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Royal Rangers Malaysia Pow Wow 2014

Hey there!

Mee En wants me to write shorter posts on my blog because she's too lazy to read it, but I doubt I'd be capable of doing that.
So if you're like her and don't like reading so much, just look at the pictures :3

I don't know if you can tell, but I'm actually in a really bad mood now. I've been in a dreamlike trance since the day we left for camp and it feels awfully uncomfortable. It's like my brain is sleeping but my body is awake (-___-)

How was Pow Wow 2014 like? It wasn't as mind-blowingly awesome or memorable as Camporama 2012, but I don't regret going for it because of the hilarious conversations, late night confession sessions, drunk selfies, funny videos, delicious food, comfortable bed and great companionship.

Warning: My memory is/was mush, so things might not have happened the way I kinda sorta remember it to have happened. 

Tuesday: The Day Before Camp
   My original plan was to sleep till 1 pm, dye my hair (didn't happen, sniff sniff), pack my bags and laze around for the entire day. Then my English teacher asked me to join an essay (or short story..?) competition which required me to write 1500 to 3000 words last Thursday and I said okay for some reason. I procrastinated till Tuesday to do it because I went to watch X-men: Days Of Future Past on Saturday morning then went shopping later with Joanne and on Sunday, it was the camp briefing and church service which kept me busy.

   I was worried I would end up alone in a group with strangers, but I got teamed up with Joanne, Samuel, Josh Wong and Cheryl Ann in Gladiators (Blue). Esther was in Samurai (Red), Megan and Aijean were in Vikings (Green), Cheryl was in Ninjas (Black).

   Mee En and Dapple somehow managed to convince me to go to school on Tuesday for the Teacher's Day celebration (only because I love you guys -.-). The performances were great, the singing was really energetic, plays were funny and they had really short performances which were the best part. I remember one where a girl dressed up as Elsa from Frozen (hair and dress, but her dress was dark) and lip-synched to Let It Go, she walked down the red carpet and went up the stage. Some guys were holding spray cans of fake snow and they sprayed it upwards every time she lifted up her arms. It's hard to explain..

Kinda like the picture on the bottom right, lol.

   Mee En went somewhere else halfway, so Dapple and I watched the performances and made comments on it (nice ones, of course), shared funny conversations and photos on our phones, and read books when it got too boring :P After I came home from school, I took a shower and ate lunch; then started working on the essay I'd already finished halfway. It took a really long time because I couldn't figure out how to write the story, make an interesting ending that actually makes sense and I was watching The Big Bang Theory while writing it, so I was pretty distracted. I didn't have much inspiration either :(

   Well, after that, I started packing my bags. I'm usually the one who remembers to bring stuff (and also stuff I don't even use, LOL). I remember a camp a couple years ago, where everyone didn't bring toothpaste because we all thought that other people would bring it and we could share. HAHA. Same thing happened with junk food this year.

Here's the gist of it.
Q: Did you bring junk food? Cause I didn't.
A: Ehh, I thought you guys would bring?!
Everyone: junk food!
And so we had to beg friends from other tents to share theirs with us :P

Then I hugged my toilet door, bed and fridge goodbye (that's what I miss the most in camps). I had to iron my white Rangers tee because it got really wrinkled up. I went to the Tesco mamak that night to eat dinner and buy more batteries. I'm absolutely in love with mamak chicken. Ginger chicken, fried chicken, red chicken curry, lime chicken.. *drools* I just love chicken. I was so exhausted after I came home, I crashed on the bed and almost forgot to take my specs off, LOL.

And oh, here's a short ramble:

Just because a person is quiet, it doesn't mean he's (or she, whatever) passive.
Just because a person is talkative, it doesn't mean he's assertive.

There's a difference.
Being quiet doesn't make you a pushover, and it doesn't mean you allow people to boss you around and vice versa. I think people get the misconception that quiet people are too afraid to speak; when the truth is some people don't speak unless they feel like what they say is meaningful.

Wednesday: First Day Of Camp

   I arrived at church later than I expected to. Overslept again, HAHA. I went to the registration table and got my tag, shirt, cap and patch.
   Had to wait a long time before getting on the bus, so I went to the morning market with Megan to buy something to eat. When we finally got to go to the bus, I dumped my bags in the boot and hopped on the bus. Raced with Nicolas to the back seats (wanted to book the seats, haha), rule was whoever got there first gets to claim the seats, so that's what I did :)

Cheryl Sin and Cheryl Ann were on bus 1, we were on bus 2. Spend half of the ride talking and looking out of the window, and the other half, listening to music. Jon Chandra asked Isaac why he kept sitting with the girls (us) HAHA.

