement! Just found out I need to send in a permission slip because I'm still under 18..and I'm a commander (on a break) I'm baffled. HAHA.

I bought two personalized name necklaces recently :) One in my Chinese name, another with just Maine. Chinese name one got delayed, so here's the one I received already.
I'm actually slightly disappointed with this. There was a misunderstanding about having a crystal placed at the dot of the i, and they quoted the price for a normal one -__- Sigh. Oh well. 
Sorry for the less than awesome photo quality, I used my phone camera :P

Came with a box.

And a cloth for cleaning it :) 
But overall, I quite like it, so yayy. 

I bought a french side comb from Diva for only RM 3 *starry eyes* 

If you know me, you'd know I've been in love with eagles since the Heroes Of Olympus came out.
Especially ones which look like this :3 
I'm looking for a necklace like this now. 
Anyway, I'm going to use this for keeping back half of my hair :D Like a faux side shave? 

This is GOLD. HAHA. 

I'm sort of missing the point now. This is supposed to be about the challenge, LOL.

30 Day Challenge: What Do You Want To Know?

1. The Difference Between Your Personal and Internet Life.
- I talk a lot to people (whom I like) IRL, and I'm moderately sociable (although I can be withdrawn at times) and friendly (perasan gila), also I get high on oxygen a lot and terrify people who don't know me (although sometimes I can be that serious, moody person you'd avoid). On the Internet, I avoid all social interactions (Facebook, Twitter, etc..yeah no thanks), never chat with anyone and stick to websites like Youtube, 9gag, Goodreads and Tumblr (and blog a lot) so that I won't have to talk to anyone. But I do whatsapp people :) People frustrate me with their stupidity sometimes.. and I can't deal with their blueberries.

2. Five Not So Basic Things About You.

a) I have a tendency towards madness and sudden mood swings. (Like one second, I'd be laughing and the next, scowling at everyone)
b) I can't read chords (at all..on the piano) and I can barely read piano sheets. But I still play the piano.
c) I can finish a 500 plus pages book in one day if I feel like it, and I'd ignore everyone when I do so because I'd be too absorbed in the story.
d) I read romance novels, mysteries, crime fiction and mythology based books, but I only watch comedies and crime shows on television.
e) I adore chocolate chip cookies, seaweed, bakwa and mint chocolate :3
f) I think I'm an introvert (sometimes..usually..almost) but I also like being around people (I like) and having social interactions. So I'm confused. I guess I'm stuck in the middle :)
g) I can't count very well, hence the fact there's more than five facts here. HAHA.

3. What Are Some Things You Have Trouble Doing?
a) Mathematics (in all forms), I have a problem with numbers.
b) Reading musical sheets/chords.
c) Sewing.
d) Putting on mascara and eyeshadow (-_-')
e) Meeting new people (or people I haven't seen in a long time)..cue the awkwardness.
f) Focusing on my studies.

4. Seven Signs That You're Into Somebody.
a) I'll have difficulty talking to him (but this also applies to other cases..sometimes it's because I can't stand you, LOL..or I feel awkward around you)
b) I'd be extremely careful about not getting too drunk or crazy in front of him. (Don't want to scare him away *dies from laughter* TOO LATE)
c) I might avoid him and talk to other people more. (Also applies to people I don't like..unfortunately)
d) I'd hardly mention him at all to other people (weird I know) because I'm afraid they'd dissect my feelings (-__-)
e) I get jealous when, you know. Dot dot dot...
f) I stalk him on Facebook. (Oh wait, I don't have Facebook)  Just kidding. I wonder about where he is and what he's up to? LOL. Okay, makes no sense.
g) I try to make him jealous. (Yeah, where's the logic in that?! HAHA, that's just what people do to see if there's any effect on the person in question.)

5. What's Currently On Your Mind.
- I'm wondering if I should eat cookies :3 And I'm pondering my opinion about jealousy and its origins. Also wondering about feminism, chivalry and the whole hoo-haa (and my own opinion on it) Wondering if I'm weird for saying "You bet your berry I will!" to my brother. Also, why didn't I finish the letter challenge? HAHA. OMG it's been a long long time.

And this:

I do this by taking everything in a positive light. HAHA. If I hear something insulting, "Okay, I'll take that as a compliment even if it wasn't meant to be one." And I appreciate constructive criticism, you learn from it.

How times have changed..I never had crushes and fancies till I was 12/13. I was far too focused on other things :3 The thought of dating at 10 was absurd. But then again, different generation now.

For those of you who ask me why I re-read books all the time and re-watch movies :P This is why.

It difficult to confess your feelings for someone. You don't know what happens next. But it's not easy for the person you confess your feelings to, either. Sometimes it completely blind-sides them, and all the questions come up "How would this affect our friendship if I reject him?", "What if what I say hurts him?" and etc. It's never easy, you know.

