Monday, June 9, 2014

Fruity Hangouts And Name Necklaces.

Hey there! :)
(Not feeling emo anymore, yay)

   I'm revamping my tumblr blog (it's black and white at the moment, haha). Check it out, link is in the top bar and follow me!

   Feeling slightly guilty (but it helped to rant) about the last blog post here because I have awesome friends and I take them for granted sometimes. I'll always love you guys, even if you're nuts or emo.

   I've been gaining weight lately. I think it's because I've been having weird mood swings where I just want to stuff my face with food and stay in bed (erm, or couch) Holidays are awful for me, in this sense because I just feel so lazy. During normal school days, I'm extremely motivated to exercise and to do things but I don't have the time to do it. Now I have the time, but no motivation (-__-) I look at the exercise machine, and think "Ehh, tomorrow lah."

   Still haven't started on the holiday homework. Because. Just. because.

Phone Chat:
   Someone asked me why I don't want a better phone, like an iPhone 56 (inside joke) or Samsung Galaxy Something because my phone camera isn't that good (no front facing camera too) and the screen is small. As much as I envy Samsung phone camera quality (SELFIEEE) and Apple's (admittedly) kinda cool phone casings, I love my phone because:

  1. Music player is awessoommeee. (I do almost everything to make music sound better)
  2. The screen size makes it possible for me to read e-books without my specs. (I have small hands and eyes, LOL)
  3. Redesigned Whatsapp Plus to make it look great :3 (At least to me)
  4. No urge to take selfies :P Since there's no front facing camera.
  5. I dropped my phone, maybe twice? No harm done.
  6. Can fits into my pocket :D
  7. And most importantly, I can hold it in one hand. HAHA. 
Also, I have a digital camera for taking better quality photos, so me is happy enough.

And yeah, maybe sometime in the future, I'd want a change. But I'm satisfied for now :)

Last Saturday:

   Went to Burgerland, and I was the last person to arrive (haha, yeap I'm definitely the slowpoke friend). To quote Joy (but in reverse): No matter how early I try to be, I'm always late. HAHA. Berpakat (Plotted?) with Joy and Esther to wear our grey Camporama tees! The food was nice. Not incredibly, mind-blowingly scrumptious or plain "euughhh!". But just nice.

   Had some conversation while eating, but my mind was wandering between the spectrum of reality and flashbacks. In simpler words; daydreaming and smiling for no reason :D Don't ask me why I was smiling, I don't really know. HAHA. It's like eating chocolate and feeling happy. Happy high.

   Enrique appeared on his mountain bike, and we (Joy, Esther, me, E) started walking to Aeon.
All of us in grey! :D 
Naturally, we had to take a selfie when we saw a sassy red wall. 
(Free open-aired photobooth, HAHA..I mean backdrop)
My eyebrows are non-existent compared to everyone else -.- 

    I was a little scared to use the overhead bridge (In fact, I would have prefer trying to cross the road) because the steps were narrow and small, and I've fallen down a flight of stairs more times than I care to admit. HAHA. E carried his bike, and the others helped him by holding up the back part of the bike. I was too busy being terrified of falling to my death, haha, sorry :P E went home, and we went to Aeon. 

   We went to Hinode (to buy the mini Esthers) and window shop :D I wanted to buy photo frames but changed my mind because I have to clear up some space to place them first. *Sigh* I'm surprised that we didn't even think of going to Daiso. HAHA. It's a place where we usually enjoy wandering around in. Then SNJ to peer at knick knacks. 

Credits to: Joy's Blog
And we sneaked a photo with Elmo and Cookie Monster.
And yeah, I was black and grey that day, HAHA.

   You know the "lala' photobooths they have in the arcade and outside the cinema (if I'm not mistaken)? It costs 13 coins (one coin =  RM1) just to have photos printed and edited. *Glance at wallet* Me thinks no thanks. So we went in, and took photos with Joy's and Esther's phone (inserts guilty expression). Don't worry, it isn't something we do on a regular basis. Last time was back in 2012. 