   Arrived at the campsite late (as usual; Selangor 1 memang macam tu) and had to cross a really shaky bridge while carrying my sleeping bag and bag in one hand. So scary.. I'm afraid of heights and shaky motions HAHA. When we got there, Cmdr David told us to hurry up because we're late and to start pitching our tents. We pitched our tents really fast, because we're experts at it already (perasan sial). Esther, Aijean, Megan, Joanne and I shared a six-man tent. Cheryl, Cheryl, Priscilla and two other people shared the one next to us. Went for lunch and I was surprised that the food was actually delicious. During the whole camp, I shared my food with Joanne so we wouldn't have to wash an extra plate, haha. Just kidding, she didn't have much of an appetite.

   Then it was Group Gatherings, where we go to our groups to gather (lol). We practice our song and yell. The "Glory Glory Gladiators" in tune to "Glory Glory Man United" was catchy, I like. Made funny comments with Cheryl Ann about the weird parts in the song, e.g. "Together....Gladiator..We're the warriors in blue and we're conquering Pow-Wow" The people in our group were pretty pumped up and excited :D

   During the Rumble Arena (Game Challenges among all 6 teams), it rained really heavily and we were sitting in the open-aired hall, feeling too lazy to do anything. So Cheryl Ann went somewhere else. Joy, Sam, Josh Wong and I sat in a group to talk and get soaked with the rain that blew into the hall. Sam had Nathaniel's umbrella, and he borrowed it to some people who came by and he said "I'll give it to whoever asks nicely." Or something like that. Then Cmdr Stephen came by, heard what he said and just grabbed the umbrella and ran off, making a funny face at us. So hilarious.

   Sam wouldn't stop mentioning Keith's name, saying things like "If Keith was here, he can do this. He can do that.." Joanne and I shared a "Oh my gosh" look. Then I decided to start counting how many times I hear him say Keith's name. The last day, the total number of times was 43. HAHA. Oh gosh.

   Joanne went to grab our bags from the tent (It was getting flooded) and she didn't tell anyone that she did, so the rest of us had no idea where she went (O_o) I saw her walking back to the hall, so I ran out and took some of the sleeping bags from her to put down onto the flysheet. It's a good thing I packed my clothes in plastic bags before putting it into my bag or it would have gotten soaked.

   I realized I forgot to take my slippers (I was wearing sport shoes, and it got soaked -.-) so I went back to the tent, took them and walked like normal back to the hall. Sam saw me and told me I'm weird because everyone else was rushing to get out of the rain and I was like "I don't even care. Cause yolo." (this could have happened on the second day, instead of the first. I don't know)

   Dinner was yummy :3 I don't know why, but the food tasted really great there. There was a council fire presentation that night. It was pretty interesting, but I was shivering a lot because it was cold and my clothes were damp, so I borrowed Andrew's red jacket (and kept it for the next few days, LOL) The next day, he was making jokes about a crazy woman stealing his jacket and that he couldn't find it.

   Took a shower, and the water was icy-cold (I kinda miss it now). Megan made so much noise, you would have thought she was being murdered. HAHA. We went back to the tent and had to clean out the water. Then we took our bags and everything back into the tent once the tent was dry.

    I used my sleeping bag as a bolster (I thought it wouldn't be cold..I was wrong), my red bag as a pillow and Andrew's jacket was really thick, so I didn't feel the ground. Oh, and I slept upside down (o_o) because there were a bag of spikes under the tent, right where my body would have been. I was terrified of someone kicking me in their sleep, lol. Had a brief confession session where we just voiced out what was on our minds that day. I slept like a log (surprisingly) and only woke up once to open up my sleeping bag because I was so cold.

Thursday: Second Day Of Camp
(Mixed up some events that occurred)

   So here's everyone in our uniforms and Rangers tees. I've only just realized that my uniform looks really big on Joy, LOL. Because I'm taller (and fatter) than her.

   I woke up last, because I slept really well (still had eyebags, sniff sniff) and felt sleepy. Woke up around 6 am, I think. We went to brush our teeth and I shared breakfast with Joy, ended up eating two plates of the fried kuey teow. I think everyone felt really lazy and most of us didn't have the mood to do things. We lined up in our own outposts for parade at the stadium area. Sang the national anthem, said the Christian and Rangers pledge. Watched the presentation of colors. Joel Raj marched really stiffly like a robot and got teased about it for the rest of camp. The GMA ceremony was interesting.. I think there were 8 people on stage :O 7 of them from Selangor 1.

