Thursday, June 26, 2014

A New Perspective On Life

Some friendships are worth fighting for.

Hey there! :)

Warning: This is going to be a long post. As always. Brace yourself.

Hari Koperasi (Canteen Day):

   Today. Was. Fun. *inserts happy dance* Three words to sum up one of the best and most relaxing school days I've ever had. Not to say that it was fun all the time, but it was fun MOST of the time, if that makes any sense :) A lot of my friends/classmates were involved with selling stuff/doing something (well, except for those who didn't come..*sideways glance at Mee En*) So it was just me and Dapple, mostly. She was stuck with me :P #yeahilovemetoo

   There was something going on before recess; about technic vocational week? Something? Ehh..wasn't paying attention. I sat at the assembly area with Dapple. We just talked about our week and what happened in school. Then we were asked to clear the area so the stalls could be set up, and we went to the canteen. Sat there, talking a lot about nothing in particular till the stalls were open :D

   Wandered around, eyes dilating from looking at all the food and drinks being sold. I bought a cup of sweet corn and munched on it. Then bought a sausage and a nugget (which I didn't finish..), and root beer float. The only other thing I ate was lekor..which tasted yummy but I couldn't finish it either.

   Saw Yee, Way Jie and their gang wandering around; had to shout "Oii, you!" at them a couple of times before they noticed me. Yee kept pretending to eat my food (grossssss), so I chased him off with the paper I was fanning myself with.

   Dapple wanted to check out the Tamil society club's station, so we made our way there. The people there are friendly. Probably because we know most of them, but still, friendly. Vemlan, Karthik and Khanesh greeted us and started promoting the photobooth. RM 3 for 5 photos. Then we said it was just the two of us, and it would be awkward. And somehow they ended up, joining us :P

   Karthik threw a Hawaiian lei on me. He put a cap on himself afterwards. Vemlan grabbed a pair of sunglasses and wore it. (Oh, this didn't happen till later, LOL) Khanesh and Dapple were just like "Umm, yeah we're cool." HAHA.
From left: Me, Vemlan, Khanesh, Dapple, Karthik
1) My school uniform makes me look fat -.- On the bright side, the lei looks colorful!
2) Karthik is SO tall, I feel myself shrinking every time I stand near him.
3) I wish people would stop asking me why I'm the only non-Indian person here. #OneMalaysiaOkay :D
4) My fringe looks weird. I look weird. 
5) The person calling everyone a happy bunny looks like one herself ;D
6) Didn't realize that two of the guys had mustaches till I saw this pic. 
(It happens with almost every guy I know -_-)
7) Daps and I should have worn our PJ clothes :l
8) Just realized.. I have no idea what we're pointing at :P 
(psst..Karthik and Dapple. HAHA. Just kidding, no one is dating anyone here #foreveraloneallofus)
(That moment when you realize all the guys who used to be shorter than you/your height are now towering over you -.-) 
Does anyone else notice that the left side is just smiling normally while the right is grinning away? (Show off your pearly whites, HAHA)

This is a SELFIEEEE. *coughs from screeching too loudly* 
Poor Khanesh and I got our glasses fogged up :'(

After that, Dapple and I left and went to explore other stations/stalls, and played a few games and ate more food. It was really hot this morning (as it is, these days) so we sat down for a while and chatted. Then the guys joined us, so we took more photos with Vemlan's phone.

Err..what was I trying to do? LOL

Blanked out my face, because I looked high. Hehe. 
(Have I mentioned how weird my fringe was today? -_-) 

Chinese society were selling Polaroid photos. Dapple and I decided to buy two pieces :)
The Polaroid I have with the tiny CD with photos in it!

One of the nicest parts of school. 

Left piece is mine, right piece is Dapple's! 

   Also took a selfie with Mei King. And a group selfie with Seh Qi, Faiz and Farhan. But I don't have them photos. Wanted to take photos with Jihah, Nab and etc, but they disappeared and we didn't cross paths :l Made plans to do it next timeeee. *blows a kiss* 

   Dapple and I hung out in the class next to ours (our class was locked) with Seh Qi's gang, Faiz, Farhan and their gang. Izzati (?) came by, and we asked her to unlock our class. Then we (Faiz, Farhan, Dapple, Izzati and I) hung out in our own class, and talked about driving lessons, people who can't speak Chinese (points finger at myself), languages and how some of us ended up in our school. Like from a different state or area. Interesting stories :3 I didn't have much to contribute because I was born and raised here (where I live now). HAHA. 

