Monday, June 30, 2014

A Page Has Turned

I'll go where my heart leads me. 
(I love quotes about chapters and books)

Hey there!

   I wish more people would blog more often (even though, I don't blog on a regular basis). So yeah, if you blog, I want to read more :3 (A not so subtle hint for more blogging).

   Had plans last Saturday to go exercising (cycling/walking/jogging) for the whole day, but then my parents reminded me about my relatives coming to stay next week. So I spent the whole day (after a short lunch) housecleaning.

   Sorting out old books, knickknacks, organizing, rearranging things, wiping and vacuuming. I decided to take a short break, and ended up crashing for 3 hours. Woke up and started cleaning again. HAHA. But yeah, it was fun. I like organizing and cleaning, I'm just usually too lazy to do it, so I groan and mumble a lot about having to do it.

   At least my Mum can't say all I do on weekends is crafting, blogging, reading, going out with friends and disappearing out of the house anymore :P There's still a lot more to do, and I think my parents are planning to paint the house too. Any volunteers? Eh he he. #justkidding #butseriously

   Sunday wasn't an ordinary day. First off, I slept at 3 am the night before, so I didn't wake up till 10 am. Then I couldn't find my Chinese name necklace, panicked and searched for it for 20-30 minutes. Just when I'd given up and asked my Mum, she said it was in one of my drawers because she'd placed it there. My face: (-____-')

   My parents were still busy. I had to wait for Dad to finish up his work and get ready, so I cleaned up some stuff while waiting. Went to church and saw Meg with Grace, Andrew and Simon who were selling pies (chicken and beef, so yum).

   They started promoting and talking about how delicious the pie was, and said I'm thin (uhh, nope) , so the pie would fatten me up (I'd just decided to start a healthier diet :l Bye bye pies and chocolate cakes. I need to fit into my swimming suit *sniffs*) I said "Maybe next time lah.", laughed and dragged Meg off to the restaurant to find Esther and Cheryl (came out of church early).

   We ate, talked a lot about our week (Sports Day, Canteen Day, etc) and it was fun. It's been a while since we talked so much. It's funny how we (me, Meg, Esther, Cheryl, Joy, Jeans) are all from different schools. More stories to share, hehe. I couldn't finish my food (I think I've lost my appetite again) so Meg finished it for me.

   Joy and Jeans went to eat later, so we went off first. It was such a hot day, some of us felt really tired and sick. Someone suggested going to Meg's house, so that's what we did. Her dogs are so cute, but their noses tickle me. Met a guy there and Meg introduced all of us to him.

   He said there's a word for his name in English. Meg thought for a while and said "I know! It's..Rooster." I could tell she was up to something from her expression. There was a lot of mumbling, when suddenly Esther said "Wait..(says chinese word) isn't it Phoenix? Not Rooster?" Cheryl, Esther and Megan burst out laughing. They explained it to me, but I sort of figured out Megan was trolling him. HAHA. I couldn't help laughing at Rooster's face though.

   Meg, Cheryl and I started playing the piano (not at the same time). Started talking again about school, church and our lives. Someone said "Selfie time!" So we took photos :D

Then Joy came. I asked Cheryl where Jeans was, she said "Oh, she went for Rangers." Woaahhh (O_o) *inserts guilty expression* for skipping Rangers. *coughs*

Rooster asked if we (Joy and I) were sisters. I think we do look alike sometimes, but not enough to look like we're related D: Right? Rigghhhttt?

...And we took more selfies. HAHA #teensthesedays 
My fringe has the old Bieber flick again, ughh. It's too long :l 
We should have taken these photos facing the sunlight. 
*Facepalm* for not realizing sooner.

   We sat in our chairs and started talking again (okay, we never stop talking). This time, the conversation turned to non-Chinese and Chinese boyfriends (we're all Chinese here). Esther, Megan and Joy said they prefer Chinese guys. Cheryl and I said "Whaatt? We live in a multiracial country!" The debating commenced. Meg suddenly said "3-2! Hah! Chinese boyfriends win!" (something like that) Cheryl and I said "Eh eh! What about Aijean?" Then "Woooaahhhh, yeah ah." 

   Cheryl said "So what if you go overseas? Cari (Find) a Chinese guy there is it?" and we burst out laughing. I said "More selections for us!" She said "Yes yes!" Then we did some weird double high fives while laughing really hard. Meg said "Oh yeah ah..Ang mo!" And we started laughing again. We're not being racist or anything, it's just that most people we know generally prefer dating people of their own race. Most, not everyone. 

    Esther and Joy followed me home, to rest and get ready for the GMA celebration dinner. Esther told me Joy knocked on Ryan's door and sang "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" while I was bathing, didn't hear a reply and went into the room we were in (me in bathroom) to see Ryan staring at her. HAHA oh gosh, I was wondering what the noise was about. 


Esther was terrorizing my teddy bear and bunny. HAHA. 
I took hours to put on eyeliner because liquid liner takes so long to dry.
Our dresses/skirts look decidedly floral. 

Once we were all ready, we hopped into the car and went off to the restaurant :)
The food was good. Quite delicious. The first course was kinda nutty though. Still scrumptious.
Then there was the photo-taking and everyone giving speeches on the journey to getting our GMAs and future leadership.

It was a good night :) 
Dad took Esther and Joy home. I was so sleepy, I half-snoozed in the car.
Came home, took a shower and slept.

School today was okay. 
  • Fell asleep right in front of my BM teacher, she didn't even try to wake me (and Fad) up :O
  • Recess was over really fast. Only 15 minutes. Urgh.
  • It was a really short day, time flew by so fast.

I'm too lazy to elaborate, so there you go! :D


  1. Ahahah I love how you talk so much about your weekend and then there's like two sentences for today! :)

    1. Just realized how weird that was XD ahh well *sheepish expression* thank you :D

  2. Love this post! Your blog is so perf, OMG! Would you mind checking out my blog and maybe following via GFC and bloglovin? You would help so much!
    Azia from sarcastic hipster
    Blog ♡
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    1. Thanks for reading! :) I will, as soon as I get on the computer..if I don't forget hahhaa XD


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