(Photo credited to Bryan Tan)

   Walked past the guys' tent in the afternoon, and saw someone's leg sticking out. I ran up to Fabian who was standing nearby and asked him whose foot that was. He said "Oh, that's Josh Wong's." And I poured water on his leg, HAHA. Someone opened the tent door and said "Oi, what is that?" I saw Sam, Darren and Josh just lying down there. I asked if I could pour water on them. Darren said "If you dare." I said "Yay! Okay." and splashed water on them through the mosquito netting. Sam said "That's it! Where's my sword?" and he came out of the tent with a sword. Joy dragged me away, started laughing so hard; we couldn't run away properly. He chased us around but he was too afraid to do anything. 

   We went to the repelling area and watched what was going on. Chilled with Aijean, Joy, Josh Wong, Josh Tan and etc while waiting for the others to come back. The line for the flying fox was too long -.- Just like last time. I remember wandering around aimlessly and checking out the games when we came across them. Sam kept saying "God bless you for bringing this mini fan" HAHA.

   I saw someone I used to know (no pun intended) and talked to him. He was saying he couldn't remember where he knew me from because I look so different and I was thinking I didn't change at all, HAHA. Maybe less tomboyish.

   It started raining again, and our tent flooded again (-__-). We rushed to get our stuff to hall and got really soaked and dripping wet. Felt so cold. Meg and I shared a towel (sounds so wrong, haha) to use as a blanket because we were shivering so badly. Darren screamed like a girl when Joanne shoved a bottle with a huge centipede in it at him.

   Dinner was great :3 Yum to the food. The night rally was pretty awesome. I went with Meg (or was it Joy?) to change my shirt because I felt too cold, and didn't have time to go to the tent or toilet so I just changed it in the open really quickly while she held a towel up to hide my back. Thank God there wasn't anyone else around. Anyway, after the night rally; (I think it was this night) I went with Aijean to dry up the tent. Daniel (Raj) came by and helped us squeeze water out of the cloth while Aijean cleaned the tent. I just held the torchlight *Sheepish face*. We were asked to leave the things we don't need in the stadium area, because our tents kept flooding and just take the things we needed to have.

   Went to sleep, after preparing my bed. I'm amazed at how well I slept in camp, because usually I can't sleep at all. It must have been the rainy weather :3

Friday: Third Day Of Camp  
The second you say "Let me take a selfie!" a whole bunch of random people will rush up to join the photo. 

   Woke up to the sound (of music, lol kidding) of Esther, Megan, Aijean and Joanne talking about something. I got up, lifted my eyemask (my eyes won't close if I don't wear one) and saw them staring at me without saying anything. Then I just closed my eyemask and snuggled back into my sleeping bag :D They started talking again, and I got curious; so I finally got up properly. Then Esther said "We got Colgated." I said "What?!" She handed me a note, signed "Girlfriends" telling us not to be upset.

    I put on my specs and looked around and saw the Colgate on the tent and on our sleeping bags. I said "I'm going to hunt them down!" jokingly (because I was in a good mood) then I looked to my left and saw some sweets, then I said "Oh, they left sweets. Never mind." Everyone was like "Whaattt..." and someone said "I thought you'd be more pissed off, but you act like you don't even care." HAHA. Because I didn't care. Not really. I was already expecting to get pranked, but I didn't expect it to be the Colgate prank.

   I think the Colgate prank started in either Pow Wow 2011 or Camporama 2012. It's pretty much tradition now. In Camporama 2012, the camp was sponsored by Colgate plax, so we got free toothpaste :D And there were a lot of toothpaste pranks. Cmdr Kenny's black car got colgate-d too.  I asked Aijean, "Why is it always Colgate? I mean it could be any other brand.." She said "Yeah hor, got Darlie, Freshwhite all also." Colgate too popular maybe? LOL.

