Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Forgotten Challenge


Finally continued..

Hey there! :)

So I was going through my old blog posts from 2 years ago, looking for some photos. And I found the 30 day letter challenge which I've completely forgotten about. *Inserts sheepish expression* YES, I KNOW. It's been two blimey blueberry years. I'm just going to finish it up here. The whole challenge, mind you. One shot :)

Here's the days which I actually finished plus the intro:
30 Day Letter Challenge? Challenge Accepted
Day 1: My Best Friend
Day 2: My Crush
Day 3: My Parents
Day 4: My Siblings
Day 5: My Dreams
Day 6: A Stranger
Day 7: Ex Crush
Day 8: Favorite Internet Friend

And that's where I stopped. Omg, the guilt is killing me, HAHA.
Updates? My crush back then, is no longer my crush (Well obviously, it's been two years..) My post about my ex crush is now applicable to something which has happened recently (I can't believe it either) and the rest is more or less the same :) Just fyi, my best friend..I have more than one, LOL. So don't be offended that I didn't write about youuu. But I don't really use the term "best friends" more like fruity awesome friends..haha, cause I'm weird that way.

Day 9: Someone I Wish I Could Meet
This would most definitely be for...RICK RIORDAN. (Obviously, top favorite author..HAHA)

Dear Uncle Rick (since that's what the PJO & HOO fandoms call you),

Where do I even begin? I want to speak of my undying appreciation for the fact you created Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Kane Chronicles and The Heroes Of Olympus. You introduced so many amazing fictional characters to me, whom I look up to and aspire to be. The guys? Percy Jackson, Carter Kane, Frank Zhang, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Charles Beckendorf and so many more. The girls? Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, Zoe Nightshade, Sadie Kane, Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque and more. You portrayed a hero's true courage, the selfishness of the gods, and somehow managed to combine Greek/Roman/Egyptian mythologies all into one :3 You made old myths and stories funny, and merge them with the present time.. Making it fun to learn about.

You introduced Percy Jackson to me. With his humor, wit and sarcasm, he encouraged me to discover who I really am. Percy started off as a guy who was obtuse and sort of insecure. And you made him a hero and a leader, inspiring millions of people around the world to forge their own paths in life. You wrote of sacrifices, the price of revenge and taught me so many life lessons..Like how sometimes it's more important to rely on one's instincts and gut feelings instead of jumping headfirst into battle. I still haven't quite forgiven you for tossing Percy and Annabeth into Tartarus and making us (fans) wait one whole year to find out what happens (-_-)

You made the most arrogant characters *cough* Sadie Kane *cough* likeable even though half the time, I felt like tossing her into the sea of Chaos (Carter, I feel your pain) for her overly confident personality. And I never thought I would find an ugly dwarf lovable, much less cry when he lost his soul. Also, you made it possible for those who have been enemies for centuries, to work together to defeat the evil Mother Earth. And get along really well. Not to mention, the redemption of Luke Castellan. And wows, to the fact you make Hercules unlikeable.. this has apparently, never occurred before, since Hercules is one of the most famous heroes of all times. And thank you for making me cry a bucketload of tears over the deaths of Zoe, Silena, Charles and everyone you killed off. It made me feel positively human.

Most of all, thank you for all the characters you portrayed in all your books, the lessons you've taught me, and for creating not just one, but three awesome worlds/camps to learn about :) You were and still are, the only author who makes me tremble with excitement when I hear about the next book coming out.

You showed me the characters insecurities and fears, not just telling me about what they did and didn't do, but you described their personalities and the deeper side of them too. You showed their strengths and weakness, their fears and hopes. Which is why they were some of the most relatable characters to read about.

"Go on with what your heart tells you or you will lose it all." 