   Teacher asked us to leave the class because a group of guys were smoking (not allowed) cigarettes in our block. So we closed up the class and left. Went home and here I am now! :D

Having A New Perspective
   In my last post, I mentioned being offended because someone called me a pessimistic person. Then I realized, it was (in a way) true. I never noticed because my negativity is usually accompanied by a healthy dose of insanity, which fooled me into believing I'm optimistic. Eh. *pokes myself with durians*

   The awful thing about me is that I take small issues more personally than big issues. (Probably because it irritates me more - I don't mind injuring my leg, but I get annoyed at mosquito bites) 

An example would be me, not getting slightly mad in the least (as a matter of fact, I was grinning about it) about having to do an embarrassing punishment for not doing my homework in front of my classmates; then blowing my top off about feeling ignored by my friends. Like..what the brain. Can you focus on the real issues, please? I don't know why my sense of logic is...irrational in a rational way. Eh. *blinks in confusion* Nevermind.  
    This past week (so far) has been pretty great. Besides injuring my knees and walking like an old lady for two days. And debating with someone, hehe. Next time someone has an issue with me, let me know, so I can at least try to resolve it. 

   Don't just secretly despise me for something I don't even know I was doing and expect me to notice on my own :l You ought to know I'm oblivious to people's feelings by now. (I'm a blurcase. I'm dense. I'm obtuse.)

   But yay, I'm being more optimistic these days. (it's still early) And trying (didn't say I'm not failing) to be more sociable and get to know other people. I don't know how to describe it, but for a long time I had this weird ache in my chest (heartache? I think..maybe) that made me irritable, angry and downright moody/beachy because I couldn't get rid of that feeling. 

   Then I realized that my attitude towards the situation and my inability to cope with my problems, were the source of my discontentment and heartache. #andyesittookmealongtimetorealizeit. Why do I enjoy going to school so much, when many groan at the thought of it? 'Cause I actually look forward to it. Even though sometimes it can be awful; being punished by teachers, homework, schoolwork, boredom mostly. But I still enjoy it because of the good times I have, friendly people in my class and funny conversations. 

   See the difference? I looked on the bright side :O (Mind-blowing revelation) While in church, I expected the worst.. subconsciously I did. HAHA. #nooffensetoyouguysokay. Why? Because I have no duties or obligations like everyone else (should be a good thing, right? -.-), everyone else is doing their own thing and I was bored. To death. My fault for leaving church, but I had to deal with my issues then (Heartbreak.*throws rotten fruits at said person*). And I have to deal with the consequences from my absence now. 

   Things can change if I believe they can. And if I (maybe) try to change them instead of expecting them to change on its own. Wow. I'm going to be so sickeningly optimistic, people will want to throw knives at me. And I'd probably want to stab myself.

"People: Eugh, it looks like it's going to rain. 

Me: Oh really? *does happy rain dance* My eyeliner is gonna be running down my cheeks. I can go around scaring little kids. *grinning maniacally*

People: *Stares at me in disbelief* Umm... *quietly slips phone out of pocket to dial a mental hospital*"

Anyway, that's my conclusion for that topic :)

   I had this not-so-crazy-yet-not-so-common idea to write handwritten letters and mail it to my friends. I've always wanted to do that, but I never have.. because

1) everyone seems to only notice virtual mail and text messages these days

2) They might think I'm nuts for paying for stamps when I can send a message for free

3) They might not even check their letterbox! -__- #peoplethesedays #includingmecauseidontdoiteitherbutmydaddoes


1) It's special and unexpected. I mean, who would expect handwritten letters these days? (Repeating myself, LOL)

2) They hold so much more sentimental value than a text message saying "Oi you" (I still keep every letter/note I've ever gotten for my birthday/Christmas in a box somewhere)

3) It's so much more personal. (Has anyone read/watched The Notebook? I bawled my eyes out reading it)

Which reminds me, last year I didn't give any of my friends presents or letters even though I made plans too (heck, even drew up a list of things to get/do) because.. I don't know why. I just didn't :( I'm a crappy friend. Well, I have this year to make amends. (Have I mentioned how glad I am that most of you are born in the later part of the year? #moretimetodostuff)

Till next time!

P.S. Sometimes I forget you can be a nice person. Thanks for reminding me. HAHA. 


  1. Heyyyyyyyyy my grin is so funny! And Kartik is supporting me to stand coz it looks like I am leaning on him. LOL and yeah SELFIES!!!
    Me lovey selfies! Yeah #loveyourselfpsssbbhyoulovememore
    Hahaha I find it hilarious the whole time reading your blog! :D
    I'm smiling like a creepy pedophile! *superwoman pedophile look*

    1. You look adorable! #happybunny. OHH haha, you guys look really close XD yay for selfies!

      #suresureiloveyoumore Glad you enjoy it! :P *runs away from pedo dapple*

  2. Wow omg your school thing looks like alot of fun *__* (had all fun school events cancelled this year thanks to terrorist threats to the institution) and I like your school uniform. It's cute xD

    1. It was fun :D Awww that's awful :l hehe thanks, I wish I like it too HAHA

  3. magash send me a letter pleaseeee

    empty letter will do as well, just stuff some edible cookies in them :DDD

    1. Birthdayyy! :D Empty letter HAHAHA so I'll just get you a letter and cookies for your birthday then :P


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