6. Who Are The Last Three People You've Had A Crush On and How Long They Lasted?
- Honestly, I didn't really have a crush on anyone last year (I was too much in love with fictional characters :3 .. Hello, Percy Jackson). Just randomly admired (yeah, you can admire people without falling for them) some guys but I never really thought about them when I didn't see them. Last year was the year I avoided all social interactions, only hanging out with people on the spur of the moment.

Crush No. 1, it was Voldermort (He had no nose..I found that attractive. Just kidding, it's a reference to someone I liked then) who was really more of an infatuation. You know when you look up to someone and you sort of wish you had their talents/personality then you somehow fool yourself into thinking you like him? Yeah that. It lasted for maybe, idk, years? IKR. HAHA.

Second crush was someone..I'll call him Air whom I liked because we teased each other a lot and we were good friends. Almost turned into something more but due to some misunderstandings and complications (well, pieces of paper happens, you know?), we ended up not talking for months and now we speak infrequently. (Curse crushes sometimes..they can ruin friendships) I call him the best thing that never happened to me :) And there's no more feelings there anymore. It's like everything that happened made me realize what a huge mistake he would have been, so I'm grateful for the fact that nothing ever happened. Feelings lasted for maybe 4 months, till I realized he was a jerk and a coconut tree. But the damnest thing is that I still miss our friendship, but I don't miss HIM.

Third crush and the latest? GUESS WHAT? I don't have one...yet. HAHAHAHA. I'm still looking for him. Or maybe I found him, like him and don't realize it yet. LOL. Sounds like I'm fishing for a crush (-_-) I amuse myself with my inaneness. Any volunteers? JUST KIDDING. Which reminds me, I asked dad when I could get a boyfriend. He said "When I die." Whaattttt..don't you want grandkids? LOL, okay, maybe not when I'm 17. But I'm kidding. I'm not looking for one. I wouldn't mind if he turned up though. *Laughs insanely*

7. Things That Make Me Happy
a) Happy music like "Smile" by Uncle Kracker, songs by Kris Allen/David Archuleta, instrumental versions of songs, Avril Lavigne (yes, she makes me happy), Love Somebody by Maroon 5, and you get the gist of it.
b) Reading books. Of course. Especially books by Uncle Rick (Riordan) and Julia Quinn.
c) Shopping :3 Be it alone, or with friends or family.
d) Playing musical instruments and crafting (Hobbies in general)
e) Cooking..then eating what I cooked.
f) Getting high on oxygen and drunk on Chinese tea.. because I don't do illegal substances.
g) Being around people I like.
h) Going crazy with my friends.
i) Organizing my stuff. Yeah, I like doing that.
j) Learning a new song to play on the piano.

8. Type Of Person I'm Attracted To 
(Me no has a significant other..sads)
- I'd like a guy with a sense of humor and who can be sarcastic but not in a rude, annoying way (E.g. guys who purposely insult people with hurtful words and say "I'm just being sarcastic!" Correction, you're being an ass) . I don't care about height/weight/looks/race but I do care about religion *pokerface* a bit. I like confidence, but not arrogance. A person who is self-assured, knows who he is and what he wants but who doesn't think too highly of himself. A guy who isn't concerned about outward appearance, and cares more about someone's personality.

 I'm not attracted to anytime you ask him to do something or go somewhere, he'd say "Don't want..lazy." (-__-) Nike told you to just do it! Get off the couch, you potato! A guy who isn't biased about people's taste in music (because I have weird taste in music..) and who isn't afraid to tease people. Also, other factors like loyalty, honesty, kindness..etc. Those matter :P This might be odd, but I like guys who are too shy to talk to girls they like. HAHA. My friend Cauliflower (You know your own name, sweetheart),  acts so normal around the girl he likes, you wouldn't believe he likes her, even if he told you so himself. When I found out, I said "Oh psshhhh. Don't lie to me." and he had to keep insisting it's true, LOL. I still don't really believe him. Meh.

One would ask, what about musical talents? Brains? Etc. To me, those things don't matter nearly as much as personality so I wouldn't comment on that. On another point, height? Taller than me? Shorter than me? My height? I don't really care. Maybe it'd be kinda weird if he was shorter than me, but I wouldn't care if he is :P Unlike some height-cists, cough *dapple* cough. Weight? Don't really care also. HAHA. I kinda like tough looking guys more than lanky ones. Just personal preference really. Looks? Hmm.. I don't know. I guess I would have to find him at least moderately attractive? But again, doesn't matter. Race? I'm (thankfully) not racist.. I've liked people of all races before LOL. Skin color and culture, I don't judge people by that. But if he tries me make me eat pork... *Grabs virtual shotgun* Oh, and also someone who is open minded to strange ideas and things I'd want to do, like piercing my cartilage :P I butt heads with my Mum a lot because she's more conservative and I'm more liberal -__- Don't want any arguments like that.