Yay for Riordan! :D Oh yeah, thanks for all the awesome quotes.
How many books has it been? 14? (excluding the graphic novels) But WE WANT MORE.
I'm so excited for the Blood Of Olympus to come out..Even though I haven't started on the House Of Hades yet. *Sheepish face* But yeah, keep writing and being awesome! :D

Day 10: Someone You Don't Talk To As Much As You'd Like To
Oh this one. Well, if you're reading this, you probably already know who you are :P I don't know why we have so much to chat about on Whatsapp, but we can't say a single word to each other in person. It's probably because I don't know you as well, or as long as I've known other people and I'm socially awkward so I'm usually too chicken to initiate a conversation with you. Also, you're not like other guys. Meaning to say I've never beaten you up before or threaten to poke your eyes out with a fork. Oh, wait..I have. Most guys I know, it's easy to talk to them because well, you tend to bond with people when you chase them around with broomsticks and shoes. Yeah, so we don't talk as much as I would want us to. HAHA. I really need to work on my socializing skills. But hey, if you talk to me, I promise I'll talk to you (I won't kill you with my death glares, I swear) although I'd be extremely weird and awkward (as always..) And oh, we hardly see each other around too, LOL. Whoops. I might look serious and sadistic, but don't worry..I'm harmless (most of the time) so please don't run away from me like so many people do, okay just kidding! (Sort of) And that's it :)

Day 11: A Deceased Person I Wish I Could Talk To
I can't really think of anyone.. Except for my grandfather (on my mother's side).

Hey Kong Kong,

It's been more than 10 years since you've passed on. I remember you speaking to me in Hokkien (yes, I can understands it..sort of, lol) and giving me little snacks/sweets to munch on whenever we (le family) visited. I remember how you taught Ryan and I how to make paper birds and planes (Ian was a baby then..) and watched old Chinese shows with us. I don't remember a lot because you died when I was really young.. But I remember the little things like eating dumplings and curry-puffs with you and listening to stories of your life as a young man and a child. You doted on us a lot, and it never felt awkward with you despite our language barrier. You were a great person, and I never forgot the values and stories you've taught/told us. I don't think you ever called me Maine or Charmaine, did you? It was always Wern Lyn. Or maybe that wasn't you..haha. I can't recall because it's been so many years.

Your ever so banana granddaughter.

Day 12: The Person I Hate Most/Has Caused Me A Lot Of Pain
Honestly, I don't really hate anyone..so I'll talk about someone who caused me a lot of pain.

Dear Pickles (I promised to stop cursing/saying dirty words, so here you are)

I know you've never liked me. We met when we were 14, and for you, it was hate at first sight. I never really understood what you disliked so much about me. Was it because I never paid you any attention and acted like you're insignificant to me? (because you were..) Or was it because you didn't like the fact I was close friends to the guys you liked, but who didn't like you as much as they liked me? (LOL, so arrogant, omg..slap me, somebody) You picked on me constantly, pointing out all my flaws (Yeah, I know I had white patches on my cheeks.. I'm not blind) and laughing at the way I walked..I never forgave you and the guys who mimicked me for that. It might sound silly but it really shocked and hurt my feelings. (Not so affected by it now, but still kinda annoyed) What did I ever do to you besides not attempting to make friends with you? Not everyone wants to be your friend, okay.

And last year, you spread rumors about me flirting around with guys and saying I was unfaithful to a guy who I have supposedly been dating for 2 years (What the apples,I can't have close guy friends meh?) by leading another guy on (Oh please, I'm not even capable of flirting) and generally tried to make my life miserable. And you succeeded for a while, until I decided not to give a damn (oops) about what people said/thought about me. I feel sorry for you, because you think that you have to make others unhappy to achieve your own happiness. Newsflash: Babe, trying to make others miserable only shows me what a sad life you have because you need to step on other people's heads to push yourself up the social ranks.

Yours truly,
The person you never liked.

Day 13: Someone I Wish Could Forgive Me
Dedicated to the friend I lost a long time ago. 

Hey, so it's been a while since I last spoke to you. How long has it been? 5 years? Honestly, letting our friendship fall to pieces was one of my biggest regrets. I want to apologize for that. The year everything fell apart, I was so lost and alone, I forgot to appreciate the friendship I had for so long. I took it for granted and now everything's changed. We were friends for such a long time, I never realized how much your friendship meant to me, till I lost it. Maybe it's my fault, because I was grieving so badly from what happened, that I pushed everyone away and retreated into my shell. Then we went to different schools, and hardly ever saw each other despite the fact that we live so close by to each other. I've moved on, made new friends and changed into a better person (or so I hope) but I never forgot about you, or the friendship we had. And I know you've moved on too. Which is great, but sometimes I wish we could be friends again. You were a huge part of my life, and now you're gone. I wish you could forgive me for the mistakes I've made, and the person I was back then. Hopefully, someday things would change. What happened to best friends forever? Forever turned out to be a load of nonsense.

