Thursday, May 22, 2014

Words As It Should Be Read.

(Written on Wednesday, almost midnight)

Be warned, mortals. A long post awaits you. 

Hey there! :)

It's almost 12 am now. Exams are finally over (more on that later..) and well, FREEDOM.

I've finally finished the Mark Of Athena (after dragging on for so long, and stopping to sniff at other books) and started on the House Of Hades today. I'm on page 364 of 597 pages now :) Reading as slowly as I can to savor all the details. Just realized I turned off my phone (o_o) oops. I'm on a reading roll.
 I feel as though I want to read forever.
 This describes what I did after school *lessthanthree* Best lazy day ever.

This was me *Sheepish expression*'

My Week So Far..

Last Sunday:

     I went to church, despite feeling lazy because I promised myself I would make an effort to.  Accidentally wore too much eyeliner *Facepalm* I wasn't thinking straight when I put it on. Entered the fellowship hall, and it was so cold :3 It felt nice. Saw Joy, Sam, Jezreel and Isaac. Stayed there for a while and flipped through the Son Of Neptune, but I couldn't read or focus on anything because I was worried about Add Maths, urgh.

    We walked to the main hall and Joy decided to go to the shops. I had to wait for Meg. She finally arrived and we went to the balcony, saw Jezreel and said "Don't you usually go for Youth on Sundays when it's on?" He looked surprised and said "Ohh, noooo." I kinda assumed the guys go for Youth, idk why :P Joy showed up, but ditched me for Josh Wong because he had one of The Mortal Instruments books, presumably the first one. I would have probably done the same if someone had a book I liked, HAHA.

   Meg asked me if I had any sweets (someone once told me, I'm like a sweetshop -_-) and I said "No, ask Joy..she just came back from the shops." So Meg gestured at her and whispered/said "Joy, do you have sweet?" but Joy couldn't hear what she was saying, so Meg and I kept repeating it. Jezreel snorted and said "Joy, so sweet." We stared at him and started laughing. Joy passed Meg some sour Skittles, then Jezreel said "Joy so sour." We started laughing really quietly, because that was pretty funny and illogical :P I remember having a funny conversation about tanned skin and pale skin. (Not that we're racist or anything) It's just one of those things you notice about people. Service ended surprisingly fast that day.

   It was drizzling when we went to the foyer, and I thought "Shoots, eyeliner." , had a mental image of eyeliner running down my cheeks and thought "Flipping blueberries." I should probably check weather reports before thinking about wearing eyeliner on rainy days. Still had to walk in the drizzle (else no food for me) so I did, and used a flimsy file to cover my eyes, lol. Asked someone to order chicken rice for me on my behalf and went to the shops to buy sweets.

   Here's a weird thing about me, if you ask me to order food at fast food restaurants, food courts, or the mamak, I'll have no problem with it, but if you ask me to order food in Chinese restaurants, I won't. Hardly. Ever. Do it by myself. Why? Because when me, the banana, speaks to them in BM/English, they always reply in Mandarin and my tongue goes numb and my mind can't think of anything to say. Basically, I chicken out. Walked to the shop, wondered why I was there, and then remembered I meant to photostat the Pow Wow checklist which I idiotically left in the restaurant *Slap self*.

   The guys showed us a weird what the grapes video, and I wanted to laugh hysterically and snort in disgust at the same time. I saw the selfie Joy and I took on Enrique's phone the day of the Master/Maestrochef competition. I think it was then, because I wasn't wearing eyeliner like I always do :P (Yeah, my life revolves around the days I use eyeliner, and the days I don't, obviously). I asked Enrique to recite the Christian pledge (okay, not everyone knows we actually do have one) and he recited the Malaysian pledge.

    Then he asked me if I speak BM, I put on a straight face and said I only speak one language...because I'm an Ocean. I kept spacing out and just staring blankly at the road after I finished eating.... Exams was bothering me. Also, whatsapp-ed people because everyone else was on their phones (almost everyone) and I thought it'd be weird if I decided to pull out my book and start reading. Okay, I didn't feel like reading, sigh. Had a funny conversation with someone about pulling people into recycling bins and actually choked on my Chinese tea from laughing.