   We went for breakfast, then parade. Didn't have much energy during the Rumble Arena, but we cheered and made a lot of noise for our teams. Like the previous day, we felt lazy so we didn't do much. The groups combined to do songs and yells. First was "Don't make me snap my fingers" then "Burn, it's hot in here." and lastly "We are the conquerers" in tune to "We are the Champions"

   Saw King Daniel walking around, holding up his phone and asked someone (forgot who) if he was taking a selfie. She said "Looking for signal lah! Lol, selfie." So we imitated him and he wasn't amused, HAHA. Aijean belanja-ed me ice-cream :3 And Esther too, on the last day. Yayyy, I owe you guys a free meal or something, LOL. It was raining so heavily, I got fed up of walking around.
Meg, Jeans and I chilling while the others did stuff :P

   Went with Megan, Esther and Joy to yum cha (drink chinese tea) with Cmdr Herbert and some other people while Cheryl Sin and Aijean stayed in the hall. We drank all sorts of tea, from lychee tea to black tea to jasmine tea. I think we drank around 9-10 cups of tea D: And listened to stories about Chinese tea and its origins. After drinking the tea, I felt really sleepy and I told Cmdr that. He said "You sure or not? It's supposed to make you feel awake!" Then everyone else said they felt sleepy too.

Oh, and we beaded bracelets :D (Okay, when I say we, I'm referring to the girls here)

This is mine :) 
I love the colors, so Christmassy. 
But the beads are really big and heavy, so I don't think I'd wear this often.

   One of the guys at the table told Joy that she and I look alike. Oh gosh, why do people think that? I think we look really different (O_o) After the rain stopped (finally). We went to the first aid room to use the toilet and change our clothes (there aren't many toilets, and there was a lot of people wanting to use the toilets, so we usually showered late at night). There was Esther, Joanne, Cheryl, Aijean, Megan, Joanna and I waiting for Elizabeth to finish showering.

  Then after she came out, a commander (forgot his name) had to use the toilet, so we asked him to go first (we so kind :P), because we didn't mind waiting. We watched the video footages while we waited, so it was fun :3 and there was air-cond in the room. I went to change my clothes and use the toilet first, came out and waited for the others to be done. Our tent flooded again :'( but we already expected that to happen.

   We went for dinner, and it was delicious as always. We got really pumped up and excited for the night rally because we wanted to support Selangor 1 in praise and worship. We went to stand in front of the stage, jumped a lot, sang our hearts out and sweated buckets of sweat, haha. I really like "Put Your Hands Up" by Planetshakers and "Leave Me Astounded" I lost my voice from cheering and singing -.- But I kinda liked sounding manly. *wipes tear from eye* I traded my Pow Wow shirt with Cmdr Molly, because mine was too big and hers was too small, yayy.

   Went for supper for the first time, had some bread with suspicious filling (they kept saying it's mayonnaise, eww) and Milo/teh tarik. Then we went to take showers. I washed my hair, and my hands wouldn't stop shaking because the water was so cold -__-

   I went back to the tent with Joy, and we cleaned it out (or at least, I think we did) before taking the things we wanted to the tent. Got ready to sleep, but started having a serious conversation about some issues going on in our lives, and confessed some things :P I realized that everyone else were using their phones and I didn't use mine at all until we were going back home. I'm one of those rare people who can live without their phones, as long as I have something else to do (perasan). (This might have happened the previous night. I was in a daze, so everything's jumbled up in my head)

   Some guys were talking really loudly and Joy actually threatened to go outside and punch them in the face. I would have if I wasn't so lazy and sleepy to bother. But really guys, when people are trying to sleep , just shut up lah. No respect for people's sleeping schedules. Don't be a scumbag strawberry. I cleaned the toothpaste off our tent with wet wipes because I was bored..

Saturday: Last Day Of Camp (Whooo!)
Joy, why you go change? (-.-)
Esther took this photo.

No, the people behind us aren't really colourless.

   Last day, we got up (me waking up last again), changed into jeans/long pants for parade. Went for breakfast (it was goooood). And then parade, where we lined up in our own groups. Cmdr David said we had to break camp after parade, so we went to take down our tents and clean the campsite, and change back into shorts. Someone *ehem ehem* said I have a nice butt and I was just speechless, lol. 

   There was a photo session, short testimony from a pastor (I think he was one) about conquering his fear of heights and icy-cold showers (I can relate to this) and prize giving ceremony. The Ninjas won first place, and whoever was in the second place was only beaten by one point. WOW. And then it was tiger court! :D It's a mock court where the leaders' punish those who break the camp rules and pull pranks. 