The friend you'd forgotten by now.

Day 14: Someone I Drifted Away From
Dear L,

We were, and still are friends, but just not as close as we once were. Sure, we still go crazy and drunk on laughter when we see each other because our friendship never really faded away but it isn't the same anymore. I guess we've both moved on to different things and different friends; so things have changed. You're still one of my closest friends, but it's pretty obvious that things have changed. We barely have "Confession Sessions" anymore (even if we do, it's really brief..and this is a general term I use for sharing secrets and stories), you hang out with your other friends without thinking of inviting me (although you used to, haha, I guess you got tired of me saying maybe, maybe not) and I don't tell you everything anymore. So I guess we've drifted away from each other. I doubt you miss me very much or think of me often. But it's nice that we still get along really well when we DO see each other. You're one of the few people I can really show my insane side to and not run away, screaming in terror. I don't know you as well as I used to, and vice versa. I suppose it's partially my fault for avoiding all social interactions online and all, but at least things aren't awkward between us at all :) I'm grateful for that. Anyway, I appreciate you and our friendship even if it isn't as great as it once was.

Your ever distant friend, 

Day 15: The Person I Miss The Most
I don't miss many people, because I see most of them a lot..so well, this is for Charls then :)

Dear Charlene,

My cousin in Netherlands. I haven't seen you for about a year and a half, since I left Holland. I remember taking care of you when you were little, brushing your hair and attempting to braid it. You're the closest thing I have to a little sister :) Although I only see you about once a year or every two years because you live so far away. I miss spending time with you, playing the piano, convincing you that reading is indeed a fun endeavour, watching shows in Dutch and not understanding a single thing, walking in the park with you and dragging you around in a sleigh. You're coming to visit in July, and I don't know how I feel about it. Whenever you're in Malaysia, it feels like everyone is vying for your attention, so I just don't bother about you unless I'm the only one around. (Yeah because I'm not good at seeking attention, HAHA) Anyway, I miss you and I can't wait for you to come back.

Your sister from another mister,

Day 16: Someone That's Not In My State Or Country.
Refer to Day 15.

Day 17: Someone From Your Childhood.
Okay, I'm gonna dedicate this to Samuel. HAHA, only because I've known him the longest, compared to all my other friends. And I already mentioned my other childhood friend above.

Dear Sam,

Yeah, I know what you're thinking.. "Why the heck is she writing a letter to me?!" You said so yourself, we've known each other for a really long time. About 12-13 years, if I'm not mistaken. Urgh, the horrors of being childhood friends. HAHA. I remember you from Rangers, when I was 5. We were both in Straight Arrows, so small and adorable (perasan gila!) Your face hasn't changed much since then *dies laughing*..just kidding. I remember your mum being really awesome and nice to me too. During Cookarama, there was a bunch of yummy food laid out on the table, and I'm pretty sure you were one of the boys stealing the decorations to munch on, HAHA. I'm not even sure if you were in Rangers back then or not D: My memory..is damaged. And next, kindergarten. Somehow we ended up in the same one, LOL. Your mum used to give me sausages and little snacks on the way home (which was weird because the kindergarten is within walking distance of my house) and I remember a performance, an Indian dance where me, you and Sophie had to perform and wear green Indian clothing. Also recalled being taller than you (yeah, I'm showing off now) and I have the photos to prove it.

And during the "Sports Day" where we had to go into the tent and collect balls (sounds so wrong..) to throw into pails, I'm pretty sure it was you who accidentally trampled my foot (-_-). And cue primary school, where all of us ended up in the same place. Had to stand you for 6 days a week then, HAHA. Lucky we weren't ever in the same class. Because of school and then church. I remember seeing you in Sunday School, then in Rangers, then for 5 days a week. Too much, bro, too much! I started kicking you and the other guys when I was.. 10 or 11? Because that was when you, Nick, Soban, Isaac, and goodness knows who else, started picking on me and trying to make my life miserable (-_-) To be fair, you did ask for it. HAHA.

When we were 13, that was when the kicking stopped (because we were in different secondary schools then) and we started being civil to each other (we grew up and had more mature thinking..so I thought). You annoyed me and frustrated me a lot because of how immature and weird you were (yeah, I said that, sorrryyyyyyy. No offense bro) And I think there was one time when we argued a lot about nonsensical things. Now, at 17, you've finally grown up and stopped being childish (don't be insulted, it's a compliment). We finally get along without wanting to kick/throttle each other and we're friends who talk a lot of nonsense with each other infrequently. Which is great because I was getting tired of wanting to attack you with a broomstick, LOL.