Top left: Joy smiling at goodness knows what :P, me smiling stiffly, Esther grinning.
Top right: Joy flashing a peace sign, me smiling more sincerely, Esther still grinning.
Bottom left: Joy with concentrated expression, me and Esther with shocked ones.
Bottom right: Joy "oh my goodness!" smile, me smiling stiffly and idk what Esther's face is doing.
(Laughing so hard, I can't even...)

Yeah, my smile never changes, HAHA.

Favorite pic is the one on the right :D 
Left: Joy flashing a peace sign, Esther attempting the Miley Cyrus look, me with constipated expression.
Middle: Genuine smiles (and grins) from everyone.
Right: Joy being photogenic :P Esther and I making the same fishy face unintentionally.

Left: Making cute faces.
Right: Smiling and grinning.
We are adorable :3
#perasansial #selfie #craycray
I can (sort-of) see why people think I look like Joy D: 

Why is my head tilting so weird? *rolls around laughing* SO CREEPY.
In the right photo, Joy looks like she wants to laugh while I appear unamused :P
I don't like showing my teeth in photos, it feels unnatural for me :(

We went to two photobooths, one with white backdrop and another with a green backdrop :D
Then we silently sneaked out of the arcade.

  I needed a tank top to wear under my denim jacket/checkered shirts because sometimes I feel like taking my shirt off. Just kidding, but seriously. I actually have three (if I'm not mistaken) but I don't like wearing them because the red one clashes with most colors (still pretty), white one stains easily and black one is honestly too sexy to wear without a jacket. (Yeah, I can't believe I said that either)

   We went to Kitschen first. The clothes there are gorgeous :3 Especially the dresses. Then we went to Dees and I saw a black tank top with some detailing on the front. Tried it on but didn't like how it sagged at the sides. (I don't like tight-fitting or loose tops, I like tops that fit me perfectly) And we moved on to FOS, where the tank tops were exactly what I was looking for. I bought a black one, and thought of getting the olive green one but didn't. Oh well, next time :)

   Esther went back early. Joy and I went to Starbucks and bought the same drink :3 Iced chocolate with no whipped cream (idk why, it tastes better without). There was a guy sitting right in front of us (he was outside, we were inside, glass panes separating us. You get the picture) who wouldn't stop staring. I felt like dying from laughter or/and embarrassment. Are we really that interesting to look at? HAHA. Joy said she waved at him and he wouldn't stop staring after that, oh my sides hurt from laughing.

   I saw Ian, wanted to run right up to him and say "hi!" because I'm a lunatic of a sister but stopped halfway and just waved frantically to no avail -__- He didn't see me. (but everyone else nearby did, LOL) And then Joy left, so I wandered around in Brands Outlet and Padini till dad came to pick me up. 

   It was a fun day :D We had a discussion in Pow Wow camp, about calling each other by our Chinese names. And it recently came up again. My name in Chinese is pronounced "Zhang Wen Lyn". (That moment when I realize I share a surname with Frank Zhang :3 #heroesofolympus reference) I think it'd be strange to we call each other by our Chinese names, but I want to try. Swapped profile pictures with Esther and Joy on Whatsapp..People are getting confused. Including me, HAHA. 

   Speaking of Chinese names, guess what arrived today? :) After waiting for two months, here it is:

Polishing cloth, box, money and gift bag.
Excited :3
And here it is! 
Teo Wern Lyn, (Pronunciation: Zhang Wen Ling), 琳 

See what I mean by awesome camera? *starry eyes*

To be honest, I didn't realize that I asked for butterfly wings on both necklaces. 
Oh well.
The TWL necklace has a longer chain than the Maine one, and the words are larger too, by comparison. 

Still, no regrets! *lessthanthree*

Till next time!



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