   Someone came over and asked us to help him push his car because it wouldn't move. Some of the guys just left their stuff on the table in the restaurant (no one looking after it) and went to push the car. Me, Joy and Meg just stood there, whooped, cheered and yelled encouragements. Almost everyone went home to study, so hardworking, yikes.. Went to the pharmacy with Meg, chatted with the pharmacist about plans after SPM after I bought something for dad.

   Walked back to the church and initially wanted to hang out in the foyer. But it was so hot and stuffyyyyy. Couldn't stand it anymore, so I suggested going to the fellowship hall to help with the Pow Wow tent checking. When we got there, Daniel (I refuse to call him commander now *evil laugh*) scolded us for being late, but I wasn't really listening to him because I'm used to teachers' ranting at me (and my class) in school, so I spaced off and absentmindedly murmured "Okay, yeah, umm." And along comes Stephen, and we got another scolding about being late and setting a bad example. We started helping to pitch tents, check them and dismantle them. Stephen came by again and apologized, saying he hope he didn't offend us. We just laughed and said it's okay.

   After everything was finally sorted out, we sat around and listened to Stephen telling "horror" stories of injuries people get in training camps (He's usually the first-aider) and making us laugh by sharing all the weird stuff. After Meg went home, I talked to Stephen about ANTC (Advanced National Training Camp) and said that I don't plan on going. He said there's a long waiting list, and I was like "Whattt..a training camp has a waiting list?" Apparently, there are a ton of leaders who haven't gone because the last ANTC was 10 years ago, wow. Nat/Stephen offered to send me home because dad was still in a meeting, but dad said he could fetch :D Went to buy lekor, pick up Ryan from Aeon and came home.

   Oh, and apparently, I mumble when I speak. Not to say that I speak unintelligible sentences where no one understands a word I'm saying, but I sound like I'm mumbling because I speak softly and my tone doesn't change (-_-) Why has no one ever told me this before? I actually, say "Mumble mumble.." when I'm bored or when things are too quiet or awkward, but I never realized that I literally mumble *Facepalm* Asked a few people if I mumble, most of them said "You do..." stares at my what-the-cauliflower expression and adds "I thought you knew." I don't know why I speak softly either, Dutch relatives maybe? Since they're so soft-spoken compared to us Malaysians :P But still...mumbling. For durian's sake. I wish I could speak like I type. 

And guess what? I gave almost everyone the Pow Wow checklist, and forgot to keep one for myself (-_-) Genius. As always.


     Add Maths papers (four and a half hours in total, blegh!) Dapple said I look like I was going to cry, and I did..during the paper because I kept thinking "Scumbag mathematics, scumbag additional mathematics, scumbag brain, scumbag Maine" and the stress just got to me. My test pad is almost finished, and it was unused when the exams started (o_o)    
     I didn't even remember learning a lot of the chapters and I couldn't do a lot of questions. Hello, flunk grade. Supposed to study during recess but Vemlan and Illanghovan joined Dapple and me, so we got distracted. Vemlan high-fived Dapple really hard and she said it hurts. He high-fived me but after a brief sting, my hand just went numb, LOL. My pain tolerance is weird. During the second paper, I kept exchanging "We're doomed" expressions with Karthik and felt a horrible urge to laugh/die. Went to Burger King after school :3 So delicious.


   ICT paper was okay. Meaning that we actually knew what we were doing. Intended to study before recess, but Mee En (can't get used to papaya) and Dapple got crazy and I got crazy and basically we all went crazy. Started laughing a lot and talking about funny conversations we have. Karthik and Vemlan asked why we say things like "Bloated durian", "Freaking blueberry" and etc, so Dapple started explaining and I thought (again) of how weird it sounds to people who don't get it. We talked about fruit nicknames; Daiyana: Dapple, Me: Banana, Vemlan: Watermelon (kinda forgot about that) and Karthik..didn't have one. He didn't want to choose one also :( Okay, don't join the weird family.

   The guys suddenly started blabbering in Tamil (which I don't understand..) and Dapple said something jumbled like "" I blinked and said "Say what?" She tried to explain, but I just got more confused. Then *lightbulb* "Who do you like? A chinese guy?" I thought they were asking her -__- If you're asking me, don't speak in Tamil lah. Pssh. And why do you assume it'd be a Chinese guy? I ain't a racist, bro. English teacher gave us 4 essays to do during the holidays. Add Maths teacher gave us work too. Isn't it called holidays for a reason? *flips table* Just kidding. I'm actually excited about doing the essays, HAHA. Add Maths, I'm going to forget you.