The person who terrorized you for years,

Day 18: Someone I Wish I Could Be
I'm perfectly contented to be myself.. But okay, hmm..

Dear Joy/Dapple,

My crazy insane friends, who don't even know each other *pokerface*. I don't wish I could be you, but I do wish I could have certain attributes that you have. Namely, your ability to befriend almost anyone and to be well-liked by everyone. It frustrated me because people are afraid of me because of my serious (don't laugh), deathly expressions so not many people are brave enough to approach me. I guess it's because you (both) have friendly faces and people gravitate towards you, which makes me so jellyyyyy. I wants to look friendly, but my face is naturally terrifying (which is also a good thing, because it scares away idiots) I wish I could be more like you in that sense. It's challenging to make new friends when everyone is too afraid to talk to me. And it's annoying when people talk to you, but give me the "please don't kill me" expression when I look at them. Anyway, I'm glad you're the way you are, because that's probably how we became friends. (Your tendency to be friendly and look friendly) and I'm still freaking jealous of you.

Me is crazy, 

Day 19: Someone Who Pesters My Mind (Good or Bad)
Umm.. Who pesters my mind the most? (O_o) I have no idea. Hmm.. Recently then.

Dear Random-Person-Who-Pesters-My-Train-Of-Thought,

I was thinking about something someone said about you, yesterday in school, during the Moral exam. It wasn't anything bad, but it certainly complicated the way I thought of you. And also kinda distracted me from my Moral paper (-__-) Yeah thanks, HAHA. Okay, now I'm pissed off at you for messing with my brain during an exam. I guess there's always a hidden side to a person, that you'd never really figure out. And then I thought of Frank Zhang (HOO) and how alike you are to him. It always surprises me when I find out that other people have insecurities and difficulties in their personal life. Not because I don't expect them to have any, but because I never stop to think about how it affects them. Okay, never is a strong word. I just mean that I hardly ever get involved in other people's problems, unless they're really close to me and when I have a say in that matter.

And then I thought about you again. And wondered if my perception of you is muddled up, and if I really know you at all. And I couldn't focus on my paper, HAHA. And yeah, so my brain was messed up from wondering if I often have wrong perceptions of people and if I ought to have my brain scanned from being so distracted during an important test. I talked to my friends later and it seems like everyone was thinking about something else during the exam, so it must have been something in the air that day :P

The ever so distracted person,

Day 20: The One Who Broke Your Heart The Hardest
Dedicated to Air...

You know what you did last summer (LOL, reference this, anyone?). I'm just kidding. To be honest, I never cared enough about you to have my heart broken. Yeah, that sounds evil but it's true. I think I convinced myself into believing that I actually had any feelings for you because we were close friends and I thought that I could care. But you destroyed any chance of anything happening by what you said and did. It really hurt to hear you dissing me for mispronouncing some words because I was nervous during that presentation (We were friends once, did you remember that?). But mostly I wanted to stab you with a fork. HAHA, yes I'm sadistic. You caught a lucky break, the day you decided to be a coconut tree, and escaped the wrath of hell's fury. Can you imagine what would have happened if we actually had dated and broken up? I would have attacked you and set your hair on fire (If you had done something wrong, which you probably would have). You hurt me for the longest time, upset me, made me cry and made my life miserable. And I still missed our friendship then. But I don't give a flying berry anymore because you're just not worth it :)

Somebody that you used to know,

Update (23/12/15): Reading this again after more than a year, I see things differently. When I wrote this, I was in denial about my feelings because of how much it hurt to remember everything that happened between us. Looking back, I finally noticed all the signs that I missed and I know now, that I wasn't completely innocent in this either. I made a shit ton of mistakes too. I'm sorry, I wish things were different then.

Day 21: Someone I Judged By Their First Impression
First impression of who? Of me? Ummm...

I can't think of anyone. I know most people's first impression of me is:

  1. Serious.
  2. Sadistic
  3. Confident/Arrogant
  4. Quiet
But I've never judged them for what they thought of me. Because it's mostly true, LOL.