Conclusion: I'm attracted to guys who like me for who I am, and who won't try to change me (okay, maybe change my lazy attitude and social awkwardness, but that's it. HAHA).

Edit: Oh, also a guy who wouldn't mind being beaten up. LOL, I jokes.

9. Four Things You Wish You Could Say But Might Never
a) I feel awful for being such an ocean to you 2 years ago. If I could take it all back, I would. Sometimes I feel like apologizing just isn't enough.
b) I think I'm a failure in most things, but I've just simply stopped caring because it hurts to feel like one.
c) I love my friends. I really do, but sometimes I feel like I'd much rather be left alone. But I get annoyed when I'm left out of things..Me is bipolar. HAHA.
d) Sometimes I wonder if my happy personality is just a facade to hide the fact I'm broken and damaged inside. But a part of me says it's just me being bipolar.

10. What Are Some Things You Hate That People Do?
a) Cracking knuckles. It's like fingers running up my back (-_-)
b) Spitting everywhere.. This explains itself. Don't mind the spitting so much, but don't do it everywhere lah, eww.
c) Go through drastic measures just to avoid me. Hey, if you don't like talking to me because I'm a banana, then don't.
d) Laugh at me for not speaking Mandarin and making fun of the fact I don't use chopsticks. Why so judgmental? Then you say I'm being a showoff for getting good marks in English.
e) Poking me in the ribs/sides. I swear, if you do that again, I'll poke your eyes out with a fork.
f) Tickling me.. I hate being tickled.
g) Trying to convince me to learn Mandarin. Hey, didn't you think I've already TRIED?
h) Make kissy noises to get a friend's attention. The sound is just..
i) People talking too much, when they should be quiet. Newsflash: I actually want to study sometimes.
j) Being called a teacher's pet because I never get punished for doing things other people do (because I'm such a good and quiet student..LOL kidding). It's not a nice title to have.

11. Do You Dream Often? Describe One Of Your Dreams.
- Not very often these days. One of my most memorable dreams of late: I went to school, dressed up in my uniform and arrived extra early. Then I realized I forgot my backpack and all my textbooks. HAHA, my worst school related nightmare is that exactly. When I woke up, I had to double check to make sure I remembered everything. Kind of relieved it never happened. *Wipes sweat from brow*

12. How do you feel about making friends over the internet?
- I think that it's nice to connect with other people and hear about their lives, but one should also be wary of the monsters waiting to predate on people.

13. Three favorite words
a) Blimey
b) Blueberry
c) Ocean

14. What Gives You Every Day Inspiration?
- Looking at the world with an optimistic perspective, in the best light possible.

15. Do You Believe That Teenagers Can Fall In Love?
- I believe they do, but it's staying in love that's the hardest part. Also, it's easy to mistaken a close friendship or infatuation for true love, especially when you long for it so badly, you're willing to believe any semblance of feelings is love, although it may just be friendship or a little more than that.

16. How Has Your School Life Been Throughout The Years?
- As a student, I'm partially lazy, partially hardworking. I do homework, schoolwork and revision but I'm always dreaming in class. (If I'm not dreaming, I'm not doing homework..LOL)Primary school was more or less a blur. I remember getting involved in co-curricular activities, dancing performances and kicking (tormenting) guys who pick on other girls or on me. Going to the shops to buy hot cup noodles (tom yam!), hanging out with my best friend at that time and going through a rough patch when I was 11/12 because of personal difficulties at home.

Secondary school was scary at first. I chose to go to a school where I knew no one from primary school, but managed to find a group of friends pretty quickly. And got bullied by wannabe gangsters, but I fought back as usual. When I was 13, it was mostly about self-discovery and finding out who I really am. I was a really quiet and unconfident person back then because I didn't know who I was, or what I wanted in life. Changed to a different class the next year, where I met Jihah and when we became close friends :D (Despite the fact we both thought we would have nothing in common with each other). Slept a lot in class, and constantly complained about not being able to see the whiteboard. Usually sat in a group with Jihah, Shawn, Way Jie and Yee although the teachers weren't too happy about it.