   First group of people were the noisy guys who wouldn't stop talking outside our tent, because they sang 1 Direction songs really loudly in the early morning (or late night). They had to sit in a small tent and sing into a mike. I don't think they were even ashamed of what they did, HAHA. Someone even said "Add me on Facebook" into the microphone. -.-

  We finally got to see who colgated our tent, the culprits were from Selangor 6. Hans, Crystal and 3 other people whose names I can't recall :P Actually suspected our own commanders at first (namely Andrew and Stephen: The former because he pranks people, and the latter because he likes to snap his fingers and say "Gurrll-friend") They had to use the toothpaste as a mask. Jeremiah Gea (I think, I remember his brother, Joshua from Pow Wow 2011) had to take off his shirt and some commanders drew a shirt on his body, HAHA. Another guy got wrapped up in a sleeping bag filled with ice for using a commander's bed in the dormitory because he felt "hot" 

   Jon Soorian was blindfolded and made to hug a bag of ice D: Because he accidentally hugged a girl (I forgot her name too, lol) when he ran too fast and crashed into her. The hilarious part was when they asked her to say one word to describe how she felt when that happened, she said "Ew." just like that. And when they asked him, he said "Thanks" 


   After tiger court, we all got ready to go home and Joy bought some really yummy satay. Crystal came to apologize for the colgate-ing, me and Esther said we didn't mind :) Had to cross the shaky bridge again, yikes. We got on the bus and just relaxed throughout the entire journey home. Meg and Joy fell asleep, Aijean and Isaac too, I think. Esther was sitting at the front, talking.

   When we reached the church, the others left their bags there. Megan and Cheryl left early. I asked Cmdr Hon Chong to take my luggage home for me :P Thanks sir. HAHA. And I went to eat bread, lekor and drink Chinese tea with Jeans, Esther and Joy. Aijean went back afterwards, so the rest of us went to the playground to use the swings :3

   Mum came, and I saw Auntie Joyce in the car too. A.J. said I walk like a model, and I laughed because my dad always says I take my own sweet time when I'm walking. Ended up following them to the Honda car showroom, because A.J. wanted to test drive some cars.

I followed them when they went for the test driving. And stayed in the waiting area to eat biscuits, drink Milo, read newspapers and listen to music in between the test drives.

   Went to Jusco Bukit Raja afterwards and bought mashed potatoes to eat. Then I walked around while my mum and A.J. ate dinner.

Bought this from Mr DIY, because my old coin purse is missing and I don't have a small bag to carry around anymore.

I studded my Camporama 2012 limited edition shirt (which I bought in camp for RM 8)

With these. Diva in Aeon B.T. is having a RM 3 sale, where everything is cheap! :D
Bought these for RM 3.

Bought this to make bookmarks from S&J. 

And this, because I'm impressed by how dark the swatch was. 
Bought this in Aeon B.T. yesterday. 

When I came home, I cleared out my clothes and everything and had dinner before going to bed at 2 am. 

   Went to church because I felt restless at home. Stayed in the fellowship hall for praise and worship for a while, then walked to main service with Cheryl. Jezreel saw us walking up the stairs and motioned for us to join Youth, we did the "How about no?" hand movements, laughed and went to the balcony. We listened to the sermon about witnessing to people by a pastor from America (or somewhere else) and snuck out after that to buy some things to eat and drink because I didn't have breakfast.

   Walked back to the fellowship hall and Joy's dad fetched us (Cheryl, Esther, Joanne and I) to Aeon. Esther went to meet her school friend, so the rest of us went for lunch (yum yum). I ate claypot chicken rice, Cheryl ate sizzling noodles and Joy had black pepper chicken rice. Went to S&J, Watsons and Starbucks after that. When I came home, I crashed on the couch and slept for 2 hours. Then I woke up and started editing photos and gifs to use for this post :) And went back to bed afterwards.

   On a random note, don't you think it's strange that a person doesn't realize that people look up to him when it seems to obvious to you? And also, have you ever encountered a situation where one friend feels as though you favor another friend over her when the truth is you're equally close to both of them?

   We (the ladies) had a conversation late at night about how different we all are compared to the people we used to be. I think we're all a lot more matured now, maybe more serious. Esther said I'm not as fierce (or violent) as I used to be.

   I haven't been in the mood to wear eyeliner lately. Guess I don't really feel gothic these days :P Just kidding. I'm trying (keyword: trying) to tone down on the amount of eyeliner I use because I'm starting to scare myself when I glance into mirrors -.-

And that's it for now! :)


  1. Wow it looks like you had lots of fun! :)

    1. I did! :D thanks for reading!

    2. is that GIF ? the photo will change one.. *maine's duck mouth* hahaha!

    3. Yeah it is :) HAHA I know, it looks so weird -.-

  2. Pssg and I thought its going to be short! -.-
    Aww we love you too!! :*

    1. Too bad it wasn't :P miss you guys! :(

  3. Srsly, I just see the photos.. hahaha!! interesting enough..


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