If the question means someone I judged based on my first impression of them, I can't think of anyone (O_o) either. Oh wait..

Dear S, 

The first time I met you, I thought you were an outspoken, confident and *hamsap* guy who liked to pick on girls. I was right. 

The end. 


(Hope you have fun in whatever state you are in now!)

Day 22: Someone I Want To Give A Second Chance To

Again, I can't think of anyone who has wronged me and whom I want to give a second chance to.
So can I skip this or blabber nonsense? D:

Dear Second Chancer,

I want to give you a second chance to right whatever wrong you have done to me. Although I don't know who you are..

The weird one,

Day 23: The Last Person I Kissed
Have not, kissed anyone, for years. If ever. HAHA. I can't even recall past occurrences now. Even if I did, it probably didn't matter so much to me because I can't even remember it now. If I could kiss anyone now, I would kiss myself. *crazy laughter* I'm joking, please don't take me seriously or think I'm insane.

Day 24: The Last Person That Gave Me My Favorite Memory
Too many memories to choose from, but okay..latest one.

Dear Blank-Blanket,

Thanks for the free meal, use of your phone to play games and keeping me entertained while I waited for someone to fetch me home from you-know-where (no stalkers please), HAHA. And for keeping me company while I was bored and alone, even though you wanted to go back home early because you were sick. Didn't expect to come across you that day, but I'm glad I did because we hardly ever get to hang out together (we never did before that) and I'm surprised that we got along pretty well despite the fact we hated each other's guts two years ago *coughs* (Not my fault) *coughs*. How times have changed. Oh and thanks for the free iced chocolate from Starbucks, LOL, I wasn't serious when I said I wanted to grab a drink from Starbucks and that I was broke (okay, this is true..splurged my money and wallet was thin). It was nice, even if I felt guilty for making you belanja me, HAHA. I haven't seen you as often since last year too. I'm glad we got to hang out, even if we aren't really that close, LOL.

Sort of friends? 

Day 25: A Person I Know That Is Going Through The Worst Of Times
I don't know anyone who is.. seems like the only problem now is exam stress. HAHA.

To anyone going through a tough time,

I send you virtual cookies and a hug, also a note that says "Don't be bothered by bloated durians and pieces of papers" :D

Yours truly,

Day 26: The Last Person I Made A Pinky Promise To
That would be Dapple.

Dear Dapple,

I'm sorry I couldn't hold out on our deal and stick to the Whatsapp fast although I was the one who initiated it. HAHA, I'm so sorry D: I just miss talking nonsense with you too much.

-Maine, the Mumbler.

Day 27: The Friendliest Person You Knew For Only One Day

To the girl who kept me company during the cross-country running discussion, you were one of the friendliest person I know and I didn't even get your name (O_O) Because we were so absorbed in talking about past experience with running and sports and everything that we didn't even think to introduce ourselves. HAHA. But yeah, thanks for talking to me and being all friendly although you really didn't have to :D

Day 28: Someone That Changed Your Life
I can't dedicate this to just one person, so yeahhh.

To anyone who has ever affected my life in a positive way, and made me a better person, you're a fantastic human being and you deserve a jarful of cookies, and to top it off, a pizza too :D But you have to imagine getting it, because I'm broke and there's too many of you. *laughs insanely* Thank you for everything you've done (or not done) and for helping shape me into the person I am today. You rock, like seriously.

Day 29: A Person That You Want To Tell Everything To, But You're Too Afraid To
This person, does not exist. HAHA. I'm far too straightforward with people I'm really close to, I can even tell them I'm jealous or angry with them (which is probably how some situations gets so awkward) I think about 3-4 people knows almost everything about me (yeah, I'm that trusting..Hope I don't come to regret it D:) and understands me, and who I am.

Day 30: My Reflection In The Mirror

Hey you.

Yeah, you with the pinned up bangs, pimples on your face and serious expression. Who cares if you're brain damaged or if you have serious issues with staying focused? (Well, you and I do) So people might think that you're too serious (I can literally hear my friends laughing at this, in my head) and arrogant, but the truth is, you are. But that's not all you are. I guess you have a multiple personality disorder, where you can't decide who you're supposed to be. But that's okay, you'll be fine. (I feel weird talking to myself now, so I'm just gonna stop)

- The real image.

And yes, this challenge is FINISHED.