And as usual, we got into trouble for fighting in class and wrecking havoc -__- Can't stay just friends with guys, usually end up in tussles and kicking wars. Was also pretty close to Careen and Yi Wen, although I spent more time with Jihah. Other girls in class were friendly, but more hardworking and focused on studying :( So unlike us, HAHAHA. When I was 16, the class streaming began. I entered a sub-science class, and met a ton of people who were awesome, friendly and as lazy as I am :D So now in class, no matter where I sit, I'd always have someone to talk to, yayyy. It's great to have a class where everyone can talk to anyone and get along really well. I don't talk so much to the Chinese guys though, and group of Indians students, mainly because of 1. Language barrier and 2. They sit really far away from me, so I hardly come across them, lol. 3. Also, they're like one big gang, I feel quite awkward approaching them, HAHA. I met Dapple, Mee En, Man Shuen and reconnected with old friends. Jihah and I are still in the same class, but we can't sit together anymore because teachers say we talk too much -__- *Sobs* But we still get to talk and disturb each other whenever possible.

So this is how my school life has been, and still is :)

17. Do You Have Any Pets?
- Yup, about 7 cats. HAHA. CAT LAYYDDEHH. But 3 of them are just visitors. So I really only have 4.

18. Describe Your Favorite Place In The World.
- Me no really haz one? Any place where I can listen to music and read to my heart's content :)
(Oh oh, or Avillion Port Dickson! :D)

19. Is it easy for you to trust others?
- Not really. I only trust a handful of people with my thoughts/secrets. I don't have trust issues, but I'm wary of who I tell things to, because some people just can't keep secrets..or they judge you for what you tell them about.

20. Do You Have Any Daily Routines? Describe Them.
My Sunday routine (because it's the easiest)

  • I actually list out the things I plan to do, wear and bring to church the night before/in the morning. (Too organized, maybe?) So that I won't forget anything.
  • I get ready for 9.15 am.
  • I go to church at 10.30 am (or later) and hang with my homies in service. Or wait for them to finish p&w in SS. 
  • Go for lunch and nom nom nom until 1.30 pm. 
  • Then I tag along with the others for Expedition Rangers or go for Adventure Rangers as a commander or just chill with some friends (or just one) in the foyer. 
  • I go home, eat plenty of food, play piano and get things ready for school then I snooze. 
It sounds so simple and uncomplicated when I put it that way D:

21. Movies That Make You Cry.
- Honestly I can't even remember the last movie I watched. But I remember crying during the Sea Of Monsters because they made it so different from the book series, the disappointment was too much to handle :P

22. Your Favorite Movies.
- Once again, I don't really watch movies. But I adore White Chicks, Rush Hour (series), Tangled and all those shows from forever ago *laughs weakly*

23. Six Things In Your Room That You Love.
a) My floral crown
b) Collection of dresses
c) Stack of piano sheets
d) Rick Riordan book series :3 
e) Makeup stash
f) Accessories stash

24. Post Your Tumblr crushes
- If I had any...which I don't, so blank this! :)

25. Things You do On A Rainy Day
- Cuddle into bed with a book, listen to music, snuggle a cat (not in bed) and sleep after burrowing under my blankets. 

26. Draw Something And Post A Picture.
This is a negative of a photo of a drawing I did a long time ago :P too lazy to do one now.

27. What features you get complimented on a lot?
- My hair, expression, legs, posture and smile. 

28. Something You Would Like To Change About Yourself.
- My proneness to having pimples (-_-) The bane of my existence. HAHA. 

29. What's One Thing You Would Like To Change About Your Life?
- Ruined friendships.. Those are my biggest regrets. 

30. A recent photo of myself.
Yeah, I'm cheating by reusing the photo from two posts ago :P 
Ain't gonna take a selfie now! 

I'm wearing a dress to church tomorrow..Assuming that I actually go (if I'm not too lazy, LOL) because it's the Mother's Day celebration tomorrow. And I lost all my jeans (-_-) The only ones I can find don't fit me anymore because I've lost weight. Also barely any t-shirts left to wear, haha, I'm making myself sound like a poor thing, because I am :P 

I'm really tired now, this post drained out a lot of my energy and I want to watch Youtube videos, so...

Till next time!

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  1. Seriously Maine? You rotten papaya!

    1. Serious! What did I doooo?? D: HONESTY.

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  3. Blimey! That is one big blueberry ocean you got there! (^9^) I imagine writing all of that to have been very tiring/time consuming, haha! :^ Don't think I would ever manage myself! Nice to read, tough! <3 I LOVE THAT EAGLE SIDE COMB! OMG! (~.~)

    1. I know right :P My hands hurts, hahaha. And yeah, it took a long time but I had fun :D Thank you so much for reading! <3 The eagle comb is GORGEOUS, serious rainbow drools here. HAHAHA. :)

  4. Cute necklace and adorable comb. Also, you typed so much- I'd have died half way o.o but it was pretty interesting <3

    1. Haha, thank you! :D yeah, I tend to ramble on a lot :p thanks for reading <3


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