     Studied for Chemistry (Paper 3) and read about the experiments. The paper was... not exactly easy, but not well, blank. Haha. Question 3 was relevant to an experiment about Hexane and Hexene which the teacher has never fully explained to us and which we have never done before. So I think a lot of people did that one up to procedure or materials and apparatus. Started talking to Dapple (she "studies" with me), Karthik (he sits next to me..) and Vemlan (he "studies" with him) again after recess. We started talking about relationships, we're all single (but no likes each other that way, lol) I think. I'm pretty sure.

     The fact that Karthik and I were born on 21st of a month, Dapple on the 3rd (multiples of 3). Karthik suddenly asked us what we like about Vemlan. I stared at Vemlan, he started making the "don't say anything" face and gestures; and said "Umm..his hair?" (LOL, dumb banana moment) and Karthik said "No, I mean personality. Attitude." I said "Ohh..I don't know. He's confident? And um....And umm..." Honestly couldn't think of anything more. Really wanted to say "And he makes me want to throw things about him and beat him up with a broom." But I doubt he'd appreciate that statement. They started teasing Dapple about a guy who likes her and begged her to tell them his name, but she wouldn't. And I couldn't. And we didn't.

    I was reading The Lost Hero and studying for PJK (Physical Education) at the same time, and somehow the topic of books we liked came up (and they started trying to make me stop studying) Had a weird Twilight debate with Dapple about why Edward shouldn't be able to reproduce and the logic of Jacob falling for Bella because he "sensed" that she would be the mother of his unborn (at that time, non-existent) mate, or whatever. Yeah, makes total sense :) (No offense, if you like Twilight, it's just illogical to me)

   I asked if anyone has ever confessed their feelings for someone and got accepted/rejected. Dapple and me, have never confessed (because girls are chicken when it comes to admitting their feelings for someone) and the guys said they've done it and got rejected more times than they got accepted (o_o) The guys asked me who I like, I said "I don't know. I'm not sure if I like anyone. Okay, maybe I do. Or don't. IDK." Vemlan said "Really, who's the unlucky guy?" I replied "Don't make me doodle on you with my highlighter, donuthole." (His uniform is all white)

   Vemlan started annoying Dapple, so she threatened to punch him in the face. Everyone was like "Meh, you won't." Because she's seriously not violent, at all. Only scary, when she's being nuts. Vemlan suddenly asked me to punch Karthik, I said "No, I only punch people who annoy me." Pointed glance at him. "And Karthik hasn't annoyed me...yet." Dapple: "YET." I asked Vemlan if I can punch him instead because he is really annoying  and he muttered something to Karthik in Tamil (why do you keep doing this?!) Karthik turned to me and said "He says you dare to punch people in the face." LOL, I can't believe the number of people who perceive me to be a violent person..

    We talked about the fact that it's not easy to find someone you like, who likes you back. Usually it's unrequited love. Vemlan said that whoever likes Dapple and me, and has us like him back would be lucky to have us. It contradicted his earlier statement about the unlucky guy LOL. But it was actually sweet coming from him. Not cheesy, thank God. Did the PJK paper, using common sense instead of knowledge (because I didn't get to study..)

I'm not sure when she (creative person's name there) drew this...But it was hilarious, LOL. 
Started making jokes with Dapple, Mee En, Man Shen and Sin Yee about the eyes, eyebrows and everything. 
And yes, that's supposed to be me :P 
I'm just like what is going on with my mouth?!

Going to start exercising properly again. I stopped because I wanted to devote my time and energy to my exams (look how that turned out...) and I really want to go jogging/walking again soon. 

    Pow Wow camp is next week. I'm excited but also slightly apprehensive. There's actually an ICT class for doing assignments on Thursday (during camp) but almost everyone else can't make it too, because the teacher informed us last minute and most of us have already made plans for the holidays. Going to go shopping for camp stuff too.

Have a bunch of things to do before going to sleep, so byeeee!


  1. Maine, chemistry paper question number three was about Butane and Butene right? Hahaha and yeah I am creative. You are lucky to get a friend like me! *pulls the collar up*
    *bows bows*
    We can be blueberries together! :*

    1. Yeah, it was *Sobs* Sure I am XD Luckiest banana ever. WHEE BLUEBERRIES <3


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