I just recalled a conversation with someone (A.R.), and I started to remember exactly why I stopped going to church last year. It was because I already started feeling left out back then because I didn't have anything to do. And he told me that he was going through the same thing then and I was like "Dude, we're like living parallel lives." HAHA, means that things happen to us simultaneously. It's probably my fault for not going (but really, go there and do nothing? -_- no thanks) but I'm trying to make an effort to be more involved now although it isn't easy. Try fitting in again with a group of people you haven't been around in a long time. And not understanding the latest inside jokes and all. I'm starting to realize what "True success requires sacrifice" means. And it's also quite obvious that everyone sort of treats me differently since I've been back (Prodigal son..), and I'm not sure what to do or how to act. It's sort of annoying to see everyone constantly on their phones and not paying attention to the sermon at all. I might check my phone a few times, but I put it away too and actually make an effort to listen. You know where I really feel God's presence? In the middle of the woods, late at night. No joke.

Everyone has to handle life's bull-tosh, I get that. And I'm dealing with a load of it right now. It is possible to feel alone and out of place even if people are talking to you.. It's not easy being socially awkward and not looking like someone who is. People expect me to be outspoken and confident all the time, but I'm not. Not really. I have serious issues with speaking, I have had them for years. That's sort of what happens when you have your nose stuck in a book too much. You forget how to socialize with people. What was it that Hephaestus said? "I'm not good with organic life forms." It might be easy to say just make an effort, but it's not so easy to do especially for introverted people like me. If you ask anyone; they'd tell you that growing up, I was the silent, brooding kid (because my brother was so noisy, I couldn't get a word in edgewise, HAHA)

I remember something a friend said to me last year, when we just started becoming friends. She told me it's hard to believe I have problems with talking to people because I look and act confident. 'Like you don't give a damn about anything." HAHA. I guess I'm just good at putting up a confident facade. And I'm not really shy. I just don't know what to say to people. If someone talks to me, I'd talk to them. I don't think anyone would really understand unless they're exactly like me.. LOL. Try looking at someone in the face, your tongue literally tying up and your mind going blank and try saying something that isn't stupid like "You..ummm..uhhh..mumble mumble." I'm trying to change, but it's not easy. It's even harder to do when people tell me it's not that hard to be sociable. Well, not hard for you lah. It's not the same for me. I've always been the quiet one. ALWAYS. I'm only noisy when I'm drunk or high (on non illegal substances). What's it they say? You can change a person, but you can't change his nature? LOL what does that even mean? (-__-) I can't help being the quiet one, I can't just suddenly turn into that noisy, outspoken person who isn't afraid to voice her opinions. I'm always far too careful about hurting someone's feelings or insulting people, which is probably one of my biggest flaws. I think before I speak, fudge me right? HAHA.

So many people I know are really direct and far too honest about their thoughts/feelings for other people. They don't even realize what they say can be hurtful or mean, they just let it slip out. I used to be like that, and gosh, the number of people I must have offended. D: Don't be afraid to be honest, but think about how the person in question would feel about what you're going to say also lah. PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS TOO.

Sometimes I wish I looked shy and like less of a threat. But I'm sort of grateful for it because guys are terrified of me because I look scary, HAHA. And almost everyone I know tells me I have an arrogant face, which makes it difficult for other people to approach me. But I can be friendly and nice, if I feel comfortable around you.

Anyway, it's inconsequential now.
I know how Valdez feels now at least, so I've got that going for me which is great. LOL. 
OMG, I can actually relate to a book character for the first timeeee. Oh wait, no. But yay, LEO.
I'm being ridiculous again. I don't know whyyyy.
Okay, I'm drunk. Ignore me.
Shut up, me.

P.S. Yuyie said "Maineeee..you're thin already." when I came back to school after being sick.I went "Wait, so I was fat before?!" and everyone started laughing. HAHA. I'm not offended lah. 


  1. Wow that was an interesting challenge :D
    Anyway I nominated you for a Liebster Award. :D
    More writing posts for you hahahaha :D
    Have a nice day :D

    1. Thank you! :D omg yayy thanks, I feel so honored hahaha :') yayy for writing!

  2. Being normal is impossible! Lets be ourself and rock the world! Go unicorn! :D
    p/s: Since when you're fat? O.o

    1. Yeahh we be cray cray together gether :D not really fat, chubby? After I came home from winter time HAHA


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